Asa Barney 6 BIGELOW

16A54.E      Asa Barney 6 BIGELOW, son of Samuel 5 ( Hopestill 4 , Ebenezer 3, Joshua2, John1) and Elizabeth (FULLER) BIGELOW, was  born 08 December 1805 at Milo, Yates county, NY. He married, circa 1826, Laura Tompkins (see below) (??Leora L. ______) , born 1807. They lived in Steuben county until the 1860's, when they accompanied their son Lewis D. to Gratiot county, MI, and both are found on the 1870 census there. Asa, also known as Barney and Barna, died 13 August 1873 at North Shade township, Gratiot county, MI. His widow returned to New York, and lived with their son Roswell or Rosil. She died at Bradford, Steuben county, NY in April 1895, according to an entry in the family Bible.

Children of Asa B. and Laura (Tompkins) Bigelow, all born Schuyler or Steuben co, NY:

16A54.E1      Elvira, b _ Oct 1827; d after 1873; m Joel M. Jordon.

16A54.E2t     Rosil (Roswell), b ____ 1830; d 21 Feb 1909 Bradford, Steuben co, NY; m Mary Lane Shaw. 4 known children.

16A54.E3      Philena, b 12 Sept 1834; d 13 Nov 1856; bur with grandparents; m James Miller.

16A54.E4t     Lewis David, b 14 Feb 1838; d 07 Feb 1915 Gratiot co, MI; m Martha Ellis; res MI after 1866. 4 children.

16A54.E5      Myron, b 05 Dec 1842; d 09 Jan 1866 Cameron, Steuben co, NY.

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25 September 1873

Died in North Shade, Gratiot county, Michigan, August 13th, 1873, Mr. Asa B. Bigelow, formerly of Tyrone, in the 67th year of his age. He was a brother of James Bigelow….born in Fort Ann, Washington county, and when a child came to what is now Tompkins county, near Ithaca. In 1812 he came with his parents to what was then Wayne, now Tyrone, where he grew to manhood and married Miss Laura Tompkins of Wayne. He and his wife were the parents of five children, three of whom survive him, two sons and a daughter, who is the wife of Mr. Joel M. Jordan of this village. He resided in Wayne or Tyrone till 1800 [sic], when he disposed of his property and removed to Michigan. He was generally known here as Barney Bigelow….—Dundee Record

<>correspondence with descendants of Rosil and Lewis D. Bigelow.

Letter below:
Dear Mr. Bigelow:
     We have been working on our families genealogy for about two years now but just recently joined the Internet and found a wealth of information connected to the Bigelow family to which my wife's father is directly related.
     My wife's grandmother on her fathers side was Artie Elizabeth Bigelow born February 11, 1888 and died August 23, 1978. Artie's father was George W. Bigelow born May 18, 1855 and died February 26, 1928. George's father was Roswell Bigelow born 1830 and died February 21, 1909. Roswell's father was Asa Barney Bigelow born December 8, 1805 and died August 13, 1873 (1875) at Gratiot county, Michigan.
     This is one of the missing links we do not have information for is Asa Barney Bigelow. The fact sheet in Bigelow, Samuel (5) list Asa Barney as one of his children. This information is provided by Mrs. Carl Whitford (Dorothy Bigelow) of Ashley Michigan.
     Would you possibly have her mailing address so that we could contact her. It would be nice to find some information to complete this missing link. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated..Sincerely,
Wayne Kennedy  (e-mail)  wkennedy@stny.
202 Forest Drive
Painted Post, New York 14870-9785
May 1, 1998

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