Thomas 5 BIGELOW

15576.    Thomas 5 BIGELOW,  sixth child of Jacob 4( Thomas 3 , Samuel 2, John 1 BIGELOW and Susanna (MEAD)  BIGELOW was born 26 November 1751 at Waltham, Middlesex county, MA. He was married 24 November 1774 to Elizabeth Wales. Thomas was in the militia, in training at Providence, RI, and was accidentally shot by Martin Thurber while performing the manual exercise, according to a newspaper obituary printed 14 January 1775. The estate was probated in February 1775. His only child was born seven months later, and his widow, married (2) on 29 Dec 1778 Joseph Field, and had four more children, as noted below, one of whom married a son of Thomas' brother Jacob Bigelow.

Posthumous child of Thomas and Elizabeth (Wales) Bigelow:    Susanna, b 09 Sept 1775 Waltham, MA; d 03 Sep 1810; m at Boston 03 July 1796 Samuel Stimson. 1 son.

       Elizabeth's children by Joseph Field, all born in Boston, Suffolk co, MA:

                        Betsy Field, died unmarried.

                        Sophia Field, b 16 July 1790; m Henry Bigelow l5572.2.

                        Joseph Field.

                        a daughter Field who married a Rev. Mr. Pratt.

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