Reuben 6 BIGELOW

1592C.4      Reuben 6 BIGELOW, son of Amasa 5 ( Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Rosina (CONE) BIGELOW, was born 04 August 1779 at Cornwalllis, Kings county, Nova Scotia. He married, on 09 November 1802, Lavinia Skinner, daughter of Charles and Sarah (Osborn) Skinner. She was born 27 January 1784 at Fredericton, New Brunswick. They lived a few years in Cornwallis, then moved to Antigonish. "Reuben died 26 September 1829, seven hours after a blow on the head by a falling spar on board a vessel near his home." Lavinia died 09 May 1874.

Children of Reuben and Lydia (Skinner) Bigelow, the four oldest born at Cornwallis, the youngest eight at Antigonish, NS:

1592C.41     Ann Chipman, b 30 Sept 1803; d ____ (living 1888 Port Hood, Cape Breton); m Angus McDonnell; 8 children;(see below)

1592C.42t    Gideon Osborn, b 11 July 1805; d ____ ; m Harriet Cunningham. 4 children.

1592C.43t    Charles Skinner, b 06 Feb 1807; d ____ ; m 12 July 1847 Tryphena Masters; res Antigonish. 6 children.

1592C.44t    Mary Elizabeth, b 05 May 1809; d ____ ; m Capt. David Graham. 12 children.

1592C.45     Eunice Caroline, b 20 Jan 1811; d 05 June 1820 Antiogonish.

1592C.46t    Samuel William, b 28 Aug 1813; d 16 June 1884 Glastonbury, CT; m 29 Apr 1852 Ruth Whitman. 2 children.

1592C.47t    Daniel Benjamin, b 29 Aug 1815; d ___ ; m Mary Frances Smith; in l850; res WI, but said to have moved to CA and KS. 2 known sons.

1592C.48t    John George, b 08 Feb 1817; d 08 Nov 1859 Bridgewater, NS; m Abby Morse; 1 child: Aaron Morse Bigelow, b 1847; m 11 June 1875 Florence Larder (age 17, dgtr of Alfred and Rebecca ( ___ ) Larder;.

1592C.49t    Edward Manning, b 14 Nov 1819; d 17 Sep 1855 Pittsburg, PA; m Mary Steel. 5 children.

1592C.4A    Ruth Lavinia, b 01 Apr 1821; d ____ living with brother Charles 1881; unmarried; res Antigonish.

1592C.4B    Manson Amasa, b 02 June 1825; d 02 July 1876; unm.

1592C.4Ct   Rebeckah Caroline, b 08 May 1830; d __ ; m 25 Sept 1859 William Gilson. 2 children.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I, pg 281-282;
Addenda Oct 2006;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America; pg 219;
1850 census WI;
correspondence with descendants;
Kings Co. Historical Society, NS from Lorna Evans 2/22/1997.
Addendum 1996, Loring Bigelow:  "Reuben died 26 Sep 1829 7 hours after a blow on the head by a falling spar on board a vessel near his home."  Substantiates the death date.
Note:  The Antigonish (NS) Whiddens:  The History of Kings Co. (NS); Kings Co. Marriage Records, 1864-1900; census records 1871, 1881, 1891:


Hello Rod
I found your web page on family history and believe that we might have a few common ancestors.
My Father was born in Port Hood, Nova Scotia to Austin and Josephine MacDonnell….I also know that from my mothers side…there was Bigelow’s in the family.
My name is Roderick James MacDonnell…and to tell you the truth, my brother Kelvin complied a book on our MacDonnell ancestors.
Also, my mother and some of her sisters have a running book on the Miller family that list Bigelow’s as our forerunners.

Thanks for looking Rod…anyways…I thought you might have a bit more info than me. Actually my grandfather was Austin Philip MacDonnell…and as I know Port Hood is a small town…figured that there might be some ties. Port Hood is mentioned in your link. Here is some more info for you from my relatives:
Angus MacDonnell (from
Glengarry, Scotland) settled in Antigonish N.S. in 1821. Angus married Ann Bigelow who was a native of Cornwallis N.S. She lived to the age of 106.
His son James moved to Port Hood in 1840 and married a Charlotte Fuller from Arichat. James died in 1880 and left his house to his son John Angus MacDonnell, who in turn passed it down to his youngest son Austin Philip MacDonnell…my grand father.
I hope this helps us sort something out?

Info from: Diane Macdonnell  ( private )

Subject: Thanks!
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 11:23:50 EDT
From:Joanne S. Griffin
I am researching Charles and Sarah Skinner and Lavinia Skinner.  It was great to come across your site with Lavinia marrying Reuben Bigelow.  If you have any additional information on Lavinia or Charles/Sarah, can you direct me to it?  Thanks so very much! Joanne S. Griffin
Subject: Bigelow & MacDonnell
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 13:10:49 -0800
From: ann smallshaw <  >
Rod, do you have any line on a Mary Bigelow who will have married Angus MacDonnell  from the area of Port Hood Cape Breton?
Or can you give me a referal to someone who may know. My great grandfather was their son William Fraser MacDonnell, he was  born Dec 20,1837. There will have been other children but I have no idea on names or how many.
I mention William birth because it might give you a year factor to know where to look in your files.
Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.
I have just read your web page which I must say is set up very nicely. I now send another two pages on my great grandfather William son of Angus and Mary Bigelow or Anne Bigelow?
I had seen Angus on a document in Halifax one time with Anne as his spouse. But the church where he married have his wife as Mary. Talk about confused?
Ann of Ottawa. (see below)
Hi Rod,
I am seeking info on an Ann Bigelow of Cornwallis, Nova Scotia (likely born somewhere from 1750-1780). She did convert to Catholicism and married an Angus MacDonnell, native of Scotland, who settled in South River, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. She lived to the age of 106. This is all
I know. Would you have any leads?
Thank you
Bob Ferguson
Rothesay, New Brunswick

More From: ann smallshaw <  >

William Fraser  MacDonnell”s families
William Fraser MacDonnell
b. Dec. 20, 1837  Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Died  June 14, 1891   Chelsea, Mass
Interred Holy Cross Cemetery,  Malden Mass.  August 17, 1895
Grave 1-68 W.  (with Cassie)
 Wife # 1
Winifred Rebecca Hipson MacDonnell
Died  June 16, 1867 ??(see below)
William E. MacDonnell   a.k.a. Willie  (living with Wm. MacDonnell & housekeeper Emily Foost in the census 1871)
B. 1857 or 1858   Lower Argyle, Nova Scotia
Died. May 18, 1937  Chelsea, Mass  …
Interred   Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, Mass.  Grave 2, 68 W.

