Ransom 7 BIGELOW

16164.49      Ransom 7 BIGELOW, son of Jonathan Oakes 6 ( Nathan 5, John 4, Joshua 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Philandra (CLARK) BIGELOW, was born at Crown Point, Essex, NY on 10 October 1823 and married 09 September 1845 Emily (Emeline)S. Ladd who was the daughter of Lewis and Emeline (__) Ladd. Emily was born 06 May 1828 Peru, NY. Ransom was a ferry boat owner and in 1854 moved his family to Le Sueur, MN where his children are read from the 1870 census. Ransom died 15 June 1880 and Emily on 01 June 1870. (see below) 

Children of Ransom and Emily (Ladd) Bigelow:

16164.491t    William Henry, b 12 March 1847; d 0l Jan 1938; m 06 May 1878 Aletta Love Kilburn in Windom, MN; 3 children. 

16164.492     Charles E. or C., b 17 May 1849; d _____  ; unmarried.

16164.493t    Lewis Ladd, b 27(29?) Feb 1851; d 18 April 1930 Seattle, WA; m 08 May 1881 Adeline "Addie" E. Perrington or Purrington in Windom, MN; 9 children. (Written Louis L Bigalow)

16164.494     Mary E., b 05 July 1855 Peru, Clinton co, NY; d 10 (May?) April 1928; m 04 Nov 1880 Ralph Carey in Windom, MN ( he b 03 Sept 1848 Steuben co. NY; d 3 or 4 or 5 /11/1917) Ralphs' 1st marriage (no date) to Mary (Sophia) Eastman; 5 children;  His 2nd marriage to Mary E. Bigelow 04 Nov 1880, Windom, MN; 9 children (see below)

16164.495t    Frank Leslie, b 30 Aug 1858 Le Sueur. MN; d 12 Aug 1944 Seattle; m 17 May 1889 Martha Stockton; 2 dgtrs., 4 or 5 sons.

16164.496     Ransom J., b _____ : d ______ ;

16164.497     George H., b 16 May 1865 Highgate, VT; d ____ ; m 29 May 1888 Emma Ingersall (b.____ ; d. 1892); Child: Harry Kirby Bigelow B: 02 Sept 1890 D. 28 Feb 1892 

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 188;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Records of Bigelow Society historian/genealogist;
1870 censsus Le Sueur, MN;
family records.
Note 04/10/06:
From: Marilyn Funk   < davidmarilyn2@msn.com >
My apologies in not getting back to you promptly.  This is what is written in a book that my mother gave to me. And  hand written transcripts of an old bible that have just been handed down.  According to letters in 1968 "they were unsure of which family member had the bible".  So the documents are subjective, not "officical documents". There are different spellings in many places.
Also the name of Bigelow was spelled Bigalow all the way throughI have tried to do my best with the copies of "stuff" that I have been given. I can't say how accurate all of this is.  Of course some of it was passed down by word of mouth.  I am fairly new at all of this, so m organization is not the best.  Feel free to respond to me and I will try to fill in any blanks if possible.  I have not gone another generation down yet. So this is what I have.  Good Luck and I hope it adds to the cousins listing!! 

