Daniel Kathan 8 BIGELOW

15923.739      Daniel Kathan 8  BIGELOW, son of Lebbeus Loomis 7 ( Israel 6 , Isaac 5 , Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1 ) and Elizabeth (CUSTER) BIGELOW, was born at Adamsburg, Westmoreland, PA on 11 August 1837. We know little of this family and they moved around a lot determined by the birth places of their ten children. Daniel married Hannah Yancey - details unknown. Daniel died in OK 12 July 1910.

Children of Daniel and Hannah (Yancey) Bigelow:

15923.7391     Carrie Elizabeth, b 10 Oct 1869 MO; d 10 May 1962; m (1) Joseph Llewellyn and (2) E. L. Boggs.

15923.7392     Frederic Alexander, b 13 March 1871 Oil City, Dauphine co, PA; d 13 May 1950 Mabry, Barry co, MO; m 30 Mar 1893 Emza Catherine"Kate" McKinley (1876-1933); 5 children;

15923.7393     William L., b 14 April 1872 PA; d_____; m Alice ______

15923.7394     Daniel Arthur, b 26 Jan 1874 PA; d 26 Sept 1923 Aurora, MO.

15923.7395     Isaac Yancey, b 04 Nov 1877 PA; d 22 Feb 1902 Aurora.

15923.7396t    Meredith Reuben, b 18 July 1879 Parkersburg, PA; d_____197_; m (1)1897 Edith Greene, 2 children; (2) 05 July 1924 Anne Verne McLaughlin, 5 children.

15923.7397     Emma Inez, b 17 July 1881 MO; d Feb 1962 KS; m Joseph Crowell. (see below)

15923.7398     Mary Gertrude, b 08 Oct 1883 AR; d 1964 OK; m E. B. Berry. (see below)

15923.7399     Eula May, b 26 April 1887 MO; d____ Aurora, MO.

15923.739A    George Custer, b 06 Sept 1890; d ___1980 San Bernadino, CA; m(1) 1916 Minnie Brown in St. Louis, MO, divorced; m(2) Ann _____; George was a railroader;. (see below)

15923.7396  R24211, Meredith Reuben 9 Bigelow, son of Daniel 8 (Lebbeus Loomis 7 ( Israel 6 , Isaac 5 , Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1 ) and Hannah (Yancey) Bigelow, was born 18 July 1879 in Parkersburg, PA.  In 1897 he
married Edith Greene. On 05 July 1924, he married (2) Anne Verne MCLAUGHLIN . Meredith died after 1970.

Note:  On2/2/1999, e-mail from Doris L. Rogers: Ritarog@aol.com, stating she
was daughter of Opal Bigelow Simpson, d/o Frederick Alexander Bigelow and
Emza Catherine (McKinley) Bigelow, also known as "Kate" all of Aurora,
Lawrence co., MO.   "I wish to correct the history included on page 413,
Bigelow Genealogy, Vol. II regarding Daniel (Kathan) Bigelow and also
Frederick Alexander Bigelow, his son, as follows:  Frederick's middle name is
given as Arthur in Bigelow Genealogy when in fact it was Alexander."

"I am submitting my application to the Daughters of the American Revolution
this month.  I have in my possession Volumes I and II of the Bigelow
Genealogy.  Also, I have a copy of book entitled the "History of Captain John
Kathan" by David Mansfield, and copy of an exerpt of the "History of Lawrence
co., MO" pages 160 thru 164 in reference to Ballard Cox, who was born
December 28, 1828 and other data. My Aunt Eileen (Bigelow) Thurston,
currently resides in Aurora, MO and has provided me with some of the data."

SOURCES:  Howe, "Bigelow Family of America"; records of Bigelow Society
historian/genealogist (prior to 1995); Doris L. Rogers, e-mail
Ritarog@aol.com, 2 Feb 1999.

Personal note:  To Jim Bigelow 10 25 1997 from Don, e-mail
dbigel1@concentric.net.  Lebbeus Loomis was son of Israel and Eunice (Kathan)
Bigelow, was double cousin of Ittia Bigelow, son of Freedom and Susannah
(Kathan) Bigelow, (sisters), to 1997 Bigelow Society genealogist/historian.

Lebbeus "also Lummis" sic Vol.II p.139 was born 1799 at Ballston Spa,
Saratoga Co., NY.  While a boy, his father moved the family too Center co.,
PA and there, 31 Aug 1820 he married Elizabeth Custer, d/o Geo and Catherine
(Leatherman) Custer.  Lebbeus studied medicine and began practice in Greene
Co., PA then in Adamsburg, Westmoreland Co., PA where he was located for over
30 years.  He was a member of the Reform convention in 1837 which met to
rivise the constitution of Pennsylvania.  He was elected to the State
Legislature in 1851 and served three terms & active Mason as well as an

2 children 1st marriage and 5 children, 2nd marriage.  Death date given as 197_--

The Bigelow Family Genealogy  Vol. II Page 413-414;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
correspondence with family researcher and descendant.
Descendant Note:
Posted by Ray Crowell  RCrow47798@aol.com
July 31, 1999 at 20:50:26:

BIGEL0W (BIGLO) & MARY WARREN. I would like to exchange info. with anyone regarding this lineage.
Ray Crowell

from http://bigelowsociety.com/SNL/d0000/g0000097.html#I2136
BIRTH: 17 JUL 1881, Aurora, Lawrence co, MO
DEATH: 22 MAR 1962, Wichita, Sedgwick co, KS
BURIAL: 1962, Aurora, Lawrence co, MO
m 17 Sept 1899 Joseph Marbury CROWELL Aurora, Lawrence co, MO
Joseph Marbury CROWELL
BIRTH: 6 AUG 1879, Van Buren, Arkansas
DEATH: 29 MAR 1925, Aurora, Lawrence, Missouri
BURIAL: 1925, Aurora, Lawrence, Mo., Maple Pk. Cmtry


  1. unk CROWELL
  2.+Wilmont Marbury CROWELL
  3.+Elmer Ivan CROWELL
  4. Ernest Daniel CROWELL
  5.+George Burton CROWELL
  6.+Raymond Joseph CROWELL
2. Wilmont Marbury CROWELL
BIRTH: 22 AUG 1902, Aurora, Lawrence, Missouri
DEATH: 11 NOV 1990
m 18 Dec 1923 Bessie Mae MILLSPAUGH Sperry, Tulsa co, OK
3. Elmer Ivan CROWELL; Was headpainter for Johnson Oil Refinery for 22 years then operated MARVEL Boat Co. He had been a city policeman and a city councilman. Was a scoutmaster. Info. from Aunt Opal July 1991.
BIRTH: 28 FEB 1904, Aurora, Lawrence, Missouri
CHRISTENING: 1927, Methodist Church, Cleveland, Oklahoma
DEATH: 31 AUG 1984, Clinton, Mo.
BURIAL: 2 SEP 1984, Cleveland, Oklahoma
m 03 June 1928 Opal K. BAILEY, Tulsa, OK
Opal K. BAILEY; Father; Charles A. Bailey Mother; Ruth Bare. Taught Sunday School for 26 yrs. Was a youth group sponsor.
BIRTH: 31 AUG 1907, Cleveland, Oklahoma
CHRISTENING: 1907, Methodist Church, Cleveland, Oklahoma

 1.+Gloria CROWELL
 2.+Don Gordon CROWELL
 3.+Charles Bailey CROWELL

Subject: Hannah Yancey
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 13:14:45 -0400
From: "Yancey, Dennis J" <dyancey@miami.edu>

Wow - looks like you are doing the same thing I do for the YANCEYS - with the BIGELOWS
My Yancey site is at:

I note that you have a Hannah Yancey in your database - I would be interested in knowing what the source of the info was.
Dennis J Yancey

Subject: Bigelow Family
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 13:25:46 -0500 (EST)
From: Kim Martin      <  jacobmartin@iwon.com   >
Hi my name is Kim Martin I'm from White Sands New Mexico and I am the Great Granddaughter of
George Custer Bigelow. I have been attempting to look up my family history for a while now and I came
across your website. It's really great I had know idea there were so many Bigelows out there. I also
noticed you really didn't have much information on my Grandpa Georges family. I know very little myself,
but I will be happy to share with you what I know. So far all I know is my grandpa was a railroader. He
married my GG Minnie Brown in ST. Louis Missouri in 1916. They had three Daughters Anita Bigelow,
Patrica Bigelow and Joy Bigelow. Anita died of Cancer in Dallas Texas in the 1960's. She was married
to a man with the last name Sparkman. They had a daughter named Peggy. Patrica is my grandmother.
She married George Harris (still up his family) in the 1940 in Carrizozo New Mexico where she still
lives. She had two daughters, Linda Sue (my mother) and Cynthia Ann. Joy is the baby. She married
Bill Gallagher in Carrizozo New Mexico where the live today. They had three children. Debbie, and
twins Lynn and Grey. My GG George and GG Minnie lived in Missouri, Oklahoma and finally settled in
New Mexico. They both wrote books about their lives which my family has. They eventually divorced
because GG George cheated on GG Minnie. He remarried to a woman named Ann apparently the
other woman. I always called her Grandma Ann. They lived in San Bernadino California until his Death
in 1980. I'm working on getting copies of both my Grandparents books so I can learn more about there
My e-mail address is jacobmartin@iwon.com

Subject: Emma Innez
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 08:07:09 -0800
From:  james o kellogg <  jok01@fresno.com  >
I saw your message for Emma Inez Bigelow and the oops message. I would like the information you have on her. I am related to Ebbin Monroe Berry who was married to Mary Gertrude Bigelow. My grandfather was John Sherman Berry. He was the brother of Ebbin. I have been writing and e-mailing to a Norma Brasher. Have you heard from her? Her
grandparents were Gert Bigelow and Ebb Berry. I would be happy to share any information with you.
Thank You,
Carolee Kellogg

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