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15198.6    Sabrina 6 BIGELOW, daughter of Josiah 5 ( Jotham 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Sarah (CULVER ) BIGELOW, was born 22 Octobet 1793 at Guilford, Windham county, VT. The family moved in 1800 to Pompey, Onondaga county, NY. There, in 29 August 1813, she married Meritt Butler, born 10 Apr 1790 Harwinton, CT. He was the son of Jesse and Louisa (Soper) Butler.(see below) They lived in Pompey, where she died 24 June 1875, and he on 30 Aug 1878.

Children of Meritt and Sabrina (Bigelow) Butler, all born Pompey, Onondaga county, NY:

15198.61    Josiah Bigelow, b 15 Sep 18l6; d 21 Jan 1855; m 13 May 1841 Susan Miller, and had:
                   a. John M., b 27 July 1842.
                   b. Susan A., b 20 Nov 1846.
                   c. Edwin J., b 01 Sept 1848; d 1861.

15198.62    Sarah Louisa, b 24 Apr 1819; m 18 July 1839 Geo. M. Peck; res Scranton, PA, and had:
                   a. Merritt B., b 08 Oct 1840.
                   b. George, b 01 July 1843.
                   c. Josiah E., b 18 June 1847.
                   d. Luther W., b 22 Mar 1845.
                   e. William H., b 28 May 1852.

15198.63    Ellen, b 27 Aug 1824; m 25 Sep 1847 Carmi Hayden; res Pompey, NY and had:
                   a. Ellen A., b 20 Dec 1855.

15198.64    Amelia Sabrina, b 19 Apr 1827; m 1 Oct 1850 Uri H. Patterson, and had:
                   a. Ashbel, b 29 July 1851.
                   b. Josiah B.

15198.65    Ebenezer, b 25 May 1829; m 2 Sep 1857 Juliet E. Spencer (b 31 Dec 1845); res Syracuse, NY, and had:
                   a. George H., b 02 Apr 1861.
                   b. Anna S., b 22 Sept 1869.

15198.66    Wells Meritt, b 13 Feb 1834; m 11 May 1857 Mary F. Bryant; res Pompey, NY. No issue.
Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol I , p 228;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America.
From the Bigelow Society Library: The Pompey Re-union  pages 406-407 below
    Jesse Butler was married in 1786, to Miss Louisa Soper, by whom he had eight children-- Riley, Merit, Lucinda, Orange, Gould,  Louisa, Maria D., and Jesse S. The first were born in Connecticut.  Orange was. the first white male child born within, present limits of the town of Pompey.
    Mr. B. came to Pompey in the Spring of 1792,and bought of his brother, Ebenezer Butler, Jr., one hundred acres of land. He remained through the summer, made a small clearing, and put up a small log house, on the knoll near a spring of water, a little to the north of the house now, (1873) owned and occupied by Mr, Horatio S. Birdseye. He returned to Connecticut, in the fall of same year; and the next spring, March, 1793, returned in company witu Geo. Catlin and their families, and made Pompey their home.
    Their families and effects were brought hither on a sled drawn by oxen-—of which each owned one. They wended their way from Whitestown, largely aided by marked trees. Each of the two women having young children to care for.
    During his life Mr. B. was a farmer—always in good health, rarely, if ever, gone from.his homeland family for 24 hours together. He and his wife kept house for 60 years.
    In 1847 or 8, they sold the farm and moving to Fabius, spent the remainder of their lives with their daughter Louisa—Mrs. Ella W. Boss. Mr. B. died Nov. 30, 1856, aged 92 years. Mrs. Butler lived till the. next April, 1857, when she died, aged 92 years and 9 months. She was one of the few original members of the Congregational church, in Pompey, and for more than 61 years and till her death, a communicant in that church.
    Of their children, Riley Butler was born, in Harwington, Conn. He was about five years of age when with his father, he came to Pompey. Was married in 1811, to Rachel Frisbee, of Harwington. He moved from Pompey to Albion, Orleans Co., NY in 1824. His wife died at Albion, leaving six children. He afterwards moved to Mich., to a place about 18 miles from Detroit. He died about the year 1869, The children are now living in Chicago, the State of Mich.
    Merit Butler was born in Harwington, Conn., April 10, 1790. He was three years of age when his father moved to Pompey. From that time till today, (March, 1876,) he has been a resident of Pompey. He lives to-day, being the:last of the original settlers of this township, and perhaps, (it was so declared at last meeting of Pioneers,) the oldest resident of Onondaga.Co. He still retains, at the age of 86 years, a strong physical constitution, and mental faculties unimpaired. His memory is very reliable.To him, more than to
any other one individual, are we indebted for the facts and dates which make the Historical chapter of this book. He has an almost perfect recollection of the settlement and ;
growth of Pompey village. At one time  he knew every person residing within the town. He gives us names, dates, and circumstances; relating, as few can do, the  history of
Pompey, and of Onondaga Co.
    He was married to Miss Sabina Bigelow, danghter of Josiah Bigelow, of Pompey, in 1813; by whom he had six children— Josiah B., who died in Syracuse, in 1855; Sarah L., wife of Rev. Geo. M. Peck, of ."Wyoming Conference, now living in Honesdale, PA.; Ellen, wife of Carnie Heydlon, living at Pompey ; Amelia S., wife of U. H. Patterson, who died at Homer, in 1856; Ebenezer, for many years Principal of Seymour School, Syracuse, now Supt. Schools, Whitehall, NY; and Wells M., still residing in Pompey.
    Mr. Butler spent his youth on a farm; at age of 20, went to learn Blacksmithing, at which trade he worked for 40 years.
    His wife died June 24, 1875, at the ripe age. of 82 years and 8 mo. She wiil be remembered by the many who have been inmates of her household in their younger .days, as the kind-hearted, benevolent, sympathizing friend; ever ready, with willing feet and hands to minister to the happiness of others.

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