John Franklin MacDonnell
B. Dec18, 1855  Argyle, Nova Scotia  (living with Wm.MacDonnell & housekeepter Emile Foost in the census 1871)
Died.  Aug. 17, 1951   Age 86  Chelsea, Mass
Interred – Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden Mass.  Aug. 21, 1951
Also in Grave 2 – 68W.
Married-Yes, but only child predeceased him.

Annie Lavinia McDonnell
B.  1861   (living with Wm. MacDonnell and housekeeper Emile Foost in the census 1871 and with Wm. and Sophia MacDonnell census 1881)
Married Alfred G. Brown  July 26, 1886
Died Nov. 8, 1944

Francis Eldridge MacDonnell
(living with Wm MacDonnell & housekeeper Emile Foost in the census of 1871 and with William and  Sophie in 1881.)
Born Dec. 25, 1859  Argyle, Nova Scotia  Died.  Sept. 16, 1936
Interred….Lower Woods Harbour, Nova Scotia
Married Ada Edith Brannan  Age 18,  Aug. 27, 1885

Wm widower age 31, (m) Nov.7, 1868
Wife # 2
Henrietta Goodwin
Dau of Whitmore and Nancy Goodwin


Whitmore J. MacDonnell
b. 1869
Died Nov. 15, 1893
unmarried,   Administration of estate petitioned by Sophia MacDonnell

Wm widower (m)May 29,1872
Wife # 3

Sophia Emily Wrayton MacDonnell
B. April 18, 1853
Married May 21, 1872   age. 19
At St Peter’s Church in Pubnico, Yarmouth Co. Nova Scotia.
Died  March 1895
Interred at Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, Mass
Grave 1, 67E.

Roy Wrayton MacDonnell
B.Feb. 19, 1873  Lower Argyle, N.S.
Died without issue – April 1925
Interred at Holy Cross Cemetery,  Malden, Mass
Grave 2, 67E.

Ina Isabel MacDonnell
b. Aug. 18, 1876
Lower Argyle, N.S.
Married Jewell A. Dowling   Feb. 11, 1902
Died – April 20, 1958
Interred at Holy Cross Cemetery,  Malden, Mass.
Grave 3, 67E.

Cassie MacDonnell
Born 1890
Died 1895
Interred at Holy Cross Cemetery,  Malden, Mass
Grave 1  68W.

More from Ann:
William Fraser MacDonnell  said to have been born Dec-20-1837 in Port Hood Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, died in Cheesy MA. on Jun-14-1891, buried in Holy Cross Cem. Malden, MA.

William is recorded to be the son of Angus and Mary (Bigelow) MacDonnell of Port Hood Cape Breton, From the records of Father William MacLeod of St. Peters Parish in W. Pubnico, NS

The information we do know for certain is as follows:
He (m) 1st to Winifred Rebecca Hipson, lived in Argyle, Yarmouth. Co., NS.
William was a Sea Captain.
He and Rebecca were my great grandparents. Rebecca was born 1836 died June 22,1851.
They had four children together:

1. John Franklin MacDonnell Born Dec 18,1855 died Aug 17,1951
He married Ella A Williams had one daughter Gladys M. b. Mar-4-1894 died Aug-27-1949.
Gladys  (m) Frederick Earl Sheldon in Chelsea Mass. No issue.
2.William E MacDonnell b.1858, d. May-18, 1937 unmarried. No issue. (Lived in USA.
3.Francis Eldridge MacDonnell b. Nov-25-1859 d. Sep-16-1936 (my grandfather)
   He m. Ada “Edith” Brannen on Aug 27-1885(my grandmother)
(They had 12 children. I have records for all of their many descendants, (see further on in this document.)
4.Annie Lavinia MacDonnell b.1861 (cr: Oct-29-1869 age 8yrs.) d. Nov-8-1944
   (m)Alfred Brown on Jul 26,1886, had 5 children lived in New York State.
       1.Alfred Brown b. 1888, d. Feb 24,1907
       2.Dorothy Brown b. 1890, d. Oct 27,1923
          (m) Harry Munsey had 3 ch: Harry W. died young, Marjorie died young, Francis S born Dec 10,
          1915 (m) Frances Stoll on June 1-, 1938 in NY.
        3. Nanette Brown b. Sep. 7, 1892, d. Aug 12 1917 (or 1944?) (m) Adolfe Remon.
        4.Olivia Brown b. Oct 19, 1896 d. Dec 15, 1928 (m) Lewis Herley
        5. Donald Brown b. abt 1900, d. Apr. 13, 1932 (m) Mildred Cunningham
            Ch: Winifred Brown b. May 19, 1923, (m) John Donahue on Jun 27, 1945
                   Donald A Brown b. Jan 26, 1926 (m) Patricia Cleary on Nov 19, 1949
                   Dorothy Brown b. Aug. 14, 1931 (m) John Brannen on Nov 26, 1950.

Capt. William MacDonnell (widower)(m) 2nd on Nov 7,1868 at age 31 in Argyle NS to Henretta Goodwin age 20, dau of Whitmore and Nancy Goodwin. Henretta born 1850 died of TB. They had one son together.  1. Whitmore John MacDonnell b. Sep-1869, cr: Oct 29, 1869 age 7wks by Father McLeod of West Pubnico NS He d. Nov-15-1893 at age 24 yrs. Unmarried.

