Hayes Harry 9 BIGELOW

15923.4863      Hayes Harry 9 BIGELOW, son of Elias 8 ( Ittia7 , Freedom6 , Isaac5, Isaac4, Isaac3, Samuel2, John1) and Ida (ROBAREE)BIGELOW, was born ca 1876 OH. He married 1928 to Edna Mabel Stewart McGill. He died 22 Nov 1952. Not much more is known and only one child reported.

Children of Hayes Harry and  Edna (McGill) Bigelow:

15923.48631     Robert R., b ___ ; d ____ ; m Delores (Dee) ______ .

 "Forge", Bigelow Society Quarterly Vol.8, No.4, October 1979, p. 73--address Robert R. Bigelow, P.O. Bx.186, Westfir, OR 97492.  Owned Grocery.  Gary Bigelow of Springfield, OR stopped by to introduce himself, retrieved a FORGE from his car & they read it.
Also descendants of Ittia listed in 1980 FORGE, Vol.9, #2, p.34 were Pat Johnson, Elkhart, IN, Don bigelow, Bay City, MI and Jean Hirschy of Lansing. Since the article states it was Robert's GREAT grandfather in Michigan St. Lib. and Ittia died in OH, I have attributed the meeting in Grocery store to this Robert's son.  Robert, with whom genealogist in 1997 corresponded in 1975 lived in Grants Pass, OR.

SOURCE:  "Forge", Bigelow Society Quarterly Vol. 9, #2, p. 34; Carol Hansen and Jean Legereit 1975, Patricia Bigelow, Alaska 1975.
Forge Vol.8, No. 4, p.73, oct 1979, address given:  Robert R. Bigelow, P.O. Bx. 186, Westfir, OR 97492.
The Bigelow Family Genealogy Book Vol. II Page 409;
Robert Bigelow of Oregon in 1970's;
Miss Hanson of St. John's MI;
contact between Bigelow Society historian/genealogist and family descendants;
Records of Bigelow Society.
Name: Delores (Dee) Bigelow  deebee@magick.net
From: Grants Pass, Oregon
Time: 1999-01-29 08:14:05
Hi Rod, for many years I recieved the Forge, but my son somehow got it changed to follow him when he moved out, even though he is the II. Off the top of my head at moment I can't remember line exactly, but it was john 1,(OK I had to go look) Samuel 2,isaac 3,isaac 4, issac 5, Freedom 6, Ittia 7, Elias 8, Hayes 9 Robert 10(my husband) Didn't have things right at my finger tips, but think that is it. Hayes is somewhat of a mystery from age 3 until sometime in his 50s would appreciate any new info that has come to light on him. I got too busy to follow the research anymore, but am still
interested. Liked your page, I will be back. Dee Bigelow see Ittia 7 Bigelow

Subject: membership, reunion, cookbooks,etc.
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 19:24:45 -0800
From: "Delores Bigellow" <99bigellow@charter.net>

Hi Rod,   Just like the bad Penny, I am back again.  I have a couple + questions....
1. Are you the one I ask about availability of COOKBOOKS & EARINGS, and one of the Alphbetical Indexes to the
Forge.  Did they ever get the 2nd cookbook done?
2,  I was wondering how close to me the reunion would be this year?
3.  I want to order a membership, can I still have the introductory package too?  Can I ask for it when I send for
4.  I probably want to get some back issues,  but on those I am willing to take what is available (after October 1991)  So
all I need to know on that, is can I order those right along with my membership?
Thanks for your help
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