Lewis Davis 7 BIGELOW

16A54.E4      Lewis Davis 7 BIGELOW, son of Asa Barney 6 ( Samuel 5 , Hopestill 4 , Ebenezer 3, Joshua2, John1) and Leora L. ( ___ ) BIGELOW, was  born in Schuyler county, NY on 14 February 1838. He married 17 August 1862 at Urbana, NY Martha Ellis.  Martha was born at Cameron, Steuben co., NY on 08 April 1839 and died at North Shade, Gratiot co., MI on 03 June 1912.  Lewis died at St. Louis, Gratiot co., MI on 07 February 1915.  His middle name is given as David in some records.

Children of Lewis and Martha (Ellis) Bigelow:

16A54.E41     Mellie (Amelia?), b 24 May 1863 Cameron, NY; d 02 July 1933 NY; m 18 Mar 1889 Myron Wixom;

16A54.E42     Mathilda, b 14 Dec 1865 Bath, Steuben co, NY; d 11 Dec 1935 Greenville, Montcalm co, MI; m 19 June 1886 Tola Corey; 1 child: Kendall Corey.

16A54.E43t     Asa, b 11 June 1868 North Star, Gratiot co, MI; d 18 Oct 1956 Clare co, MI; m 19 Dec 1891 May Vance; 2 children;

16A54.E44      Katie, b 27 Jan 1874 North Star, Gratiot co, MI; d ____ ; m(1) 08 Jan 1898 Lewis Marquette; m(2) Harrington; m(3) Moran.

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vital records and cemetery inscriptions, NY and MI;
Correspondence between family descemdant and Bigelow Society historian/genealogist.
Bible inscriptions in possession Mrs. Carl Whitford (Dorothy Bigelow), Ashley, MI;
correspondence with descendants of Rosil and Lewis D. Bigelow.
Letter below:
Dear Mr. Bigelow:
     We have been working on our families genealogy for about two years now but just recently joined the Internet and found a wealth of information connected to the Bigelow family to which my wife's father is directly related.
     My wife's grandmother on her fathers side was Artie Elizabeth Bigelow born February 11, 1888 and died August 23, 1978. Artie's father was George W. Bigelow born May 18, 1855 and died February 26, 1928. George's father was Roswell Bigelow born 1830 and died February 21, 1909. Roswell's father was Asa Barney Bigelow born December 8, 1805 and died August 13, 1873 (1875) at Gratiot county, Michigan.
     This is one of the missing links we do not have information for is Asa Barney Bigelow. The fact sheet in Bigelow, Samuel (5) list Asa Barney as one of his children. This information is provided by Mrs. Carl Whitford (Dorothy Bigelow) of Ashley Michigan.
     Would you possibly have her mailing address so that we could contact her. It would be nice to find some information to complete this missing link. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated..Sincerely,
Wayne Kennedy (e-mail) wkennedy@stny. lrun.com
202 Forest Drive
Painted Post, New York 14870-9785
May 1, 1998

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