Capt Wm MacDonnell, Shipmaster of Argyle Nova Scotia (widower)(m) 3rd Sophia Wrayton born Feb 22-1853 died mar 22, 1895 dau of Michael Wrayton Esq. of Emerald Isle. Barrington NS
The PANS RGM 32 on their marriage is lengthy so I shall send what is pertinent.
Married at St Peters Church in Pubnico Nova Scotia performed by Rev Wm.McLeod on Wed May 28, 1872. Capt Wm. MacDonnell of Argyle and Miss Sophie Wrayton 3rd daughter of Michael Wrayton Esq and Sophie Cunningham of Emerald Isle, Barrington NS.
They lived for a time in Argyle, later moved to Chelsea, MA.
There were two children of this marriage.
1.Roy Wrayton MacDonnell was a Sea Capt of his own vessell “The SS Arabic” in the USA
     b. Feb 19,1874 d. Apr 26,1925
Roy is said to have married Viva Berry had one adopted girl. (Name unknown)
2. Ina Isabel MacDonnell b. Aug. 16, 1876 d. Apr 20 20,1958.
Ina m. in Malden MA. Feb. 11, 1902 to a successful Real Estate investor by the name of Jewell Dowling.
Continued on next page:

Jewell and Ina were very wealthy. They had no children. She died tragically in an accidental drowning in 1958.
Newspaper articles are on hand regarding that as well as the articles on the impeachment trial.
in Florida of the Judges and lawyers who swindled the Dowling Estate of possibly millions of dollars.
At the time of Aunt Ina’s death the remainder of her estate was down to less then 2 million. The Florida Estate went to the Salvation Army, not sure about the New York properties. By the time everything was settled the 12 nieces and nephews (my mother being one of them) ended up with about 40 thousand dollars if memory serves me correctly?  (Wish that were the US dollars of today!)
 The 1871 Census of Argyle Nova Scotia as seen at the Public Archives in Halifax NS (PANS pg. 22)
William MacDonnell, age 34, widower, Scottish origin, R/C, Ship Captain: children John F. age 16, William E age 13, Frank E age 12, Annie L age 10, Whitmore age 1 year and housekeeper Emile Foost age 23.
The 1881 Census of Argyle NS (PANS pg. 38)
William MacDonnell age 44, storekeeper, 70 acres of land, wife Sophie age 27, children John F age 26 fisherman, William E age 23, Frank E age 22, Annie L age 20, Whitmore age 11, Roy age 7, Ina age 4.

Francis Eldridge MacDonnell (my grandfather) b. Nov 25, 1859, d. Sep 16, 1936
Son of Wm Fraser MacDonnell and Rebecca Hipson of Argyle NS
(m) Ada Edith Elizabeth Brannen (my grandmother) b. Nov 20, 1869, d. Jul 24, 1939
Dau of William Watson Brannen and Hipsabeth Nickerson of Woods Harbour NS
Frank and Edith (m) Aug 27, 1885
It is said that Frank had been a store merchant and a revenue collector. All merchandise coming in or out on foreign ships had to be cleared through him.
After he died his wife (my grandmother) lived in Halifax with her youngest daughter Dorothy and her husband Gerald Nicoll (my mother and father.) She went to Berwick to visit the eldest daughter Frances Illsley and while there died of a heart attack. Both Frank and Edith are buried in Greenwood Cem. in Woods Harbour, NS.
Their 12 children listed as follows:

1. Mary Frances MacDonnell (R/N) b. Oct 10, 1886, in Wds. Hbr., d. Jun 1, 1962 in Berwick NS.
    (m) Leonard Leroy Illsley on Oct 10, 1923 b. Sep 4, 1981 in Berwick, d. Sep 28, 1988, Berwick NS
     Son of Nathan Wallace Illsley and Emma Jane West of Weston, (Berwick), Kings Co NS
     Frances had been known as Minnie to some. She met Leroy while doing nursing duties in Berwick.
     They lived their married years working their farm known as the “Top Notch Farm” in Weston.
     Some of my greatest childhood memories are the times we visited with Aunt Frances and Uncle LeRoy
     at their farm in the Valley.
     Many family members and friends from the USA came to visit and stay at their home each summer.
     That tradition is still carried on by their only child, daughter Jean and her family.
     Sometime after Aunt Frances death the original old homestead burned and Uncle Leroy went to stay
     with his daughter Jean who lived nearby.
      Jean Elizabeth Illsley, b. Berwick Nova Scotia on Jul 14, 1927
     (m) Willis Robert Magee on Aug 5, 1947. He was born Feb 1, 1922, d. Nov 28, 1996 (of Leukemia.)
     Son of Allison Elton Magee and Gertrude Ewing of Auburn, Kings Co NS.
      Jean taught school for a time in Berwick area. After leaving the armed forces Willis returned home and
      worked on the farm with Jean’s dad. After they married they then lived on their own farm known as
      “The Milkevale Guernsey Farm” in Welsford (Berwick area)
        Jean and Willis had two children:
        Continued next page:

       1.  Mary Elizabeth Magee dau of Jean Illsley and Willis Magee born Aug 9, 1953
             Mary is a French & Music teacher living at the home of her parents, busy with Community
             Affairs, Church work and  4H club. She plays the music for many of the weddings and church
            in the Berwick  area. She is unmarried at the time of this writing.
        2. Allison Leroy Magee born Dec 16, 1957
            He is unmarried, Horticulturist and a Lawyer, has his practice in Coldbrook, Kentville area. Lives in
            Weston at the home of his parents.. He is talented like his sister in music and also works for
            Community and church and 4H club activities plus works the farm.


2. Eldridge Fenimore MacDonnell b. Dec 4, 1888 in Wds Hbr. NS, d. Apr 8, 1975 Rumford Maine.
    Son of Frank E MacDonnell and Edith Brannen of Wds Hbr NS
    (m) 1st Vida Jenny who died in childbirth.
     Ellie, widower (m) 2nd  on Jul 18,1927 to Beatrice Ethel Carruthers b. Apr 4, 1900, d. Apr 8, 1961
     Ellie had been in the USA armed forces during WW1. He and is family lived in Rumford Maine.
     The two sons of Ellie and Beatrice were:
           1.  Richard George MacDonnell b. Jun 1, 1928
                (m) Jacqueline Marie Day b, Apr. 18, 1932 (m)Jan.19,1947
                    1. Kenneth Gordon MacDonnell b. Nov 1, 1952
                        (m) Darlene G VanGorder on Dec 28, 1973 b.?
                    2. Richard George MacDonnell b. Dec 7, 1954

                    3.  Karen Gail MacDonell b. Dec 23, 1955

                    4. Diane Gay MacDonnell b. Jun 3, 1958

                    5.Joan Marie MacDonnell b. May 27, 1960
         2. Harold Eldridge MacDonnell b. Jun 24, 1934
           (m) Ann Lee Totty on May 16, 1969, b. Jan 8, 1934
            Ch:  Christopher Harold MacDonnell , b. Mar 24, 1971
                    (m) Shelly?
                     Ch: 1.Tanner MacDonnell, b. abt. 1996
                            2.Maia Kathryn MacDonnell b. May 15, 2000
3. William Wallace MacDonnell, b. Oct 6, 1889 d. Mar 1965
Son of Frank E. MacDonnell and Ada Edith Brannen of Wds. Hbr. NS
    (m) Mildred N Devine on Nov 29,1913

