John Reynolds 7 BIGELOW

15145.54    John Reynolds 7 BIGELOW, son of Aaron 6 ( John 5 , John 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1), and Semantha (REYNOLDS) BIGELOW, was born at Cummington, Hampshire, MA 25 April 1808. He married at Palmer, MA 13 September 1836 Eunice Parks, who was born in Russell, MA 20 May 1817. John Reynolds was a physician and surgeon, served in the Civil War and saw Government Service in Washington, D.C., where he resided. He died there __1888.

Children of John Reynolds and Eunice (Parks) Bigelow:

15145.541     John Parks, b 14 Nov 1838 Palmer, MA; d ; m and lived in London. England.

15145.542     Aaron Sylvester, b _ ; d 26 Nov 1842.

15145.543     Charles Eugene, b _ ; d 05 Mar 1848.

15145.544     Benjamin Franklin Bigelow, b 30 Oct 1847 NY City; d 15 May 1910; m 07 Sept 1869 Manie L. Burr; 5 children; (see below)

15145.545     William Bigelow, b 1850 NY City; d infancy.

15145.546     George Storrs Bigelow, b 30 Mar 1852 NY City; d _____ ; m 06 Feb 1873 Kate Towers; and res. Chicago, IL. (see below)

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II , p 28;
Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol I ;
Cummington, MA cemetery and vital records;
Reynolds Genealogy.

Note 07/30/05:
From: Carol Bigelow Dooley  
My name is Carol Bigelow Dooley.  I am a descendent of Dr. John R. Bigelow whose son. George Storrs was my great-grandfather.  My grandfather was Harry Towers Bigelow, Sr. and my father was Harry Towers, Bigelow.  We have the family to the fifth generation--Harry Towers Bigelow V also known as Quinn.  Could you tell me where I can find more information on this branch of the Bigelow family??  Are we related?? I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The Bigelow family brought blueberries to this part of Michigan which have made this part of the state famous.  I just attended a family reunion and am trying to get as much information together as possible before the "elders" all die out.  Hope to hear from you.
Carol Bigelow Dooley 

Note 1976:  From Barbara Oberlander, came Pedigree Chart and a letter that was sent to her by Pat in 1976 to Barbara Willsey, mailed to Society much later!  Barbara gives family of Benjamin F. Bigelow, son of this John Reynolds Bigelow (R14994) 15145.54, as follows: Child #8: Benjamin Franklin Bigelow born 1847--instead of #4 as in book, Vol. II, p.28, (family of 15145.54).  If, as Barbara says, he is Number 8, then there are children we don't have yet.  [Loring: "unless there is documentation, I hate to change the number".  "If Benjamin is #8 and born 1847, how do we account for William b. 1850 and George b., 1852 as 5 and 6 respectively? I'd like to know on what basis this #8 has come up.  I'd be willing to change with proper sources.  Meanwhile I'd like to keep original number."]

15145.544     Benjamin Franklin 8 Bigelow, was born 30 October 1847 in NY City. On 07 September 1869 he married Manie L. Burr. Benjamin died 15 May 1910.

Children of Benjamin and Manie (Burr) Bigelow:

15145.5441     Franklin Burr, b ____ ; d _____ ; m Flora Miller;

15145.5442     Edwin Hazzard, b 01 June 1873; d _____ ;

15145.5443     William Lindsey, b 12 Feb 1875; d _____ ;

15145.5444     Royston Betts, b 27 Sept 1879 Washington, DC; d 19 Aug 1954 San Mateo, CA; m 17 Dec 1902 Jessie Howe (born 30 Dec 1879 in Crawfordsville, IN; died 11 June 1962 in San Francisco, CA. Jessie was daughter of Stephen Girard and Caroline (Kerrick) Howe);
1 son known:
        Royston Howe Bigelow, b 17 July 1905 Chicago, IL; d 01 Oct 1981 Pebble Beach, CA; m 27 Dec 1929 Florence Cecilia Bloom; 2 children known; see database.

15145.5445     Charles A., b 10 Sept 1882; d 24 Oct 1960 San Francisco, CA;

Barbara Ann (Bigelow) Willsey, granddaughter of Royston Bigelow.   She sent group sheets in response to Pat Bigelow's letter to her dated 08 Sept 1988.  1998 genealogist received it in 1997 from Marcia Schuman with other papers;
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