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                                                       St. Bernard's-On-The-Rise - We call it -
                                                       That little church - that from its so slight eminence
                                                        Presides in simple dignity
                                                        Above the bustle of our mining town -

                               Just a soft splash of storm-washed red - it stands
                               Against the sombre background of the Adirondack trees
                               Yet near it, once I Heard - (Oh I am sure I heard)
                                The rustle of His golden gown -
                              It is not my church - if one stops to reckon things by sect and creed -
                              But as my simple household tasks I do
                              And as my sports and pleasures I pursue
                              Something within me breathes - 'Rejoice!
                              The sight of this small church
                              Has made you recognize - His Voice"!

                                                                        by Margaret Nason
                              Lyon Mountain
                                  June 1925 Before St. Bernard's red brick church was covered with grey permastone.

         This is a reproduction of the publication, " A Century- Mining for Souls - 1875 - 1975". It was produced in 1975 by Parishioners of the above pictured churches. Besides the churches' histories, it also contains history of the neighboring areas. History of the industries, schools, railroad, business, etc. are all included in this interesting book........ROD 10/26/99.
                                Lyon Mountain, N.Y.
                                        "Lyon Mountain, in Clinton County, was named for
                                      Nathaniel Lyon who came here in the winter of 1803
                                      from Morestown, Vt.  He crossed Lake Champlain on
                                      the ice to Plattsburgh and then went by ox-sled to the
                                      southern slopes of the mountain that hears his name.
                                      His son, General Nathaniel Lyon, was a soldier in the
                                      Mexican and Civil Wars and was killed in the battle
                                      of Wilson's Creek in 1861.
                                         Lumbering and iron mining were the early industries.
                                      The iron mining is now under the control of the Cha-
                                      teaugay Ore & Iron Company, which has one of the
                                      modern plants of its kind in America.  Here the ore
                                      is mined, separated from the rock in the Williams Sepa-
                                      rator plant and conveyed to the sintering plant where
                                      it is fused to a cellular mass.  It is then shipped to
                                      Standish where it is converted into pig iron.
Both articles Taken from PASSENGER and FREIGHT STATIONS
volume by the Delaware and Hudson Company - June 1, 1928  pages 318-320
                                                                 Standish, N.Y.
                                         Standish, formerly named Williamsburgh, was set-
                                      tled by two pioneer of the iron industry in that locality,
                                      namely, Bowen and Williams, who constructed an iron
                                      smelter here about 1873.
                                        The property was acquired by the Chateaugay Ore
                                      and Iron Company in 1881 and the place renamed
                                      STANDISH by S.M. Weed after Matthew Standish, a
                                      member of Mrs. Weed's family, and a sixth descendant
                                      of both Miles Standish and John Alden."

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