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BANDS by Joseph Kaska
circa 1927
Bus  Doorway - George Compton, Bus driver; Neil Murray, Supt. of Schools; Maurice Osborne, principal
Back Row (left to right) - Leo Patnode, Clifford Ducharme, Lawrence Conley, Thomas Roberts, Bernard Hart, Raymond LaMare, John Gadway, Harold Ryan, Francis Reid, William Grogan, Thomas Marvin, Leon Woodward, James Grogan, Larry Alphonso, Riley Farrell, Donald Gunter, Antoine Pageau, Phillip Stacavich, Gerald Pageau, John Mykalosky, Norman LaMountain, John Shibilo, Lavern Bouyea, and Michael Ryan.
Front Row (left to right) - Mr. Utley Gunter, conductor; William Linney, Norman LaMare, Paul Marvin, Henry Ryan, Roger Ducharme, James Langey, Floyd Conley, Joseph Kaska, Charles Shusda, Danial Grogan and Arthur Lancto.
                               Some members of the band were not present when this picture was taken.
     The ethnic groups that settled in Lyon Mountain in the late 1800's provided music for their own entertainment and special functions such as baptisms and weddings. The music for Lithuanian and Polish functions was usually provided by Frank Yanulavich Sr. (accordian) and Adam Zanefsky (violin) with other players contributing their talents.
     In or about 1918 Jim Brakes, employed by the Chateaugay Ore and Iron Company, led a small German type band which furnished music for special occasions such as the Fourth of July picnic. He was assisted by Anthony Stacavich on the tuba and John Farrell on the drums. No doubt, there were other musicians whose names were forgotten in the passing years.
     Round and square dancing was popular from about 1915 to 1925. These dances were held in the old Bunk House which served as a community center and music was provided by the Caron Band. Mr. Phil Caron, the leader and violinist, was assisted by his wife who played piano.. for the square dances.  Aludith Caron played piano for the round dances. The other members of the band were Atron - drums, Sidney - trumpet, and Marvin - Saxophone.
     In 1930 Angus Clam  formed a modern dance band which furnished music for dances that were held in the Linney Auditorium.  Some of the members of this orchestra were Angus Clam, Robert Linney, William Linney, Philip Stacavich, Sidney Caron, Marvin Caron and Joseph Kaska.
     The Lyon Mountain Boys Band was organized prior to 1920 by Mr. Joseph R. Linney with Mr. Utley Gunter as bandmaster. This band was indeed a novelty, and adults marveled that young people could be so musical and talented. To be members of this band, youngsters had to sign up and then wait two or three years to get an instrument.
     The Boys Band was in demand for special occasions such as track meets, the Redford Picnic, political campaigns, and concerts. The boys performed in Saratoga Springs, Sunmount Veterans Hospital, Lake Placid Club, Malone Schine's Theatre, Plattsburgh City Hall and other locations. During the summer months, the Lyon Mountain residents enjoyed the regular Friday night concerts. There were times when the band marched and serenaded the residents at their homes.
     A special bus was used to transport the band to these functions. The bus drivers were William LaMountain Sr. and George Gompton. A high point of the Lyon Mountain Boys Band was achieved when John Philip Sousa, the march king, conducted the band in a number at the Malone Armory in the late 1920's. He gave the band a better than average rating.
     Lyon Mountain was responsible for introducing band music to the North Country. After hearing and seeing the Lyon Mountain band perform, other schools organized their own musical organizations. As years went by, girls were allowed to join. The bands became coeducational and opened the door of musical careers for some of its members.             Joseph Kaska

  Lyon Mt. Band Sept. 1926                                                         band58.jpg = larger picture
5th Row: Howard Chase, Leo King, Gerald Pageau, Clifford Ducharme
4th Row: Norman LaMountain, Thomas Roberts, Francis Reid, John Shibilo, Antoine Pageau, Riley Farrell, James Grogan  3rd Row: John Gadway, Leo Patnode, John Mykalosky, Raymond LaMare, Sidney Caron, Lavern Bouyea, Michael Ryan,
             Marvin Caron
2nd Row: Lawrence Conley, Roger Ducharme, Arthur Lancto, Philip Stacavich, Bernard Hart, Harold Ryan, Edward Furness,
            William Grogan
First Row: Floyd  Conley,  Charles Shusda, Leon Woodward, Henry Ryan, Donald Gunter, William Linney, Norman LaMare, Robert Chase, Mr. Utley Gunter, Conductor.

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