John Jay 8 BIGELOW

15146.133   John Jay 8 BIGELOW, son of Erastus 7, ( Ephraim 6 , Nathan 5, John 4, John 3, Samuel 2,
John 1) , and Lavinia (RANN) BIGELOW, was born 1832 Chesterfield, Essex co, NY;. married 23 Feb 1858 Marian S. BEDELL, daughter of Levi and Sophia (CURTIS) BEDELL; she died 01 March 1901. John Jay was a ship's carpenter, engineer, inventor, and in 1895 was in the shoe business; 1 child died in infancy. John Jay died 01 Mar 1897.
     John Jay BIGELOW was for almost thirty years identified with mercantile and other business interests in Burlington, VT. His father, Erastus, was a sturdy farmer, who was a native of Ausable, NY. Erastus married Lavinia RANN, of Poultney, VT, a woman of rare ability and accomplishments. Her father was Joseph RANN, who came over with Lafayette and was a commissioned officer in the War of 1812, and died in Poultney.
     John Jay attended the district schools in his native town, and after reaching the years of maturity learned the ship's carpenter's trade. He later became an engineer, but did not follow this occupation long. For many years he was in the government employ on Lake Champlain, and assisted in the construction of the breakwaters in the Burlington harbor. He was very much interested in boats, and owned at various times several crafts. He made a study of navigation and vessels, and possessed wonderful mechanical ingenuity. He built a model from the works of an old clock which would propel a vessel through the canals without destroying the banks with swells. This piece of mechanism he perfected and sent the model to the patent office in Washington, DC, where it was examined and pronounced the best invention of the kind ever exhibited to the government officials, but, it being so similar to another in the patent office, he could not secure a patent; however, they claimed its superiority over the other model. This greatly discouraged Mr. Bigelow, and he let the matter drop.
     One of his characteristics was accuracy in everything he undertook; he would ferret out the most complicated and intricate pieces of machinery until he thoroughly mastered his undertaking. If he planned a piece of work about his home, he would study its feasibility before he carried it into execution, and his reputation for correctness was so well known that he was often sought by others for advise and counsel.
     For many years Mr. Bigelow was associated with E. S. Adsit under the firm name of Adsit & Bigelow. In January, 1895, he became associated in the shoe business with C. N. Mosley, the style of the firm being Mosley & Bigelow. He took no active part in this firm, as he knew Mr. Mosley to be a thorough business man, and would properly guard their interests.
     Mr. Bigelow never sought public favors as a politician. His mind was devoted to his business and his domestic circl, though he affiliated with the Democratic party. He was a member of the Lake Champlain Yacht Club and the Algonquin Club.
     February 23, 1858, he was united in marriage with Marion S. BEDELL, daughter of Levi and Sophia (CURTIS) BEDELL, to whom one child was born, which died in infancy. The life of John Jay BIGELOW was a useful one. He was regarded by his business associates as a man of honor and high integrity, and his word was as good as his bond. Though not a man who sought out new friends, he enjoyed the esteem of those who knew him, but he was always a friend to those less favored with this world's goods than himself, charitable, liberal-hearted, broad-minded, and his sterling worth was more justly realized after he was called from earth, March 1, 1897. Mrs. Bigelow died March 1, 1901.

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