Moses Bigelow (1800-1874)

12354.4    Moses 6 BIGELOW, son of Timothy 5 ( John 4, John 3, Jonathan 2, John 1), and Hannah (MEEKER) BIGELOW was born 12 Jan 1800 at Lyons Farms, NJ. He was married (1)1832 to Eliza Tichenor, daughter of Isaac Tichenor. He married (2) 4 Feb1836 Julia Ann Breckenridge Fowler, daughter of Dr. Samuel Fowler, the mineralogist. She was born in Hamburg NJ 17 Feb 1813, and died in Newark 3 June 1878. Moses died 10 Jan 1874, also in Newark. Moses studied for the law, but never practiced it.
     Moses was a varnish manufacturer, the business enduring for two generations. Moses also invested in railroads as early as 1835, firmly believing that rail transportation would play a large part in the development of commerce throughout the country. He drafted the charter for Mechanics' Fire and Marine Insurance Company. He held directorships in several Newark banking and lending institutions, as well as Citizens' Gas-Light Company. Born at Lyon's Farm, Newark, Essex, NJ (present site of Newark Airport).
     He was the first Democrat ever elected as Newark's mayor, serving from 1856 through five terms. He reorganized the police department, created the board of health, and established a city dispensary of health care for the poor. He inaugurated a block system of mapping and numbering within the city, established a sinking fund to eliminate city indebtedness, and formed the City Acqueduct board. During the Civil War, he was active in raising funds for the Union cause. Later in life he was manager of the State Asylum for the Insane, and organized the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, being much appalled at the general treatment of livery and dray horses.

Children of Moses and Julia A. (Fowler) Bigelow, all born Newark, Essex co, NJ:

12354.41        Samuel Fowler, b 29 Mar 1837; d 08 Mar1915 Newark, NJ; unmarried, a lawyer and amateur historian. (see below)

12354.42t       Moses, b 19 Apr 1839; d 26 Mar 1897 Newark; m 17 June 1875 Eliza Fowler; varnish manufacturer in Newark. 5 children.

12354.43         Julia, b 29 Nov 1842; d 4 Feb 1865; unmarried.

12354.44t        Frederick, b 24 Apr 1844; d 13 July 1871 Montrose, NJ; m 29 May 1866; Harriet Van Bleecker. 3 children.

12354.45         Henry, b 16 Nov 1846; d 22 Aug 1847.

12354.46t        Josephine, b 4 Oct 1851; d _____ ; m 14 Nov 1872 John C. Kirtland; res East Orange, NJ. 3 children.

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     Moses 6 BIGELOW, son of Timothy 5 ( John 4, John 3, Jonathan 2, John 1), and Hannah (MEEKER) BIGELOW, was born 12 January 1800 at Lyon's Farms, a portion of Newark, New Jersey.  He attended local schools and an academy at Elizabethtown, where he excelled in mathematics and became an avid reader, a habit that was to last his lifetime.  He then entered the law offices of Governor William Bennington, but never practiced law, simply maintaining a lifelong interest in its aspects.
     He became a manufacturer of varnish.  For two generations the family firm in Newark. As early as 1835, his interests branched out to include other businesses.  With two partners, he secured the incorporation of Morris & Essex RailRoad, foreseeing the future that rail transportation would play in the development of commerce.  He also drafted the charter for Mechanics' Fire Marine Insurance Company.  Moses held several directorships of Newark institutions, including Bank of New Jersey, Howard Savings Institution, Republic Trust Company, Firemen's Insurance Company, and Citizens' Gas-Light Company.
     In 1856 Moses turned his attention to politics in the city of Newark,  He ran the mayorship, was the first Democrat ever to be elected,and served five terms. His first act in office was to reorganize the police department, then create a board of health, and establish a city dispensary of health care for the poor. As mayor, he inaugurated a "block system" for mapping, house-numbering, and taxation.  He established a sinking fund to eliminate city indebtedness, and formed the city Acqueduct Board.  Falling back on his early interest in law, Moses Bigelow directed the codification of city ordinances, and the repeal of outmoded ones.
     During the Civil War, Moses directed the city's finances so as to raise funds for the Union cause.  Later he was appointed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey to be manager of the state Asylirn for the Insane.  Being much appalled at the callous treatment of livery and dray horses, he next organized New Jersey Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
     Moses Bigelow married (1)on 14 December 1832 Eliza Ann Tichenor, who died soon after. He then married (2) on 4 February 1836 Julia Ann Breckenridge Fowler, whose father and grandfather had both served in Congress. She was born in Hamburg, NJ 17 February 1813,and died 03 June 1878 in Newark.  Moses died in Newark 10 January 1874.

Their children were all born in Newark:

i    Samuel Fowler, born 29 March 1837; 08 March 1915 Newark, NJ; unmarried, he was a lawyer and amateur historian.

ii   Moses, born 19 Apr 1839; died 26 Mar 1897 Newark; married'17 June 1875 Eliza Fowler; varnish manufacturer and prominent in city affairs. 5 children.

iii  Julia Fowler, born 29 Nov 1842; died 04 Feb 1865 (aged 22) ; unmarried.

iv  Frederick, born 24 Apr 1844; died 13 July 1871 (aged 27) Montrose, NJ; married Harriet Van B1eecker; 3 children.

v   Henry, born 10 Nov 1846; died 22 Aug 1847.

vi   Josephine, born 04 Oct 1851; married 14 Nov 1872 John C. Kirtland; lived East Orange, NJ.  3 children.

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Subject: Varnish
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 21:16:38 -0400
From: "Renee' Fischl" <  >
Hello, my name is Renee' A. Fischl. We live in Nazareth, PA and when we bought our home in 1994. a Bigelow varnish wooden box was in our attic.the wooden box says the following: top of box sort of in a rainbow shape: the bigelow varnish co. next line:estab'd 1845 in a red double lined triangle it says: uniform durable reliable next line:varnish makers next line:newark, nj on the side of the box it says: (something before the zero) 0 label required 83 japan is in a black diamond shape would you know how much this box is worth? i am curious. when would this box have been manufactured and can you tell me a little about the company. when did mfg. begin & end? which family members where involved in the business. what was the address of the business? I did read a little about moses bigelow who started the business and it lasted for two generations on this website I appreciate any info. you can give us.   thanks
--- Renee' Fischl

     SAMUEL FOWLER BIGELOW is the eldest son of Mayor Moses Bigelow and Julia Ann Breckenridge Bigelow of Newark. Prepared at the best schools: Newark Academy, Ashland Hall, and Freehold Institute,  He was matriculated at Princeton College in 1853, and was graduated in 1857. After the prescribed course of law studies under Amzi Dodd of Newark and Jehiel G. Shipman of Belvidere, he was admitted to the New Jersey Bar as an attorney at law in 1860, as a counselor in 1866; and subsequently to the New York, California and different United States' bars.
     He was made City Attorney of Newark in 1863, Judge of the Newark City Court in 1868, United States Attorney for New Jersey by President Cleveland, Supreme Court Commissioner by the New Jersey Supreme Court, Special Master in Chancery by Chancellor William T. McGill, and United States Commissioner for New Jersey by Judge Andrew Kirkpatrick of the United States District Court. He was tendered and declined the position of Governor's Aid with the rank of Colonel by Governor Joseph D. Bedle, and that of Judge of the Newark District Court by Governor R. S. Green. The district courts
were established chiefly through his instrumentality. He is unmarried, and practices law in his native city of Newark.

Biographical Cyclopedia page 33;

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