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15337.8      Zadock 6 BIGELOW, son of Noah 5( Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and his third wife Elizabeth (___) BIGELOW, was born 15 July 1807 at Cambridge, Washington county, NY. The family moved circa 1815 to Blenheim, Schoharie county, NY. Zadock was listed as "13 years of age and able to support himself' on his father's pension application in 1815.
     On 14 February 1830 Zadock married Polly Ackerly, daughter of William and Hannah (Washburn)(see below) Ackerly She was born 11 October 1810, according to Bible inscriptions. They lived a number of years in Andes township, Delaware county, NY, but circa 1853 migrated westward and settled in Fort LeBoeuf, Erie county, PA. There they were ennumerated in 1860 and 1870. Late in life, either visiting -or having moved to Conneaut, Ashtabula county, OH, they had their photographs taken. They are not located in the 1880 census in Erie county, and their deaths are presumed by then.

Family of Zadock and Polly (Ackerly) Bigelow, all born Delaware co, NY:

15337.81t     Alonzo D., b 22 Nov 1831; d 14 Sep 1872 Le Boeuf, Erie, PA; m 14 Feb 1855 Laura Gillette. 5 children.

15337.82     Susan Catherine, b 1 Jan 1834.

15337.83     Hannan Elizabeth, b 13 Feb 1836.

15337.84     Zadock jr, b ca 1845; not on 1850 census, but living at home 1860; no further record.(see below)

15337.85     Phebe, b ca 1851.

Zaddock is an uncommon name. Below are listed Zaddocks known:
Bigelow, Zadock M. 7, #15337.A2,(1836-1913) son of William F. 6 ( Noah 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John 1)  and Elizabeth
(EARL) BIGELOW; m twice.
Bigelow, Zedic M. 7, (also known as Zaddock)#15337.94,(-1914) son of Cornelius 6 ( Noah 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2,
John 1)  and Susan (EARL) BIGELOW; m 1866 Eliza Ann Fry.
Bigelow, Zedock Pomeroy 7,#15337.49; b 30 June 1845; served in Civil War until 1865,

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I, pg 244;
Bible records of Alonzo D. Bigelow;
censuses 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 NY and PA;
correspondence with Zora Waschbusch of Estes Park, CO, and Bill Bigelow, Seattle, WA.
Forge: The Bigelow Society Quarterly; July 1984; vol 13, no 3; pg 53;
Noah's Son Zadock Bigelow
     Over the years Forge, has devoted several articles to Revolutionary War soldier Noah 5( Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1) Bigelow and his sons. Noah has been a major genealogical problem because of his three marriages, his many children, and lack of early records in certain towns in MA, VT, and NY. From census records and from Noah's application for a veteran's pension, we surmise that he had a large family by his third wife, but until recently (1984) had learned the names of only five.
     A few months ago, Mrs. Zora Waschbusch of Estes Park, CO wrote the Society asking for identification of Bigelows whose names and birthdates were jotted on little slips of paper and backs of envelopes in the Bible of Mrs. Waschbusch's grandfather Alonzo Bigelow (see below). The list was a goldmine. Arranged in chronological order, we had Noah 5 Bigelow and the children of his third wife, Elizabeth ......
     The data was not without error. One son, William F. Bigelow of MI, was omitted. Another son was given William's birthdate. One name, that of Polly McConsidine, eludes identification. But for the most part, Alonzo was correct in his listing his grandfather Noah and other kin. Here are most of the names gleaned from his bits of paper:
Noah Bigelow;  born 9 Sept 1742; died 29 Mar 1835 (should be 1833)
Phebe Bigelow;  born 18 Oct 1797 died 9 Apr 1820
Elijah Bigelow;  born 2 May 1799 [died 1878 Gratiot county; MI]
Caty Bigelow born 12 Mar 1801 died 29 June 1835
Clenmaria Bigelow;  born 5 Aug 1803
Zadock Bigelow;  born 15 July 1807 [died 1870's LeBoeuf, Erie county, PA]
Polly (McConsidine) Bigelow born 14 [19?] Oct 1812 [unidentified person]
Cornelius Bigelow;  born 29 Mar 1813 [an error, other documents prove that Cornelius was born 19 Fcb 1810 and died 1875 Buffalo county, WI]
[William F. born 28 Mar 1812; died 1891 Gratiot county, MI]
Hannah Bigelow born 29 Aug 1817
Mary Ann (Bigelow) Hoyt born 8 Aug 1828 [her father's pension application of May 1820 stated Mary Ann was then 17 months old] dicd 21 June 1895

Zadock 6 Bigelow, the second son named above, was born in Cambridge, Washington county, NY as listed above. In 1820 when his father applied for a pension from Schoharie county, NY the clerk noted that Zadock, age 13, "was able to support himself." On
14 Feb 1830 Zadock married Polly Ackerly, born 11 October 1810. They lived a number of years in Andes township, Delaware county, NY, where their children were born.
In the 1850's they migrated westward to LeBoeuf, Erie county, PA, where they were ennumerated in 1880 and 1870. In old age they either lived or visited in Conneaut, Ashtabula, OH, where they had their pictures taken--see above.
Note 01/26/05:
Date: 01/26/2005 6:06:25pm 
Name: Anne Radthorne
Location: Los Angeles, California
Comments: I was excited to find my g-g-g-grandmother Polly M Bigelow and her husband Zadock on your website. Contrary to the entry, I think they died in Ohio in 1892. You can find them online in the City Cemetery at Conneaut, OH. Zadoc is spelled w/o the 'k'.
New Note 01/08/06:
From: Linda Smith  <  >
I found your posting on the internet.  Thanks for the interesting information!  I have a question.  You wrote, " Hannah (Washburn) Ackerly She was born 11 October 1810, according to Bible inscriptions."   Do you perhaps have a copy of the Bible inscriptions?  Are there any of the Washburn family in it?  I am a descendant of Thomas Washburn; I believe that he was a brother of Hannah's.  I also believe that they were children of Jonathan Washburn and Hannah Drake, but I am hard pressed to be able to prove it.  If you are aware of any family Bible records anywhere I surely would appreciate knowing about them!  Jonathan Washburn was a Mayflower descendant.   Thanks
Linda Smith
Nashville, TN 

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