Eliphaz Custer 8 BIGELOW

15923.73B      Eliphaz Custer 8  BIGELOW, son of Lebbeus Loomis 7 ( Israel 6 , Isaac 5 , Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1 ) and Elizabeth (CUSTER) BIGELOW, was born at Adamsburg, Westmoreland, PA on 17 December 1841. He married on 16 November 1865 Eve Elizabeth Horton. She was the daughter of Jesse W. and Catherine ( __ ) Horton and was born in Allensville, PA on 0l June 1846. They lived in Belleville, PA (see note) where he died on 06 August 1882. He had enlisted in the army on 28 February 1865 and served in the last days of the Civil War. Soon after his marriage, he had moved to Washington, IA and practiced medicine until 1873 - he then moved back to Belleville and resumed practice there. He was well known for his surgery on various kinds of cancer. His widow married secondly to _____ Mc Colum. In 1900 census, she had at home sons William F. and Jesse H. She died on 22 November 1924.

Children of Eliphaz and Eve (Horton) Bigelow:

15923.73B1     Elizabeth C., b 07 Nov 1866 Washington, IA; d 16 Feb 1888 BeIleville, PA.

15923.73B2     Lebbeus S.? Israel, b 30 March 1869 Washington, IA.(see note)

15923.73B3     Jesse Horton, b 0l Dec 1871 Washington, IA.

15923.73B4     Eliphaz Custer, b 26 Aug 1874 Belleville, PA.

15923.73B5     Mary Cecilia, b 24 Jan 1877 Belleville.

15923.73B6     Julia Ann F., b 07 Oct 1879 Belleville.

15923.73B7     William Frederick, b 16 Nov 1881.

The Bigelow Family Genealogy  Vol. II Page 414;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
various censuses.
Subject: Obit of Eliphaz Custer Bigelow
Date: 25 Jan 2003
From: "Janna Dress" < dresstj@pa.net  >

Obit from Lewistown Gazette, Aug 30, 1882:
Bigelow --- In Belleville, August 25th, 1882, Dr. E. C. Bigelow, aged 41 years, 9 months and 8 days. Dr. E.C. Bigelowwas born in Westmoreland county, PA. When a youth he commenced the study of medicine under the direction of his father, then a practicing physician. After the death of his father, he came to Belleville, and continued his studies under his brother, Dr. W.G. Bigelow, and his uncle, Dr. E. Bigelow. Toward the close of the rebellion he entered the army and was a member
Subject: Eliphaz Custer Bigelow
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 14:58:33 -0500
From: "Jessica Goss" <jeem@acsworld.net>

 Hi Rod,I have been working on the Dr.Eliphaz Bigelow tree for many a year.He was my Great
grandfather's Clay Bigelow's Grand-Dad.I have learned not to take any information for granted.I have all of Eliphaz Children and Photo's of their headstones and have researched  all the children to the present which was a task.I have
come up with a couple things that  I do not agree with things I find on the net.Also I have done all
Eliphaz brothers that lived in my area.Lewistown,Allensville,Belleville all in Mifflin Co.Pa.And McAlevy's
Fort Huntingdon County.I was lucky enough to remember a lot of what my Great-grandfather told me,and
have found so far thru research that it has checked out.He said that thru his father's  Lebbeus S..Bigelow
's,Uncle, Lebbeus Lummis Bigelow that thru the Custers it went back to General Custer and thru his
Mothers side Priscilla Randolph's Bigelow  to Pocahontas and this really put me on a chase but he was
right.Lebbeus S. son of Dr.Eliphaz married Priscilla Randolph  Her father  sure does go back to
Pocahontas. But back to the Custer or Custis I believe the name is Custer.I  realize that some where
down the line they could of changed from Custis to Custer,all I know is what I was told and from records
in our area He went by Eliphaz Custer Bigelow.He is buried about 15 miles from where I live.I also have
a friend that her husband comes down from that side of the family and all her family records are Custer.
Also I can not match to Dr.William Gantz Bigelow his wife that is listed as a Mary Ann Baker(2ndWife) all
the records state she was the daughter of Nathaniel Baker.I have turned our area upside down and  can
find no information on a Mary Ann Baker d/o Nathaniel.On the records I sent for When Dr.Wm.Gantz filed
for pension she is listed as Mary Jane Rakerd.And that they where married by a Rev.Hanawalt he did
exist and was a preacher in our area..At this time she gives Dr.Bigelow as her first
husband,but when she files for her Widow's pension she still states no prev. marriage she must of got
turned down because she filed again And gives her name as Mary Jane Ross and that she had been
married to a Ross before she married Dr.Wm.Gantz Bigelow.But on this she still gives her maiden name
as Rakerd.,also on the General Affidavit  the witness list has A J.F.Rakerd of Belleville and a
J.E.Rakerd swearing to the truth of the Affidavit.I can find that a Rakerd had a daughter Mary Jane and
the dates would fit.But can find nothing on a Mary Ann Baker.She remarried after the death of William G
Bigelow to a Henery Sones in 1902. in Centre County,Pa.
I have all records on Family Tree Maker and want to send what I have to the Bigelow Society.With a
copy of records,I think that the Web page is great and you do a great Job,I do not know how you do
it.So many Bigelow's just doing what I have done took many years and had my head spinning.
Thanks Bobbi

Subject: Bigelow Society
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 21:50:43 EDT
From:      PHILAPHIL@aol.com
My name is Philip Bigelow and I live in Burlington NJ. I thank you for putting such a great site for us to gather any information about our family line.
My lineage has been traced back to Jon Biglo (at least that is what I was told) and my father's family came from Belleville Pa.  Do you know anything about the Bigelow family from Belleville? I am trying to authenticate the family liniage and would like to know if you may have any knowlege of this side of the family.
Any help would be appreciated. I have a photo of my father as a baby with his father, John, and his grandfather Issac.
Thank you for any help you may provide.     Phil Bigelow
5/11/99  Thank you very much. I have been told the story of how Eliphaz joined the army and served at the end of the Civil War.  This helps out in a big way. Thank you, Phil Bigelow

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