    Uncle Bill had been in active duty during WW1 with the Canadian military. He lived his married years
    in Mass. USA. Had been in business with her brother Harold. He is buried at home in Wds. Hbr. NS
    They had one son:
         1. Donald MacDonnell b. abt?                d. Abt. 1981
            He (m) Evelyn?     They had no children.
            Donald had been a chemist for a Drug Firm for many years. Not much is known of him, or his wife.
    I met him only the one time when we were both home for Uncle Bill’s funeral in Nova Scotia. (1965)
    He did tell me at that time that he and another chemist friend were the originators of the contact cold

4. Edith Mae MacDonnell b. Aug 17, 1891, d. Feb 27, 1967
    Dau of Frank E MacDonnell and Ada Edith Brannen.
    (m) Freeman Harold Abbott on Feb 7, 1921, b. Jul 07, 1896, d.              1991 age 94.
     Son of John Abbott and Lila E Brannen. (Lila was a sister of Ada Edith Brannen)

     Aunt Edith had been a legal secretary for many years.  Uncle Freeman had been in the US navy during
     WW1. They lived in Maine.
     He later went to New York and worked with advertising for the “Family Circle” magazine for 25 years.
     It is said he missed only 2 days of work in all of those 25 years.
     During the depression Edith and daughter Elna remained for two years in Maine with Freeman’s mother
     Lila and his sister Mary while Freeman commuted back and forth from New York to Maine for visits.
    Even at age 90 Freeman remained in good health and continued walking four or five miles a day. In
   1986 he was still living alone in his own home about 2 miles from daughter Elna in Roseland NJ. In 1990
   he moved to a care center. He died in 1991.
   Edith and Freeman had one child:
        1. Elna Frances Abbott, b. Aug. 18, 1922
     (m) Robert Barclay Large, b.?    d. 1991
     Son of Walter Raymond Barclay Large & Lillian Decou

    Elna had been a teacher, retired in 1984. She still works as a volunteer at a rehab center where both
    she and Bob had therapy. He, after surgery of a brain tumor and she after an auto accident.
    They had two children:
     1. Wendy Jean Large, b. Apr 22, 1953
         Unmarried, has a degree in Music, plays with the Linden Woodwind Quintet Orchestra.

     2.Gordon Robert Large, b. Feb 5, 1957
        (m) Deborah Freeman Smith (Aug-9, 1980) b. Feb 1, 1957
        Dau of Alexander Frathingham Smith & Jean Burr.
        Gordon & Debbie had three children:
                1. Cassandra Jean Large,  b. Jul 29, 1983
         2. Benjamin Ives Large,  b.Jun 10, 1986, d. Jun 10, 1986
                 3.Aaron Freeman Large,  b.Aug 29, 1987

5.  Annie Maud MacDonnell, b. Wds. Hbr. NS on Mar 22, 1893, d. Norway ME, Apr 23, 1988
(m) 1st Arthur Gary, widower with 2 sons.
                      After Arthur’ s death Annie, widow (m)2nd Herbert A Rich, widower. Herb had 2 children
                      by his first marriage.
                      Although Annie had no children of her own, she did have four  stepchildren.
                      Annie and both husbands are buried in Norway Maine where they had resided.
  Her stepdaughter Erma Hatch had 3 girls: Claudia(7ch),  Linda(unm) & Sandra
6.Osma C MacDonnell, b. Dec 1893, d. Dec 1893 in Wds Hbr NS, buried Greenwood Cemetery.

7. Harold John MacDonnell, b. Wds Hbr NS May 5, 1895, d. Oct 30, 1980 in MA.
     (m) Mable Evelyn Goodwin (Jul 29, 1920), b. Nov 8, 1895, d.?
     They had 3 children: Margaret, Malcolm and Harold.
1. Margaret Frances MacDonnell, b. Oct 26, 1922 in Everett MA.
(m) James J. Collyer (Jan 31,1941) b.?
            They had 4 children:
                1.  James Joseph Collyer, b. Sep 30, 1942 in Malden MA.
                2.  Mark Francis Collyer b. Jun 30, 1951 in Malden MA.

                3.  Judith Anne Collyer, b. Aug 5, 1952 in Malden MA.
                4.  Thomas James Collyer b. Apr 10, 1952, He was an adopted child from Korea.
     2..Malcolm Forbes MacDonnell, b. May 8, 1927 in Malden MA.
 Son of Harold MacDonnell & Mable Goodwin
 (m) Joan Goodard
 They had 3 children:
     1. Carla MacDonnell ,    b. Mar 23, 1959 in Hornell, NY
          2. Lynn MacDonnell, b. Jan 12, 1962 in Hornell, NY.
          3. Theresa MacDonnell, b. May 13, 196? In New Haven NY.
Theresa had been in the same Music Band as her cousin Wendy. She married Dec 18, 1993, moved to Tenn. in 1993.
        3. Harold Herbert MacDonnell, b. Nov 6, 1930 in Everett MA. died in MA  on Jul 31, 2000  .
            (m) Jean Hatch
             They had 4 children:
        1. John Douglas MacDonnell, b. Dec 9, 1952 in Texas.
         2. Beverley Ann MacDonnell, b. Jan 8, 1954 in Waltham MA.
         3. Harold Bruce MacDonnell, b. Mar 28, 1959 in Melrose, MA.
         4. William Craig MacDonnell, b. Jul 29, 1964 in Melrose MA.
8. Frank Dougal MacDonnell, b. Mar 25, 1897 in Wds Hbr NS, d. Sep 4, 1969 in Wds Hbr.
     He was unmarried, had served in active duty in WW1. Lived for a time in Halifax later returned home to
     Wds Hbr to live near his brother Malcolm.

9. Gladwyn James MacDonnell, b. Wds Hbr NS in 1899, d. in France Aug 13, 1918
     He died at age 18 during active duty in France in WW1.

