Lawson Thomas 7 BIGELOW

L-R-middle Nellie Skidmore, Mary Hopson, Kate Young
others not identified (April 1967)

15349.43      Lawson Thomas 7 BIGELOW, son of Thomas 6 ( Thomas 5 ( Jedediah 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John 1 and Jerusha (PUTNAM) BIGELOW, was born at Whitingham, Windham, VT on 25 January 1810. In 1826, the family moved to Portland, Chautauqua, NY and there on 19 April 1837 he married Mary Hall. She was the daughter of Perry and Catherine "Laney" Klumph Hall and born at Springfield, Chautauqua, NY on 27 February 1813. Lawson was a farmer and later, 1866, they moved to Whitewater, Winona, MN where both died: she on 15 November 1888 (see below) and he on 11 September 1890.

Children of Lawson and Mary (Hall) Bigelow, all born at Portland, Chautauqua, NY:

15349.431t    William H., b 14 June 1839; d 20 Mar 1873 Whitewater, MN; m 10 July 1866 La Crosse, WI Mathilda A. Young; 2 children.

15349.432t    Emerson W., b 03 May 1841; d 09 Feb 1922 Minneapolis, MN; m (1)10 Oct 1867 Elizabeth M. Crowell and (2) Lillian Sorensen; 8 children.

15349.433t    Francis Marion, b 25 Sept 1843; d 18 May 1925 Rochester, MI; m 04 July 1863 Mary Diantha Hopson; 9 children.

15349.434t    Catherine Henrietta, b 05 Feb 1846; d 20 Feb 1936 Beaver, MN; m 07 Feb 1368 Henry Young; 8 children.

15349.435t    Cordelia Harriet, b 15 Aug 1848; d 27 Sept 1939 Portland, NY; m 05 March 1867 Abel Kinberly Skidmore; 3 children.

15349.436     Orson D., b 08 Dec 1850; d 15 Oct 1896 Andover, Day co, SD; m 08 Oct 1880 Mary J. Cook; no children. (see below)

15349.437t    Nellie Jerusha, b 20 Dec 1853; d 08 Aug 1935 Williston, ND; m 10 Jan 1884 Melvin Herbert Skidmore; 4 children.

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Posted by Bonnie Distad
June 09, 1999 at 15:36:25:
I HAVE information for the decendants of Lawson T. & Mary (Hall) Bigelow. They were from Vermont/New York but came
to Minnesota. They had a son Francis Marion Bigelow who married May D. Hopson. They also had a son named Schuyler
Thomas Bigelow who married Tena Roberts. Schuyler & Tena had a son named Chester Schuyler Bigelow who married my
great Aunt Lottie Benedict on Oct. 14, 1914 in Rochester, Minnesota. If you are interested in learning more please e-mail me.

Orson D. Bigelow, Andover, Day co, SD

Mary wife of LT Bigelow from Bigelow Cousins web page

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