Samuel 5 BIGELOW

16A54.      Samuel 5 BIGELOW,  son of  Hopestill 4 ( Ebenezer 3, Joshua2, John1) and Esther (BENEDICT) BIGELOW, was  born 02 April 1763 at Tyringham, Berkshire, MA. When he was young the family removed to Skenesborough, Washington county, NY, where his father was a Baptist preacher and tenant of Philip Skene. The family was burnt out, and several daughters taken to Canada, during the Revolution. Samuel himself was an early volunteer in the militia, and served from the age of 14. His Pension application recounts the many experiences in the militia during his youth, and how he journeyed to Canada to obtain the release of his sisters. He married, on 05 May 1782 Elizabeth Fuller, daughter of Aaron and Rebecca ( ____ ) Fuller, born 20 March 1765 (see below). They lived a number of years at Whitehall (formerly Skenesborough), until their parents were deceased, then gradually moved westward in New York. Again, the pension application recounts these moves. Samuel was a Baptist minister and was a chaplain in the War of 1812. We have varying dates of death-- those in Howe's Bigelow genealogy, those in Asa's Bible, and those on headstones. The latter say that Elizabeth died 14 March 1836, aged 71, Samuel on 20 January 1842, aged 70 years, 9 months, 18 days. They are buried in the Frank Wood Farm Cemetery, hamlet of Altay, township of Tyrone, Schuyler county, NY.
1790 census: NY-Washington-Whitehall-Samuel Bigelow: 1-1-4-0-0.

From Howe's Bigelow genealogy and family Bible, the following children:

16A54.1        Mary, b 13 Nov 1782 Whitehall, NY; d __ Oct 1822 Fort Ann, NY; m John Chase.

16A54.2        Elizabeth, b 13 May 1784 Whitehall, NY; d 13 Jan 1848 _____ ; m _____ Parish.

16A54.3t       Hopestill, b 28 Feb 1786; d 17 Apr 1867 New Market, NJ; m 12 Feb 1817 Charlotte Bates. 1 son.

16A54.4        Fidillio, b 13 Jan 1788; d 20 Jan 1788 Whitehall, NY.

16A54.5        Silence ("Tyla"), b 26 July 1789 Whitehall; d 6 May 1855; m _____ Hemenway.

16A54.6        Niram or Hiram, b 27 May 1791 Whitehall; d _____ ; m 28 Jan 1818 (Fayette co, OH) Abigail Yeomans.

16A54.7        Clemens, b 1 June 1793 Whitehall; d 31 Jan 1794 Whitehall, NY.

16A54.8        John Whitlock, b 5 May 1795 Whitehall; d 22 Apr 1845 Reading, NY; m Hannah Shannon; left issue.

16A54.9t       Samuel Liscomb, b 19 Apr 1797; d _____ 1867 Wright twp, Ottawa co, MI; m 1 Jan 1814 Catherine Van Gorder.10 children.

16A54.At      James W., b 25 May 1800 Milo, Yates co, NY; d 8 June 1873 Tyrone, Schuyler co, NY; m Sarah Leah Van Gorder.

16A54.B       daughter, b 1801; stillborn.

16A54.C       Amarilla, b 30 May 1802 Milo, NY; d June 1802.

16A54.D       Roxana, b 19 May 1803 Milo, NY; d _____ ; m (1) John W. Wills (see below); (2) Peter Schwartz.

16A54.Et      Asa Barney, b 6 Dec 1805 Milo, NY; d 13 Aug 1875 Gratiot co, MI; m Leora L ____ . 5 children.

