New Jersey Bigelows

This is information on  Bigelows from New Jersey. Researching the Bigelow family in New Jersey has all the aspects of unscrambling several mixed jigsaw puzzles with half the pieces missing. This is a quote from Forge April 1982. I will list everything I have on New Jersey Bigelows and maybe I will attract new researchers to this task......ROD 10/01/98.

Bigelow, John 4, # 1235.. b circa 1720 ; d Feb 1773 ; m Elizabeth Dickerson.
Bigelow, John 3, # 123,(1677-1733)d Hanover, NJ; m 1710 Abigail Richards.
Bigelow, Moses 6, #12354.4,(1800-1874) m twice. Mayor of Newark, NJ.
Bigelow, Samuel 4, #1238 m 28 July 1767 Elizabeth Conron, Naval Capt. in Rev. War.
Bigelow, Thomas 5, #12382; b 24 Sept 1784; m 8 Jan 1807 Sarah Clevenger.
Bigelow, Jabez 5, #123??, (1758-ca1838); m ca 1783 Sally Potter.
Bigelow, Timothy 5,#12354(1763-1847); m 1789 Meeker, Hannah.

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Descendant note:
I am descended from the NJ Bigelow's and have been working on the family line, ellusive as it is.  A cousin recently discovered some records which shed a little light on this line and conflicts somewhat with that in the Bigelow volumes.  From deed records in OH:  Heirs of Aaron Bigelow: Mary, Jabez, Sarah, Catherine, Daniel, John, Jonathan, William, described as all "brothers and sisters" to Aaron.  Aaron, Jabez, John, Jonathan were also most probably the signers of the Petition in Morris County with the same names listed, they would have been in their mid twentys to mid thirtys at the time of the signing. Aaron's widow is Hannah, the record is not real clear, but indicates "widow Hannah", presumably referring to Aaron who the land records relate to.  By 1817 Aaron, Daniel, John and Jonathan appeared to have died. From these records we also know that sister Mary Bigelow married Isaac Beach who was b. in 1742, Mary b. in 1748; sister Sarah Bigelow m.Samuel Cobb.  Using Mary as a dob guide, her brothers and sisters dob's would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1735-60.  The information was recently located by Bette Dickover also working on this line with me.  The source: Butler County, OH Land Records, Vol 2:
1816-23, by Shirley Keller Mikesell, printed Heritage Books, Inc, pp 30-33, 52.  As we progress on the line we will update you for those interested in the line.  Any info on the NJ lines from your readers might help clear up muddled information. Particularily, info on the parents of Aaron, et al.  It currently appears that they are descended from  Jonathan 2 and Rebecca (Shepard) Bigelow, seeking confirmation source  James R. Barbour   E-mail in CA with thanks to Bette Dickover.
I have BIGALOW'S from Hunterdon, NJ area and need some help!!!! William b. 1807 in NJ very possibly son of William
who was son of John and Elizabeth circa 1730's. Information is very confusing about the generations in the late 1700's. Any NJ descendants out there? Anything appreciated.....Jim

Subject: Flagg and Bigelow
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 14:22:36 EST
From: Richard W. Flagg
My name is Richard W. Flagg and I am a direct desendent of Thomas Flagg and I have one cousin that is still married to a Biglow, so I guess we have been tied together for over 370 years in America. I once gave my cousin Chester Bigelow in Mass a Bigelow line back as far as 300AD years. How many Americans today go back to Thomas Flagg 1637?

Subject: Bigelow bulboard
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 17:37:25 -0700 (PDT)
From:(Edward Bigelow)
 Hi! Rod: In preusing a bulletin noted Bigelow.Brooklyn,N.Y; census 1892, I note a query as follows:Bigelow Bulletin Board=bulboard.htm
"I am looking for the father and grandfather of Joseph Bigelow.  Joseph Bigelow and his wife Betsey Lammen were married 4 Feb. 1807, in Morris Co., NJ.  Their son, Joseph, was born 4 March 1812, in Warren Co., NJ.  I believe the elder Joseph to be either the grandson or great grandson of John (3)
Bigelow, who was born in Hartford in 1679 and died 25 July 1733, in Whippany, NJ.
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My Grandfathers name was Joseph Bigelow and he was married to a lady named Mary Higgins. They lived ostesibly in a town in SW Penna. called Dunbar in Fayette County. My father Edward Charles Bigelow was born on Jan.31st 1884. I have   been seeking my fathers family for many yesrs with little success until I ran across this bulletin that raised some hope that the Joseph Bigelow that might serve as a possible connection for my family. Can you supply the rest of
the inquiry. Thanking you for any assistance that you may be able to render.  Edward C Bigelow

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