Ashley 8 BIGELOW

16164.14A      Ashley 8 BIGELOW, son of Ransom 7 (Levi 6 , Nathan 5, John 4, Joshua 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Jerusha (BISHOP) BIGELOW, was born at Crown Point, Essex, NY on 16 March 1848. He married Lasira Ellithorpe on 12 January 1875. ( It appears to be a double wedding with Ashley's brother Orville and Lasira's sister Luancia). She was born 26 September 1852 Bridgeport,, NY. Unknown data on parents or death. Ashley died 29 November 1922. (see note)

Children of Ashley and Lasira (Ellithorpe) Bigelow:

16164.141    Clarence M., b 26 Nov 1878; d _ June 1945 Panton,,VT; m Frances Lamour; 6 children.

16164.142    Warren F., b 24 Oct 1879; d ____ ; m Winifred Cooke.

16164.143    Glenn A., b 09 Dec 1885; d ____ ; m Diantha ____ . 7 children.

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 457-458;
Howe,Bigelow Family of America;
vital records and censuses of NY;
research by Bigelow Society genealogists.
Subject: Ashley (8) Bigelow
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 13:45:13 -0500
From: Janet Wilhelm   <  >

Rod -  Great job on the website, I've found it extremely useful!
Ashley Bigelow of Crown Point, NY was my great-grandfather, and I've followed through your Howe book reprints as far as the page for his father, Ransom, but none of the links on Ransom's page work.  Also, I am being guided in my genealogical research by my two 90-year old aunts, and they have given me some information which I think will be in conflict with that
on the page for Ransom...I will follow-up after I've had a chance to check vital statistics for those days.  Seems that the family tradition holds that brothers Ashley and Orville married sisters Lasira and Luancia Ellithorpe, on the same day (12 Jan 1875).  Nobody knows of any Louisa T. Russell. Also, I have information coming on Ransom's third marriage.  He is buried in
White Church Cemetery, Crown Point, with his three wives.  Will be there next month.
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