16A54.F       Rachel Almina, b 11 Aug 1808 Truxton, Cortland co, NY; d Sep 1808.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page.176-177;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Bible inscriptions from the family of Asa Barney Bigelow, courtesy of Mrs.Carl Whitford (Dorothy Bigelow)of Ashley, MI; cemetery inscriptions Schuyler co, NY;
obituary of Samuel Bigelow;
Forge: The Bigelow Society Quarterly, vol.10, nos 1-2 pp.5-9; vol.5, pp.45-47
Subject: Elizabeth Fuller and Samuel Bigelow, 1781, of Whitehall, NY
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 18:03:58 -0800 (PST)
From: Belinda Tantalo <  >
 I found your site a few weeks by lucky chance searching for information on Elizabeth Fuller. I find the Hopestill Bigelow letter concerning her father Aaron Fuller fascinating.
This is a little off the beaten track for you, but do you know of anyone researching the Aaron Fuller/Rebecca marriage. The Hopestill letter refers to 8 children in this marriage (Elizabeth holding a blanket over 5 little ones in the woods, while her 2 older brothers are off to fight in the war, and mother is back home holding an infant = 8). The problem here is that all the records I've come across list only four, Robert, Ephraim, Elizabeth, and Aaron. So who are the other children? Did they die before
reaching maturity? Did Aaron and Rebecca have more children after the events described in the letter?
Anyway, that's one of the angles which has been consuming so much of my time. I hope you keep me in mind if you come across anyone or thing which can help me answer these and other questions. Thanks, Belinda Tantalo
Subject: Aaron Fuller
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 21:53:01 EST
From: Donald B. Scrafford
Dear Mr Bigelow:
Thank you very much for posting Hopestill Bigelow's letter to his son on your web site.
My ancestor, Samuel Thomas, was probably quite familiar with your ancestors, Samuel Bigelow (born 4/2/1763 Tyringham, MA) and his wife Elizabeth Fuller, as well as her parents Aaron and Rebecca Fuller.  According to a rather detailed revolutionary war pension file for Samuel Thomas, he was married to Phebe Halladay by Aaron Fuller on 6/9/1787 in Skenesborough (now Whitehall), NY.  His brothers John and James Thomas were witnesses to his wedding.  Their father died between 1771 and 1780, and their mother was "killed by Indians after the defeat of Burgoyne".  According to a deposition by James Thomas (the youngest of the three), Aaron Fuller became his guardian after his mother died.  There is also a deposition in the file by a Hannah Day (dated 1845) stating that Aaron Fuller was married to her father's sister.  I suspect that she may have been related to the three Thomas brothers, but the file does not specifically state that.
I am trying to identify the parents of my Samuel Thomas.  I know that he was born on 7/25/1762, and that several members of his family came to Skenesborough from Tyringham, MA.  Samuel Thomas joined the revolutionary army at Great Barrington.
Have you been able to determine the full name of Aaron Fuller's wife?  Since he became the guardian for James Thomas, I suspect that his wife may have been related to the Thomas brothers.  I suppose that she may have been their aunt, or sister.
Any information that you could share with me regarding Aaron Fuller, and his family would be very helpful.  I would also dearly love to find more information about Skenesborough.  Can you help me?
With the information that I have, perhaps we can determine the identity of Aaron Fuller's wife.
Please let me know if you are willing to share information.
Donald B. Scrafford
1313 N. Prescott Street
Wichita, Kansas 67212-6818

Subject: 16C25.2.38 John Wills
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 12:18:29 -0400
From: "Scott Barker" <>

1910 census

1920 census

1930 census

The above census records show John Wills in 1900 Centa Zella _________ ; who was b. 1877 in Oregon.  The had the following children:

Helen P    b. 1902 in Washington  d. Apr 1970 in Olympia, Washington
Raymond*   b. 1904 in Washington  d. Dec 1972 in Spokane, Washington
John M     b. 1908 in Washington   AKA  Jack Castlio

* SSA records have b. as 07 Nov 1903 and Washington B. records has mother as Rita McGivers and father J W Castlio

1930 census

The census record above show that Helen P Castlio married in 1919 Paul F DuBois who was b. 3 Jan 1900 in Tacoma, Washington. 
Paul F and Helen P  had the following children:

John H       b. 27 Feb 1921 in Tacoma, Washington  d. 2 Feb 1991 in  Seattle, Washington
Max Raymond  b. 22 Feb 1923 in Tacoma, Washington  d. 2 Feb 1991 in 
Seattle, Washington
Ruth         b.        1928 in         Washington

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