1235.     John 4, son of John 3 ( Jonathan 2, John 1) BIGELOW and Abigail (RICHARDS) BIGELOW, was born ca 1720 in Hanover, Hunterdon co, NJ. Like his brothers, he was a foundryman in Whippany. He married at unknown date(before 1740), Elizabeth DICKERSON. We have no data concerning her (possibly a daughter of Thomas Dickerson of Southwold, Long Island, and one of the iron-mining Dickerson family of New Jersey). John died Feb 1777 in Hanover, and widow Elizabeth was given letters of administration. We learn most facts concerning John's family from the bounty land warrant of son Moses, a revolutionary soldier, but not mentioned in Howe's Bigelow Family of America; on this warrant, the surviving siblings all claimed a portion of his bounty-lands, and signed the document.

We have few birthdates, but children of John and Elizabeth (DICKERSON) BIGELOW were all born Hanover, Hunterdon co, NJ:

12351     Aaron; a captain in the Rev. War; unmarried; died in Butler co, OH 1800, and his property divided among his siblings, but especially named are his brother John's widow and children. !Aaron was a captain in the Revolutionary War.  He was unmarried.  His property was divided among his siblings but especially named are his brother John's widow and children.  In 1768, "Capt. Bigelow arrived 2 Mar in New London from St. Eustatia" (article written 11 Mar 1768) from Genealogical Pub. Co., Inc., Colonial New Haven Newspapers by Kenneth Scott & Rosanne Conway 1979) p. 40 Bigelow Book, Vol. I (see note)

12352     John, b ____ ; died 1777 Hanover, Hunterdon co, NJ; married Mrs. Hannah (Moore) LOSEY, widow of James Losey; she had 2 children, Stephen LOSEY and Nancy TUTTLE, who were with their mother, received a one-eighth share of Aaron's property. (see below)

12353     Moses, served in Rev. War, and his bounty lands divided among surviving siblings; d 1807; unmarried.

12354     Timothy, b 21 Nov 1763; d 8 Apr 1847 Lyon's Farm, NJ; m 10 Apr 1789 Hannah MEEKER; res Hanover; 7 children .

12355     Ursula, m Milton STOCKMAN, and res Orange, Essex co, NJ.

12356     Betsey, m John BALDWIN, and res Hanover, NJ.

12357     Desire, m Daniel ROSS, and res Troy, NY.

12358     Francesca, called Frankie, m _____ DECKER and res Staten Island, NY.

12359     Lucy, m John TELEW, and res New York City.

1235?     William, b (see note)

1235?     Jabez, (see note)

1235?     Jonathan, b ca 1770 Hanover Hunterdon co, NJ; d _____ ; m ???; 1 child known (see note)

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol I,pg 40;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Biographical Encyclopedia of NJ;
Bounty land warrent of Moses Bigelow;
Mrs. George Wheeler from Toms River, NJ, descendant states "John & Aaron were Captains in the Revolution.
Forge, The Bigelow Society Quarterly; Vol 11, No 2; April 1982.
Descendant note:
I am descended from the NJ Bigelow's and have been working on the family line, ellusive as it is.  A cousin recently discovered some records which shed a little light on this line and conflicts somewhat with that in the Bigelow volumes.  From deed records in OH:  Heirs of Aaron Bigelow:(I think this is the Aaron and Hannah was brother John's wife..ROD 1998) Mary, Jabez, Sarah, Catherine, Daniel, John, Jonathan, William, described as all "brothers and sisters" to Aaron.  Aaron, Jabez, John, Jonathan were also most probably the signers of the Petition in Morris County with the same names listed, they would have been in their mid twentys to mid thirtys at the time of the signing. Aaron's widow is Hannah??, the record is not real clear, but indicates "widow Hannah", presumably referring to Aaron who the land records relate to.  By 1817 Aaron, Daniel, John and Jonathan appeared to have died. From these records we also know that sister Mary Bigelow married Isaac Beach who was b. in 1742, Mary b. in 1748; sister Sarah Bigelow m.Samuel Cobb.  Using Mary as a dob guide, her brothers and sisters dob's would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1735-60.  The information was recently located by Bette Dickover also working on this line with me.  The source: Butler County, OH Land Records, Vol 2:
1816-23, by Shirley Keller Mikesell, printed Heritage Books, Inc, pp 30-33, 52.  As we progress on the line we will update you for those interested in the line.  Any info on the NJ lines from your readers might help clear up muddled information. Particularily, info on the parents of Aaron, et al.  It currently appears that they are descended from descended from Jonathan 2 and Rebecca (Shepard) Bigelow, seeking confirmation source  James R. Barbour   E-mail in CA with thanks to Bette Dickover.

New Note:
From: Karen Kotlarchik < >
Date: 05/04/05

I'm writing in response to the wonderful article in the April 2003 issue of Forge, vol 32, no 2, pages 29, 30, 34, in which the dilemna of Aaron Bigelow was explained.
In looking over my reams of data on the NJ Bigelows, I believe I have one small piece to add to the puzzle.  This concerns the John Bigelow, son of John 4 (John3, Jonathan2, John1) Bigelow.
On the John 4 Bigelow page posted on the Bigelow Society web page, it states:
"12352 John, died 1777 Hanover, NJ; married Mrs. Hannah LOSEY, who survived; she had 2 children, Stephen LOSEY and Nancy TUTTLE, who were with their mother, received a one-eighth share of Aaron's property."
Forge vol 11, no 2, pg 26 states:
"John, born early 17402; married Hannah (Moore) Losey, widow of James Losey; he died July 1777 leaving two children, Stephen Losey, and Nancy (Bigelow Tuttle.  Hannah, born 1744, died at Littletown in Hanover township March 1816, age 72; among her property to be distributed was Aaron Bigelow's land in Ohio, in which she had 1/8 interest. "
Rockaway's Roll of Honor, NJ manuscript 1357, states:
"Capt John Bigalow    born ?    died 1815
 Capt James Losey    born ?    died 1810"
Therefore, Hannah Moore Losey could not have been married to the John Bigelow who died in 1777, because her first husband James Losey did not die until 1810.  There were 2 John Bigalow/Bigelows: the one who died in 1777 and this one who died in 1815.  They were probably first cousins. 
Forge vol 11, no 2, pg 33 Early New Jersey Marriages states:
"176_ John Bigelow & Elizabeth Allen, daughter of Job & Christina Allen (Elizabeth was born 10 July 1743, died 1810)"
Clay County Ancestral News, vol 12, no 1, March 1996, Job Allen of Morristown, NJ states:
"Elizabeth ... married John Bigelow of Rockaway"
I believe this is evidence that Elizabeth Allen, who died in 1810, had married the John Bigalow, who died in 1815.  Since Hannah Moore Losey lost her husband in 1810, its very likely that she remarried this John Bigalow of Rockaway.
I believe this gives proof that the children of John 4 were separate from the group of siblings of Aaron Bigelow, who died intestate in Butler Co, Ohio.  I believe this John Bigalow of Rockaway was the deceased brother of Aaron referred to in the Butler Co, Ohio land records.
I would appreciate any comments and would be happy to send out copies of any of the documents I mentioned.
Karen Kotlarchik

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