The History of Lyon Mountain, NY Page 2

                       Chateaugay Railroad Station; Lyon Mountain, N.Y. circa 1880's

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Route 374 passing by the company row houses of Lyon Mountain. The mines and slag hills  in the background (unknown date but notice the "Woody" parked at the fork in the road)

        This is an aerial view of Lyon Mountain, taken by The Herald American in 1967.(This photo must have been taken earlier, but published in the paper in 1967)(see below)
        You notice the mine and slag hills in the upper left. This was Republic Steel then. Also notice the High School in the lower right, now a minimum security prison.

From:   Joe Yanulavich       E-mail
              Being from Lyon Mtn and looking at your pictures, I question the year on the aerial photo on page 2 of the photos. It says 1967 and it is definitely late 40's  if not before. As you travel north in the picture just past the row houses after going up the big hill (Sweden)that runs paralel to the sand pile, Philips Court should be on the right. That development must have 25 or 30 houses in it that you can see from my fathers homestead
(last house in left going north). Its definitely not in that photo. Lyon Mountain is not as nice as it once was when I was a kid. Many proud people lived there and kept their houses up, knowing the blood sweat and tears that went into every stitch of the town. My Mom's father, George Bassett would be appalled if he saw his old house and the
condition it is in. Despite the constant pounding of ore sand the houses took, his place was always neat as a pin. If you hung laundry out for more than a couple hours, it came back with a black tinge in ore sand. Your pictures show a Lyon Mountain that I loved when I was a child growing up. We lived in Denver Colorado then, but traveled back to Lyon Mountain every summer to visit. Thank you for your pictures of Lyon Mountain..............joe

Subject: your website "LYON MTN"
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 05:27:46 -0500
From: "P.Anthony McLeod" <  >
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Hello, Rod:
I agree with my cousin Joe Yanulavich (your page two entry)... my mother was his father's sister so we have a lot of the same family memories.. the picture is older than 1967, because, in the 50's the houses were well along in years, so your picture was probably taken in the late 30's or early 40's....AND the ore sand pile is "WAY" smaller than I remember it!
Good to see someone is working on keeping the history alive!     Tony McLeod

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