10.Malcolm Murdock MacDonnell, b. Wds Hbr NS Jan 23, 1901, d. Oct 16, 1999 at age 98. He and his wife Elva are buried Greenwood Cem. in Wds. Hbr. NS
He was the 10th child born to Frank E MacDonnell and Ada Edith Brannen. He (m) Elva Jeffrey Jun 23, 1923. She was born Jul 13, 1903, died Dec 16, 1986, the dau of Davis Jeffrey and Effie Smith.
The three daughters of Malc and Elva were born in the USA. Not sure of the location or why Malc and Elva were living there but they did return to Wds. Hbr and their four sons were born there.
They eventually lived in the former home of Malc’s parents which was the former home of his grandparents Wm W. Brannen and Hypsabeth Nickerson.
After the old home deteriorated Malc and Elva had a bungalow built on the same lot.
He had been in the army during WW1 on home front duty and in Active Duty in the Navy during WW2. He had been on the Saguney Destroyer when it was torpedoed by the Germans off the coast of Iceland.
There were many killed and Uncle Malc was badly injured and burned at that time.
Malcolm and Elva had 7 children: corrections by Glen Hall   < >    underlined

1. Ruth Leona MacDonnell b. Aug. 18, 1924, in MA.
(m) Lewis Harold Stoddard (Jun 1945) b. They live in London Ontario.
Ch: 2: Lynne and Margaret.
1. Lynne Donnell Stoddard b. June 02, 1947
              (m) 1st Michael Beacom, Lynne (m) 2nd Glen Hall
          1. Kimberley Beacom (m) 1st Steven Gorza, Ch: Kandace Gorza & Kristopher Gorza.
                      Kimberley (m) 2nd Robert Bartolacci, Ch: Katelan Bartolacci.

                      Kandace Gorza & Jason Sexsmith  Ch: Brittany Victoria Sexsmith

           2. Kristen Beacom (m) Dan Nairn, Ch: Jordan Nairn & Drayson Nairn
2.  Margaret Diane Stoddard b. Dec. 26 1948, dau of Ruth MacDonnell & Lewis Stoddard
         (m) 1st Glen Bogart, Margaret 2nd  Alan Yates
              1.Todd Douglas Bogart (m) 1st Jennifer? Ch: Robert Bogart 

                    Todd (m) 2nd Louise

              2. Angela Bogart (m) Jeff Sleegers  Ch: Emily Sleegers, Eric Sleegers & Cora Sleegers


2. Phyllis Marie MacDonnell b. Jan 18, 1927 in MA.
Dau of Malcolm and Elva MacDonnell
(m) Donald Nickerson (1946) b?                         d?                       Lived in Saugus MA.
Ch: 3
1. Donald Wayne Nickerson, b. Sep. 9, 1947, d. Jul. 9, 1986 of Hepatitis A or B? He was unmarried.
2. Gary Malcolm Nickerson,  b.May 30, 1949
(m) Susan Healey, Ch: Chosen child: Sarah Marie Nickerson
       3.     Linda Marie Nickerson, b. Apr. 14, 1954
               (m) Michael McFaun (Jun 1, 1974), Ch: 1. Jason McFaun and 2. Michelle Marie McFaun.


3.    Jean Mildred MacDonnell, b. Sep. 5, 1928 in MA.
Dau of Malcolm and Elva MacDonnell
(m) Cliffton Neil Goreham (Jun. 8, 1950) b. Jun 8, 1929, d. Oct 6, 2000.
Son of Clifton Goreham and Erzie Nickerson
Profile: Jean and Neil lived most of their married years in Wds. Hbr. Later they moved to Beaverdam near Shelburne. Neil had owned his own lobster-fishing vessel.
     1.Margo Jane Goreham, b. Mar 22, 1951  (m) 1st Kirby Evan Cunningham (Aug 21, 1970) b. Jun 24, 1948
Son of Rupert Cunningham & Dolly Quinlan
   Ch: 1. Amber Marquel Cunningham, b. Dec. 6, 1972; m (1) John Baker  (div Nov 2001)
           Ch: 1. Brianna Rachelle Baker b 23 Feb 1993; and (K?) Cassidy Emma Baker b. Aug 9, 2001; Amber m (2) 17 Nov 2001 Paul Richard Hiltz;

a. Amber Marquel Cunningham, b 06 Dec 1972; d _____ ; m (1) John Baker (div 2001); m (2) 17 Nov 2001 Paul Richard Hiltz;

i.   Brianna Richelle Hiltz, b 23 Feb 1993; (child of John Baker-adopted name Hiltz)
ii.  Savannah Marquel Hiltz, b 12 May 1996; (child of John Baker-adopted name Hiltz)
iii. Cassidy Emma Hiltz, b 09 Aug 2001; (nat child of Hiltz)
iv. Ryan Richard Hiltz, b 23 May 2003; (nat child of Hiltz)

Ch: 2. Ian Lanning Cunningham b. Feb. 27, 1974; m Jane Stanley of Barrington on July 7, 2001. He is a dentist in Yarmouth and she is a Nutritionist in Yarmouth.NS; 3 girls: Danae Marquel Cunningham, & Peyton Jane Cunningham (fraternal twins) born November 17, 2004 and Brooke Elise Cunningham, born May 9, 2008. 

Margo (m) 2nd Gary Raymond Galbraith on Jul. 22, 1992, born Jul. 27, 1946
 Son of Raymond Galbraith and Isabelle Green of NB.

Subject: Family Tree update 2009.
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009 15:42:14 -0400
From: "Amber Hiltz" < >
Hi there.  My name ia Amber HIltz, and I am a descendant of Malcolm Murdock MacDonnell...I was directed to your website by a family member: There are several corrections and updates that need to be made to the descendants of Malcolm Murdock MacDonnell.  They are as follows: Under Amber Marquel Cunningham (me) it should read that I divorced John Baker in November of 2001.  We had 2 children, who he is now NOT the father of: Brianna Richelle HILTZ b. Feb.23, 1993 and Savannah Marquel HILTZ, b. May 12, 1996.  I divorced John in November of 2001.  I married PAUL RICHARD HILTZ,b.Jan 28, 1971 ( son of Harold Victor Hiltz and LIllian Ann Chetwynd of Lockeport, NS) on November 17, 2001.  He ADOPTED Brianna and Savannah on June 11, 2004.  We also have 2 more children:  Cassidy Emma HILTZ, b.August 9, 2001 and Ryan Richard HILTZ, b.May 23, 2003.  Also, Ian and Jane Cunningham now have THREE girls: Danae Marquel Cunningham, Peyton Jane Cunningham (fraternal twins) born November 17, 2004 and Brooke Elise Cunningham, born May 9, 2008. 
Under Douglas Neil Goreham, his eldest daughter's name is JESSICA, not Jessie.
 Under Anne Marie Goreham, COLIN and his wife, Maureen have 2 children:  Tyler Neil Thomas Wickens Born November 25, 2000, and Morgan Dawn Wickens, born june 11, 2002.
If you need more info on our family, please feel free to contact me.  Genealogy is important!  Cheers!  Amber

2.   Anne Marie Goreham b. Feb 7, 1954
       (m) Russell Wickens (Sep. 21,1973) b. Dec 16, 1951
       Son of Earl Wickens and Estella Smith
       Ch: 1. Colin Blair Wickens, b. May 24, 1975; (m) Jun. 5, 1999 at Beaverdam Shel. Co. NS; 2 children: 
                      Tyler Neil Thomas Wickens Born November 25, 2000, and Morgan Dawn Wickens, born june 11, 2002.

