Rosella Ann 8 BIGELOW

Two pictures of Rosella Ann and one of John Albert Mecham

16167.342      Rosella Ann 8 BIGELOW, dau of Asa Elijah 7 ( Nahum 6 , Simeon 5 , John 4 , Joshua 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Julia Ann (COOK) BIGELOW, was born at Provo, Provo co, UT on 21 December 1855 and married on 08 May 1872 John Albert Mecham.  He was born on 21 June 1854 in Lehi, Utah co, UT and was son of Ephraim and Polly (Derby) Mecham.  They both died at Provo, she on 28 October 1928 and he on 14 January 1934.  Both are buried at Wallsburg, Wasatch co, UT.

Children of John and Rosella (Bigelow) Mecham, all born at Wallsburg, UT:

16167.3421     Ephraim Albert Mecham, b 27 Dec 1873; d 27 Mar 1958; m (1) 20 Nov 1895 Harriet Eliza Mecham; m (2) _ May 1912 Helen Grace Pratt. (see below)

16167.3422     John Franklin Mecham, b 22 Apr 1875; d 04 Mar 1935;  m 29 Sep 1904 Purcy Elizabeth Taylor

16167.3423     Trelia Mecham, b 28 Feb 1877; d 02 Mar 1917; m 03 Jan 1895 George Leo Batty

16167.3424     Willam Wallace Mecham, b 23 Dec 1878; d 04 Jan 1930; m 11 Nov 1903 Mary Della Howard

16167.3425     Alpheus Bingham Mecham, b 21 Nov 1881; d 23 Jan 1905; unmarried

16167.3426     Julia Edora Mecham, b 01 Aug 1886; d 16 Dec 1969; m Charles Wright

16167.3427     Annie Mecham, b 07 Apr 1894; d 09 June 1960; m Lewis Forest Farley

16167.3428     Mabel Mecham, b 25 Sept 1896; d _____ ; m Ermel William Williamson.

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Wallsburg Cemetery; Wallsburg, Wasatch County, Utah

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Ephraim Albert Mecham                           Harriet Eliza (Mecham) Mecham                   Helen Grace (Pratt) Mecham
                                                        Salt Lake City Cemetery

I am a descendant of Asa Elijah Bigelow through Rosella who married John Albert Mecham.  Their son Ephraim Albert Mecham was my great grandfather and Harriet Eliza Mecham is my Great Grandmother.  I was so excited to find all of this wonderful information, especially the diaries of Nahum, etc.   
Terri Nash
Muzzetta Eliza(10) Mecham, dau of Ephraim Albert(9) Mecham, had a son Allen Michael (11) Peterson (b 20 Oct 1944; d _ Jan 2014 (see below)

Muzzetta Eliza “Bobbie” Mecham Peterson   Larkin Sunset Gardens Cemetery;Sandy, Salt Lake County, Utah

On Jan 16, 2014, at 11:37 AM,

Another member of the Bigelow family has passed on. He is the eleventh generation.
He is listed in the Deseret News (Salt Lake City) Thursday, January 16, 2014 on page B7.
His lineage is:

16167.34216.3 Allen Michael(11) Peterson, son of Muzzetta Eliza(10) Mecham, (Ephraim Albert(9) Mecham, Rosella Ann(8) Bigelow, Asa Elijah(7), Nahum(6), Simeon(5), John(4), Joshua(3), Joshua(2), John(1) and Clifford Rothwell Peterson, was born 20 Oct 1944 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah.

Thank, Jean Bigelow

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