Charles Henry 9 BIGELOW

16312.2363      Charles Henry 9 BIGELOW II, son of Charles Henry 8 ( Anson 7, Erastus 6 , David 5 , David 4 , Lt. John 3 , Joshua 2, John 1), and Alida Wood (LYMAN) BIGELOW, was born 04 June 1866 at St. Paul, MN. He married (1) 20 January 1896 Florence Fairchild, who died 21 October 1905 at St. Paul. He married (2) 26 August 1911 Allison McKibben. They had 2 children. Charles jr. died 05 October 1945   at St. Paul, MN. Allison died 07 July 1970 at St. Paul, MN.

Children of Charles Henry, jr. and Florence (Fairchild) Bigelow:

16312.23631t     Donald Fairchild, b 10 Nov 1896 St Paul, MN; d 23 Aug 1979 Rolle, or Gstaad, Switzerland;  m (see below)

16312.23632t     Alda, b 25 Mar 1898 St Paul, MN; d 23 Aug 1979 Rolle, or Gstaad, Switzerland; m 17 June 1924 Francis David Butler; 3 children (FTM)

16312.23633t    Charles Henry III, b 26 Mar 1901 St. Paul; d 25 Nov 1973 St. Paul; m 29 Nov 1934 Edith Emily Burt (b 19 Aug 1900 East Longmeadow, MA; d ______ ) ; 3 children (FTM)

Children of Charles Henry, jr. and Allison (McKibben) Bigelow:

16312.23634t     Mary Allison, b 30 July 1919 St. Paul, MN; d ____ ; m 26 June 1943 Richard McMillan in St. Paul; .

16312.23635t     John McKibben, b 27 Dec 1920 St. Paul, MN; d ____ ; m (1) 25 Aug 1945 Madeleine Frances Sheridan ( she b 24 Apr 1933; d 04 Sept 1957); m (2) ca 1960 Merle Pugsley Hansen; 6 children; 3 with each wife.(see below)

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 490 child;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
1850 census NY;
Correspondence from John McKibben Bigelow 1998, grandson of Charles Henry Bigelow I. 
His address is 1444 Landings Circle, Sarasota, FL 34231.
Res. St. Paul, MN.  Book of generation 9 to present, 21 May 1998, in book form.

16312.23631t     Donald Fairchild Bigelow was born 10 Nov 1896 at St. Paul, MN and died 23 Aug 1979 in Rolle, or Gstaad, Switzerland.  On 07 April 1922 he married Honor Louise Morrissey (see) at Oxford, England.  She was born 29 Oct 1898 St. Paul, MN dau. of J.G. Morrissey and died 11 Feb 1982 Rolle, or Gstaad, Switzerland.
  Honor Louise Morrissey

Children of Donald Fairchild and Honor (Morrissey) Bigelow, both born Paris, France:

16312.23631.1     Lawrence Graham, b 03 Apr 1925; d 06 Sept 1906 Rolle, Switzerland; m 21Apr 1966 Anna Franka May in Dublin, Ireland;
 email 2020:    "I thought you might be interested in is the life he led as an artist, but also a member of the OSS and then CIA.  Please look at the book I wrote about Larry, which you can see on Amazon.  Lawrence Graham Bigelow: An Artist Sees for His Country.  My name is Barbara D. McMillan.   If you think any members of the Bigelow family would be interested perhaps you could mention the book.  Larry really did have an unusual life, mostly abroad.  His mentor in boarding school in the US was Paul Child (who later married Julia McWilliams and became Julia Child).  Larry was a war hero in Italy.  And on it goes."
Awards: British Empire Medal, Bronze Cross of Merit with Swords, Decorated in WWII
Barbara D. McMillan   email:

16312.23631.2     Roger Clayland, b 23 Aug 1926; d 16 Mar 1945 Iwo Jima; WWII;   

America Foreign Service Photo
Period of Service: 6 months Year: 1917
Home Town: St. Paul, MN
 Education: Princeton

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