              2.Adrienne Jean Wickens born Sep. 8, 1977
3.       Douglas Neil Goreham b. Oct. 22, 1956
(m) Marlene Anne Amirault b. Nov 13, 1957
Dau of Basil Amirault and Celeste Pothier
    Ch: 1. Jessica "Jessie" Jane Goreham b. Jul 24, 1983
           2. Nina Eva Marie Goreham b. Jan. 4, 1987

   4.Malcolm Leroy MacDonnell b. Nov 6, 1929 in Wds. Hbr. NS.
      Son of Malcolm and Elva MacDonnell
      (m) Ella Mae Nickerson (1950) b. Jul 16, 1927
      Dau of Burton Nickerson and Henrietta Swim
      Profile: Mackie and Ella lived their married years in Wds. Hbr.  He had been a lobster fisherman.

     Ch: 1. Brian Leroy MacDonnell b. Jul. 12, 1951
              (m) 1st Kathie Gaye Crowell b. May 19, 1952
              Dau of Victor Crowell and Amelia Flemming
              Ch: 1. Candi Victoria MacDonnell b. Mar 5, 1972  (She and Scott live at NE Pt. on CSI)
                          (m) Scott Daley, Son of Owen Daily & Clarice Nickerson
                          Ch: 1. Jason Nathaniel Daley b. May 6 1997

Brian (m) 2nd Shelly Anne Ryer b. Apr 28, 1965 Dau of Frank Ryer & Eleanor Watt.
Ch: 1. Chad Ryan MacDonnell b. Sep 12, 1980
Brian lives and fishes in Newfoundland. His wife has moved back to Yarmouth, NS 

Corrections on MacDonnell family in red:

4.Malcolm Leroy MacDonnell b. Nov 6, 1929 in Wds. Hbr. NS.
      Son of Malcolm and Elva MacDonnell
      (m) Ella Mae Nickerson (1950) b. Jul 16, 1927
      Dau of Burton Nickerson and Henrietta Swim
      Profile: Mackie and Ella lived their married years in Wds. Hbr.  He had been a lobster fisherman.
     Ch: 1. Brian Leroy MacDonnell b. Jul. 12, 1951
              (m) 1st Kathie Gaye Crowell b. May 19, 1952
              Dau of Victor Crowell and Amelia Flemming
              Ch: 1. Candi Victoria MacDonnell b. Mar 5, 1972  (She and Scott live at NE Pt. on CSI)
                          (m) Scott Daley, Son of Sinclair Owen Daley & Clarice Nickerson
                          Ch: 1. Jason Nathaniel Daley b. May 6 1997

Brian (m) 2nd Shelly Anne Ryer b. Apr 28, 1965 Dau of Frank Ryer & Eleanor Watt.
Ch: 1. Chad Ryan MacDonnell b. Sep 12, 1988

                   Ch:1. Taylon Gary Derrick Stewart b. Dec. 13, 2007
Brian lives and fishes in Cape Broyle, Newfoundland. His wife in Saint John's, NL

5.   Jack Walton (Wally) MacDonnell b. Mar 23, 1934 in Wds Hbr NS.
           Son of Malcolm and Elva MacDonnell
           (m) Shirley Mae Whynot (Jun 8, 1960) b. Jan 10, 1944, Dau. of Bennett and Jennie Whynot
           Wally retired from Lobster fishing. He had worked out of Wds Hbr.
           Ch: 1. Karen Elizabeth MacDonnell b. Dec 18, 1965
                   (m) Terry Greenwood,
                          Ch: 1.Courtney Rae Greenwood, 2.Colby Aaron Greenwood.

            2.    Brigette Anne MacDonnell  b. Jan 7, 1970
     (m) James Nickerson
             Ch: 1. Dalton Jack Nickerson, 2. Shelby Catrell Nickerson, 3. Brandon James
    5.   Jack Walton (Wally) MacDonnell b. Mar 23, 1934 in Wds Hbr NS.
           Son of Malcolm and Elva MacDonnell
           (m) Shirley Mae Whynot (Jun 8, 1960) b. Jan 10, 1944, Dau. of Bennett and Jennie Whynot
           Wally retired from Lobster fishing. He had worked out of Wds Hbr.

           Ch: 1. Karen Elizabeth MacDonnell b. Dec 18, 1965
                   (m) Terry Greenwood,
                          Ch: 1.Courtney Rae Greenwood, 2.Colby Arron Greenwood.

            2.    Bridgett Anne MacDonnell  b. Jan 7, 1970
     (m) James Nickerson
             Ch: 1. Dalton Jack Nickerson, 2. Shelby Cantrell Nickerson, 3. Brandon James
6. Ralph Oliver MacDonnell b. Jun 2, 1936 d. Oct. 21, 1996 (during heart surgery in Halifax)
Son of Malcolm MacDonnell and Elva Jeffrey
      (m) Winifred Kinsman (Aug 1962) b. Apr 2, 1931
      Dau of Rev Horace L Kinsman and Gertrude Burton of Shel. NS
      Ralph had been a Baptist Minister. He served churches in areas of NS & NB.
      He retired in 1995 to his home in the town of Shelburne from his Parish in Advocate Hbr Cumberland
      Co NS where he had been a Pastor for several years.
       1.Andrew Ralph MacDonnell b. Mar 21, 1965
          (m) Susan Elizabeth Haliburton (Oct 1990) b. Mar 14, 1968
          Dau of Robert Haliburton & Gwen Nelson of Dartmouth
       2.Bryon Leander MacDonnell, b. Aug 18, 1966
                     3. Gavin Eric MacDonnell, b. Nov 24, 1966
        7.Eric Halsey MacDonnell,  b. Mar 19, 1938, d. Oct. 19, 2001
    Youngest child of Malcolm and Elva MacDonnell
           Eric had been Unmarried. He worked in the Fisheries Plant in Wds. Hbr. He was a devoted Son,
           Brother and Uncle to his family members.
11. Royal MacDonnell, b. 1905 died in Infancy in 1905, buried in Greenwood Cem. Wds. Hbr. NS.
      Second youngest child of Francis Eldridge MacDonnell and Ada Edith Brannen.