Oh.. FYI: My Grandmother is Bessie Maud Carey Bennett Skellie. 
Marilyn Funk

Thank You for the photo of Bible Sheet...............Rod

#35     Jonathan Bigalow and Philindia Clark and children (you have this already recorded)
#160 Ransom Biglow B. 10/10/1823 (you have 1824) D. 6/15/1880 married 9/9/1845 Emily S. Ladd B. 4/6/1828 Peru, NY
                D. 6/1/1870
#470 Daughter Mary E Bigelow B. 7/5/1855 Clinton Co. Peru,NY - D. 4/10/1928 married Ralph Carey B. 9/3/1848 Steuben Co. NY D. 3 or 4 or 5 /11/1917
Ralphs' 1st marriage (no date) to Mary (Sophia) Eastman.  His 2nd marriage to Mary E. Bigelow 11/4/1880, Windom, Minnesota.
        Mary and Ralph's Children:
           1.  Frank Bigelow Carey - B. 6/28/1882  D. 2/ 8 or 18 /1952    Married 7/6or 10/1910 to  Violet N. McCullin B. 12/13/1892 (near LincolnCreek) D. 7/15/1912
           2.  Harry Clifton Carey - B. 6/1/1884 D. 10/_/1955 Married 1/1/1911 Clara Elliott B. 12/29/1887 or 1877 (hard to read the handwriting
           3.  Clyde Douglas Carey - B. 11/28/1885 D. 6/9/1902
           4.  Bessie Maud Carey - B. 9/4/1887 Cottonwood County,  Windom, Minnesota D. 3/4/1976 Ellensburg, WA  Buried IOOF Cemetery
             Married 1/29/1917 Lake Preston, South Dakota to George Elias Bennett  B. 1/1873 Finchford, Iowa D. 12/26/1943 Ellensburg, WA
             Buried IOOF Cemetary  2nd Marriage Leroy Skellie B. 9/3/1882 Mt. Carroll Co. Illinois  D. 12/5/1977 California
           5.  Lulu May Carey - B. 9/17/1889 D. 10/10/1961  Married 2/11/1911 Arthur B. Bohleen B. 5/12/1886 D. 7/12/76 
           6.  Ralph W. Carey - B. 6/22/1891 D. 3/_/1975
           7.  Earle Vinton Carey - B. 2/3/1893 D. 10/16/1965 Married Agusta J. Bloomquist B. 3/7/1845
           8.  Erwin Lee Carey- B. 11/26/1895 D.12/11/1958 Married Ruth Thompson
           9.  Leslie Carey - B. 8/26/1898 D. 1/18/1899
   Mary Eastman and Ralph Carey's children from his first marriage are:
            1.  Lena Carey - B. 9/17/1869 D. 4/20/1941 Married 9/_/1884 to Ed Collins Born Amo Township
            2.  Jenny  Carey - B. 11/19/1870 D. 7/16/1924 Married 11/19/1889 to  Orrin  L. Sillman (Oren & Ona listed as nickname). Divorced.  
               2nd Marriage to Frank McCullough. Marriage anulled.   3rd marriage to Herb McCollough
            3.  Georgia Carey - B. __ D. 8/30/1964 *Notes on Georgia: Musa and adopted out  
            4.  Arthur "Artie" Eugene Carey - B. 9/14/1874 Dodge Center, MN D. 7/14/1970
                 m 2/6/1896 or 1897 Georgina Rawling Goodfellow B. 5/22/1875 Mitchell, Ont D. 10/30/1953 Westbrook or Windom, MN
            5.  Georgia Carey - B. 12/8/1876 D. 10/2/1929 Married Fred Stevens 
            Edward Carey - Mother and child died at birth
#1 Jonathan (Oakes) Bigelow married Philindia (different spelling) Clark B. Jan 1, 1779
#154 Clark Bigelow B. 12/20/1800 Married 12/2/1821 to Alleta L Kilburn B. 10/23/*1855  *My note impossible date suggestion the year of 1755
#155 Austin Bigelow Married 8/29/1830  A third marriage?
#154 1/2 Sister Nancy Bigelow B. 8/6/1802  D. 8/8/1852? Married 3/6/1823
#156 Russelaer (Spelling) B. same date but 1807 Married 12/25/1828
#156 1/2 Cynthia Bigelow B. 3/7/1809 Married 11/1/1832
#159 Rossaline (Spelling) to Ira Myrick LeCross Wisconsin
# 467 William Henry Bigelow married  5/6/1878 in Windom, Minnesota to Alletta L. Kilburn
#468 Charles C. Bigelow B. 5/17/1849
#469 Lewis Ladd Bigelow (Written Louis L Bigalow) B. 2/27/1851 Married 5/8/1881 Windom, Minnesota to Adeline (Addie) E. Purrington
#470 Ralph Carey Enlisted in the Army 148th NY Volunteers as a private.  He later transferred to the 100th.  Fought in the battle of Bull Run.  Buried:
        CAREY, RALPH 


DATE OF DEATH: 04/11/1917



#472 George H. Bigelow B. 5/16/1865 D.__   Married 5/29/1888 Emma Ingersall B.__ D. 1892
         Child: Harry Kirby Bigelow B: 9/2/1890 D. 2/28/1892              
#158 Maria N. Bigelow B. 12/18/1817  married 12/30/1838 
# Rosaline A. Bigelow     B. 11/29/1820  
#467 William Henry Bigelow Married, same date but Windom, Minnesota ( you have Longview, TX).
#471 Frank Leslie Bigelow Married "Mattie" Stockton Tucker May 17 1888 (you have 1889) Windom, Minnesota
            Note:  In a family letter it states, " She (referring to Martha S. Tucker)was a relative of Richard Stockton (1730-1781.  Richard S. was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  He served in the Continiental Congress in 1776 and, in the same year, became Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court.  He was responsible for securing John Witherspoon to serve as presidient of the College of New Jersey.  Stockton was born in Princton, N. J.  New Jersey has a placed statue of him in Statuary hall in Wash. D.C. *** John Witherspoon was a signer also.
#472 George H Bigelow B. 5/16/1865 Married 11/29/1888 Emma Ingersoll B. 6/17/1869 D. 10/27/1892  2nd Marriage 1/27/1897 to Janice M Rice B. 2/14/1871
        George & Emma Child:
        Harry Kirby Bigelow  B. 9/2/1890 D. 2/20/1892
Who is Fred?  In a list as follows......
Ransom Bigalow     B & D
Emily S. Ladd         B & D
William N Bigelow    B
Charles C Bigelow    B
Lewis Ladd Bigelow    B
Fred Leslie Bigelow    B. 3/12/1853  D. 6/10/1958 ? (By transcriber)
Mary E Bigelow     B & D
Frank L. Bigelow     B
George H Bigelow    B

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