Amos Eldridge 7 BIGELOW

15594.C2      Amos Eldridge 7 BIGELOW, son of  Amos ( Converse , Josiah 4, Thomas 3, Samuel 2, John 1 and Lucy (STOWE) BIGELOW, was born at Sherborn, Middlesex, MA on 10 May 1830. He married Mary Pratt. She was born 29 October 1829 in Sherborn, and was the daughter of Jacob and Mary Ann (Hooker) Pratt. Mary had previously married 17 March 18855 Albert Green. (see below). He was a builder at Worcester with his brother, George.

Children of Amos E. and Mary (Pratt) Bigelow:

15594.C21     Irving Eldridge, b 16 May 1861; d ______ ;.

15594.C22     Grace Holly, b 12 Jan 1864; d ______ ;

15594.C23     Mary E., b 22 April 1871; d ______ ;

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Howe, Bigelow Family of America;

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   Mary Pratt, born 29 Oct 1829 in Sherborn, was the daughter of Jacob and Mary Ann (Hooker) Pratt. She first married Albert Green of Sherborn in San
Francisco on 17 March 1855. In the 1860 Sherborn census, Mary, now married to Amos Bigelow, is living with Amos and her daughter Emma Green, age 4.
Albert Green, his brother William, Elbridge Sanger and William Holbrook left Sherborn together for the California goldfields in 1850 with my great great
grandfather, James Bigelow (15133.77). I have letters written by Elbridge describing James' illness and death at Panama City. A later letter from
Albert to James' widow Anna Maria describes plans to return his body to Sherborn. The Green family lived on 54 North Main St in Sherborn, just
across the street from James and Anna Maria (Partridge) in a house formerly owned by her father Henry Partridge.....Charlie
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