Charlotte Augusta 8 BIGELOW

15326.391      Charlotte Augusta 8 BIGELOW, dau of John Boynton 7 ( Silas 6 , Solomon 5 , Samuel 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Charlotte (LELAND) BIGELOW, was born at Brooklyn, NY on 06 February 1838. On 15 October 1857 in Brooklyn, she married William Peck Smith, born 14 December 1832, in Norwalk, CT. No data on deaths or burial. The first 2 children were christened at "254 Navy St." Brooklyn, NY; the third at "200 Raymond St." Brooklyn; the last 4 at "149 Warren St." Brooklyn.

Children of William and Charlotte (Bigelow) SMITH:

15326.3911     William Henry SMITH, b 16 Mar 1859 Brooklyn, NY; d _____ ;

15326.3912     Charlotte Elisabeth SMITH, b 09 Oct 1860 Brooklyn, NY; d 02 Feb 1876 Brooklyn, NY;

15326.3913      Lyndon Peck SMITH, b 23 Aug 1862 Brooklyn, NY; d _____ ;

15326.3914      Estella Francis SMITH, b 27 July 1869 Brooklyn, NY; d _____ ;

15326.3915      Lilla Bigelow SMITH, b 12 Jan 1872 Brooklyn, NY; d 24 Jan 1872;

15326.3916      Alvin Rutherford SMITH, b 10 June 1876 Brooklyn, NY; d _____ ;

15326.3917      Herbert Leland SMITH, b 11 July 1880 Brooklyn, NY; d _____ ;

15326.391?      Sydney Carton Smith, b _____ ; d ______ ; m (see below)

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II , p 72;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America.; p 318;
records of Bigelow Society historian/genealogist.
Correspondence with Lois Crew, descendant, sent information from John Boynton Biglow's Bible 12 July 2000.
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correction to a Biglow family page: Sydney Carton Smith

Martha Garvey   < >

My name is Martha Garvey, and my dad, John A. Garvey, was the son of Charlotte Rutherford
Smith Garvey, whose father, Sydney Carton Smith, is actually part of the family described

Though he doesn't seem to be included.
According to my grandmother Charlotte and her sister Josephine, Sydney was actually named
after Sydney Carton, one of the tragic characters in "A Tale of Two Cities."
Unfortunately, I don't think I can readily provide a date of birth for him at the moment.
I suspect my mother may have some records we took possession of when my grandmother died
in 1983. I can also tell you that at least two of the children were buried in Green-Wood
cemetery in Brooklyn; I actually have a map of the burial plot, and visited the graves
many years ago.
Lyndon Peck Smith, who is listed in the family tree, was an architect and publisher who
lived in New York City and the Palisades in New York. He was the managing architect on
the only building architect Louis Sullivan designed and built in New York City. (Sullivan
would go on to design many buildings in Chicago, and mentor Frank Lloyd Wright. Smith
published several articles by Sullivan. )If you search his name on the Brooklyn Eagle
data base, you'll get various odd bits of information, including his wedding

Sydney, my great-grandfather, had three children--my grandmother, Charlotte Rutherford
Smith Garvey(deceased), Josephine Smith (deceased), and Sydney Smith (deceased).
Hope some of this helps. I realized you need documentation for the existence of my
great-grandfather...when I have time, I'll see where it's ended up. :)
Martha Garvey

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