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15336.573     Nancy "Annie" 8 BIGELOW, daughter of George 7 (Cornelius 6 , Paul 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1) and Margaret (Kerr/Carr) Bigelow, was born at Chatham township, Argenteuil, Quebec about 1835 and married (1) 11 March 1851 John Tompkins at Grenville/Chatham Church of Scotland. He was born about 1831 in Lower Canada, Quebec, and committed suicide about 1870 after which she married ______ Murdock. No death data on Nancy.

Children of John and Nancy (Bigelow) Tompkins, born at Grenville, Argenteuil, Quebec:
15336.5731     Margaret Tompkins, b 08 Jan 1852; m 26 Feb 1877 Robert Rayson (see below).
15336.5732     Hannah Tompkins, b 08 Oct 1854; d 20 Nov 1932 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; m Edward DeWar.
15336.5733     John Tompkins, b 1857; m 01 Aug 1881 Elizabeth (Ferguson) born Anna Jane Millar. (see below)

15336.5734   Mary Ann Tompkins, b 24 Aug 1859; d 31 March 1937 Cadillac, MI; m (1) Ol Aug 1881 Robert A. Bigelow (15336.5432) and (2) 09 March 1912 Dan Scarborough.

15336.5735t     Nancy Tompkins, called "Annie", b 1859/60; d 07 Oct 1952 Sault Ste. Marie; m 11 Sept 1884 Owen Keatley. (see below)
15336.5736     George Tompkins, b 1864.
15336.5737     William Tompkins, b 1868; m ______ Mc Andrews (?).
15336.5738     Alice Tompkins, b 1870; m Albert Laugren.

Children of ______ and Nancy Bigelow (Tompkins) Murdock:
15336.5739     Charles Murdock, unm.
15336.573A     Elizabeth Murdock, m ______ Robillard.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 366-367;
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New 2007:
From: william kerr <>
I have come upon your website as I am tracking down my family tree, and I am quite sure I have a correction to make to your Canadian connection of Bigelows!!!
Nancy "Annie" Bigelow (15336.573), daughter of George and Margaret (Kerr/Carr) Bigelow, born in Argenteuil county Quebec.Married John Tompkins in Grenville. 
Their first daughter Margaret Tompkins (born Jan. 8, 1852), married my great grandfather Robert Rayson - not Radsen - on February 26 1877. (15336.5731)
I guess we have no way to be 100% certain, but I have the church documents (photocopies) from the wedding of Robert Rayson and Margaret Tompkins which name the parents etc. 
I thought you'd like to know, and I thank you for the opportunity to see all the research you have done, on your website!  If only all my ancestors kept such good records!
Thanks again,
Wendy Rayson-Kerr

Subject: John Tompkins
From: Leigh LeBlanc
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Date: 11/03/05

I was searching for information on part of my family that married into the Tompkins family and came across your website.
15336.5733 - John Tompkins born 1857; m 01 Aug. 1881 Elizabeth (Ferguson)
 Elizabeth Ferguson was actually Anna Jane Millar by birth and the widow Ferguson after the death of her first husband.
Do you know of anyone who is searching John Tompkins line as I would like to exchange information with anyone who may be interested.
Thank you,
Leigh LeBlanc
Ottawa, Ontario

15336.5735     Nancy Tompkins, called "Annie" like her mother, was born about 1859-1860 at Grenville, Argenteuil, Quebec. She married on 11 September 1884 Owen Keatley. Nancy died 07 October 1952 at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.


15336.57351t    Bertha Violet Keatley, b 20 May 1885 Lakefield, Ont.; d ___ 1974; m John Herbert Rankin (1881-1938); 9 children;

15336.57352     Lillian Keatley, b
15336.57353     Lorne Keatley,
15336.57354     Annie Mildred Keatley,
15336.57355     Hubert Owen Keatley,

15336.57356     Edna Etta Keatley,

15336.57357     Russell Wilford Keatley,

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