Jonathan 8 BIGELOW

15145.128      Jonathan 8 BIGELOW, son of  Marlin 7 ( John 6, John 5 , John 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1 and Mabel (SHELDON) BIGELOW, was born, a twin, 05 December 1829 in Richfield township, Summit, OH. He married at Medina, OH on 25 October 1852 Mahalia Merchant Damon who was born circa 1834. Jonathan died at Hinckley, Medina, OH on 13 October 1864. His widow outlived him some 47 years and died at Hinckley on 0l March 1911. Both are buried in Ridge cemetery, Hinckley.

We only have limited information on the children of Jonathan and Mahalia (Damon) Bigelow:
15145.1261t    Orrin, b _____ ; d _____ ; m Della ____ ; 3 children. (see below)
15145.1262     Luella, b ____ ; d ____ ; m _____ West.
15145.1263     Lydia A., b ____ ; d ____ ; m______ Dunn.
15145.1264     an infant,d at 6 months.
15145.1265     an infant, d at 6 months.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 307;
Records of Bigelow Society; cemetery records Hinckley, OH. (RIN: 14021
Letter to Bigelow Society Editor Patricia Bigelow from Anna M. Mortimer (April 1981):
" Lena Bigelow, the dau of Orrin 9 Bigelow, married Abe Stouffer; resided Richfield, OH; 2 sons Vernon and Gordon Stouffer founded Stouffer Foods (Frozen Foods and Stouffer Restaurants)
There is a large estate about one mile from Richfield called " The Stouffer Farm". After Abe Stouffer died, Lena married Roy Southworth of Cleveland, OH. When she did, she changed her name to "Mahala" or "Mahalia" Southworth after her grandmother Mahalia (Damon) Bigelow. (Anna knew all of them: Orrin, Luella West, Lydia Dunn, and Len throughout her chilhood and they all attended the Bigelow Reunion pre 1981)" 

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