12. Dorothy (Dolly) Winifred MacDonnell. b. Jan 22, 1906, d. Apr. 23, 2001
      Born Wds Hbr, youngest child of Frank E and Ada E MacDonnell. She died in Mt. Uniacke NS.
      Forever a devoted daughter, wife, mother and sister to her family members.
      She married Mar 13, 1929 to Robert Gerald Miller Nicoll , son of Foster Nicoll & Annie Sutherland
      of Clyde River NS. He was born Nov. 29, 1906, died Mar 14, 1994.
      Gerald had been with the RCMP in his younger years. He and Dorothy grew up about 20 miles from
      each other but never met until they were both working in the Boston area.
      They lived their married years in New Waterford, Sydney, Halifax and Mt. Uniacke NS.
      Gerald had left the RCMP and later operated an Auto Salvage Yard in Mt. Uniacke.
      In his retired years he participated and enjoyed the oxen pulls throughout the province.
      Together they had 10 children:
1. Gerald Gladwin Nicoll born Dec 10, 1929 in Wds Hbr NS.
(m)1st Shirley Mae Brett (died of Cancer)
 Ch: 1. Judith Ann Nicoll born Aug 1, 1947
            Judy (m)1st Ron Lee of Mt. Uniacke. NS, Judy
            (m)2nd Bill Yetman.(The 3ch by Bill’s 1st (m)are :Kathy, Mark, Karina,.)
1. Ronald Gladwyn Lee b. Nov 28, 1963 d. Apr 25, 1993 (Unmarried, died of a virus)
2. Scott James Lee b. Nov 21, 1964
(m)1st Tammy Lynn Blackburn
ch: 1. Amber Lynne Lee b. Jul 23, 1990
     2. Laura Hillory Lee b. Dec 11, 1992
                       Scott (m)2nd Susan Lorencovitch (Jul 15, 2000)
                3.    Angelia Shirley Lee b. Apr 17, 1970
                       (m) Barry Nelson Patey
                       Ch: 1. Amy NicolePatey b. Apr 11, 1995
                             2.Brayden Ronald William. Patey b. Aug 18, 1998

Gerald (m)2nd Gertrude Anne Maloney b. Mar 8, 1945
Ch: 1. Robert James Edward Nicoll b. Dec 4, 1970
2. Francis Foster Nicoll   born Dec 18, 1930 in Wds. Hbr NS
(m)Elizabeth Barbara Bawdick b. Jul 5, 1932
1. Barbara Frances Nicoll b. May 22, 1954
(m) Dennis Roy Lee b. Oct. 12, 1954
1. John Francis(Joey)Lee b. Jul 26, 1972
(m) Missie?   Oct. 2001 in Jamaica.
            2.   Lori Elizabeth Lee b. Mar 1, 1974
                              (m) William Oakley Oct 1997 in Orlando Florida.
                              Ch: 1. Nicholas William Lee Oakley b. Dec 30 2000.

          2.    Larry John Nicoll b. Jun 4, 1957, died Jun 28, 1979 (auto accident)
                3.    Barry Gerald Nicoll twin of Larry b. Jun 4, 1957
       (m) Janice Darlene O”Keefe b. Oct 7, 1958
1. John Larry Nicoll b. Feb 11, 1981
2. Pamela Marie Nicoll b. Nov 29, 1984

                  4.    Jacklyn Dorothy Nicoll b. Jun 4, 1964
                         (m) John Wayne MacLellan b. Apr 23, 1964
                          Ch: 1.Codey John Gerald MacLellan b. Jun 6, 1994

3. Annie Sutherland Nicoll born Nov 25, 1932 New Waterford, Cape Breton NS
(m) Kenneth James Smallshaw b. Sep 11, 1925
 1.Linda Mae Smallshaw b. Oct 21, 1949 in Belleville Ontario.  Employed with the Bay.
     (m) 1st Jim Aldred, of BC, She (m) 2nd May 1990 to Hugh Laing of Ottawa. Lionel train Rep.
1. Christa Marie Aldred b. May 29, 1971 in Halifax( using name of  Aldred)
    Ch:   1. Jessica Ryan Clothier Masunaga b. Nov 27, 1993 in BC
             2.Alexandera Page Masunaga b. Jan 7, 1996 in Ottawa
                       2.     Katherine Ann Aldred b. Nov 17, 1973 in BC. (using name of Aldred)
                         (m) Ben Fowler July 2000
          2. Sandra Lynn Smallshaw b. Jan 28, 1952 in Halifax NS (works in a law firm)
             (m) David Edward Merrigan of Fairview NS.
1. Kenneth William Merrigan b. Apr 7, 1970 in Halifax, Lives in Montreal.
2. Stephen Patrick Douglas Merrigan b. Sep 24, 1981 in Halifax.

                  3. Brenda Ann Smallshaw b. Feb 17, 1955 in Halifax NS.
                     School Teacher in Brockville NS
           4. Stephen Wayne Smallshaw b. Dec 27, 1956 in Halifax NS
                      Supivisor  at PSAC-Gov. Union.                 ………………………………………….
4.      Robert Douglas Nicoll b. Dec 15, 1933 in New Waterford NS
         (m) 1st Hilda Carol Ingram b. Mar 14, 1935
              1.Robert Glen Nicoll b. Aug. 10, 1953
                (m) Pamela Jeanne King b. Apr. 12, 1956
1. Jamie Elizabeth Nicoll b. Jul. 22, 1977
2. Ryan Dawson King Nicoll b. Aug. 3, 1979

               2. Ralph Gary Nicoll b. April 29, 1955, died Aug. 9, 1965 (Leukemia)

         3. Kenneth George Nicoll b. Nov 23, 1957
           (m)Susan Anne Young b. Aug 15, 1957
            Ch: 3 chosen children
               1. Sarah Elizabeth Nicoll b. Nov 13, 1986
               2. Kathleen Ann Nicoll     b. Feb. 12, 1989
               3. Emile Jane Nicoll         b. Feb. 15, 1993

          4. Stephen Donald Nicoll b. Jul. 13, 1959
              (m)1st Lise Gibeau
              Ch: Sidney Angele Nicoll b. 0ct. 28, 1985
              Steve (m) 2nd Tammy Edmonds. She has 2 ch: of her 1st (m) Amanda & Cory.

          5.  Carol Elizabeth (Beth) Nicoll
                (m) Roland Alfred Popadynetz b. Mar 19, 1961
1. Dana Shea Popadnetz b. Jul 8, 1984
2. Nikita Lynn Popadynetz  Dec. 5, 1986

Doug (m) 2nd Marion (Marnie) Drysdale Aug 28, 1992 b. May 16, 1945

5.  George William Nicoll b. Aug 1, 1935 in Sydney NS, d. Jan 11, 1936 in Sydney, buried Wds Hbr. NS
6. Roger Eugene Nicoll b. Dec. 18, 1936 in Sydney NS
(m) 1st Thomasina Marie (Tina) Banfield b. Jul. 24, 1940, d. May 15, 1996 (of Cancer.)
     1.Michael Eugene Nicoll b. Jan 16, 1960
        (m) Cindy Diane Hunter b. Sep 1, 1962
           1.Diane Marie Nicoll b. Feb 28, 1985
           2.Darlene Dorothy Nicoll b. Dec 22, 1987

      2. Brian Arthur Nicoll b. May 19, 1962
          (m)Deanna Pearl Elliott
             1.Brandon Arthur Nicoll b. Apr 9, 1989
             2.Melissa Dawn Nicoll b. Jan 7, 1991
             3.Jordon Roger Nicoll b. Jun 5, 1995
             4. Justin Thomas Nicoll b.Jun 5, 1995 (twin to  Jordon)

Roger widower, (m) 2nd Valerie Fletcher Riley, widow with 3 ch: Tim, Cheryl, Kathy.
7. James Borden Nicoll b. Oct 21, 1938 Halifax, d. Sep 6, 1952  Mt. Uniacke (results of accident)
8. Donald William Nicoll b. Sep. 11, 1940 in Windsor NS
(m) 1st Barbara Dearman
1. Kathy Marie Nicoll b. Feb 25, 1961
(m) Donald Garland (1986)
    1.Brandon William Garland b. Mar 16, 1962
    2. Bradley Donald Garland b. Dec 25, 1990

           2.    Randy William Nicoll b. May 17, 1962
                  (m) Anita Louise Logan (1989)
                    1. Samantha Cecile Nicoll b. Jun.  9, 1991

    3.    Francis Bruce Nicoll b. Dec. 11, 1964
           (m) Krista Dawn Hyland (1989)
              1. Jessica Nicoll b. Dec 17, 1989 died Dec 17, 1989
              2. Justin Bruce Nicoll b. Jul. 8, 1991

    4.   Kimberley Ann Nicoll b. Aug 25, 1968
          (m) Gerald Patrick White (1991)
              1. Nicole Ann Marie White b. Apr 13, 1993

Bill (m) 2nd Alice Louise Babineau
         Ch: James Borden Nicoll (Jaimie) b. Apr 9, 1971

Bill (m) 3rd Sheila Anne Wolfe (Dec 1984) b. Sep 19, 1952
Dau of Belle Nickerson & Dawson Wolfe of Lockeport NS

 9. Edythe Elizabeth Nicoll b. Nov. 9, 1941 in Windsor .  She and Wayne live in Mt. Uniacke NS
(m) Wayne Everett Cooke of Sackville NS.  b. Dec 23, 1940
    1. James Lee Cooke b. Jun 6, 1968
        Lee is with the Halifax City Police. He lives in Halifax.

   2. Wade Gary Cooke b. Sep 8, 1970
        Wade is with the Post Office, works in Halifax. His girlfriend Dawn Marie works at the SPCA.
         They live in Mt. Uniacke.

          3.   Richard Allen Cooke b. Sep 2, 1975
    Rick graduated Computer College in Halifax, moved to Edmonton where he has changed his
    Career to Electronics.
10. Arthur Harold Leroy Nicoll b. Aug 12, 1945  in Halifax NS
(m) Shirley Eileen Gilby of Rawdon NS b. Aug 15, 1945

        Art and Shirley had both been schoolteachers.  He spent the last few years caring for our mother in Mt. Uniacke and Shirley retired a couple of years ago and lives in Rawdon keeping very busy with Community Affairs.
         “The MacDonnells as Descended from William Fraser Macdonnell “

Born- b.,  Died-d.,  Married-(m)
Nova Scotia- NS
New Brunswick- NB
Woods Harbour- Wds.Hbr.
Cape Sable Island- CSI
Clarks Harbour- Clks. Hbr.
North East Point- N.E.Pt.
Shelburne- Shel.
Mass- MA
New York- NY
Ontario- ON.
This is all of the information that is known by me at this time in regards to our MacDonnell Clan.
If you find any known errors please feel free to let me know so it can be corrected.
Although I have edited the contents  sometimes there are mistakes in typing  of dates and spelling.

Thank you to the family members who have forwarded their family lines.

Retyped on this day December 30, 2001 by Ann Sutherland Nicoll Smallshaw, Ottawa ON.
Even after what I thought was fairly accurate editing I have already found an error on page 1 line 8 regarding Rebecca's death. It was a miss type.
Actually I have 3 possibilities of her death:
From the Hipson family tree she died Aug 17, 1867
From another MacDonnell member she died June 16, 1867
From another source she died Jun 22, 1867 and last but not least from the papers of The Historical Sketches of Glenwood and the Argyles of Yarmouth (1941)by Jackson Ricker it reads:
On page 72 Rebecca McDonald died March 25 1860 from an inscription found and recorded by Jackson Ricker in 1941.on a gravestone in the Later Lower Argyle Cemetery.
Now I know the last one date is incorrect because Aunt Annie(her birth daughter was not born until 1861)
the date of 1867 would be the correct year of death but the day and month not confirmed.

New Note 12/20/06:
From: Roderick James MacDonnell     < >

Hello Rod,

I found your web page on family history and believe that we might have a few common ancestors.
My Father was born in Port Hood,
Nova Scotia to Austin and Josephine MacDonnell….I also know that from my mothers side…there was Bigelow’s in the family.
My name is Roderick James MacDonnell…and to tell you the truth, my brother Kelvin complied a book on our MacDonnell ancestors.
Also, my mother and some of her sisters have a running book on the Miller family that list Bigelow’s as our forerunners.
If you wish further communication…hit reply

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