Moroni 7 BIGELOW

16167.38      Moroni 7 BIGELOW, son of Nahum 6 ( Simeon 5 , John 4 , Joshua 3 , Joshua 2, John 1), and Mary (GIBBS) BIGELOW, was born at Grimsby, Mercer, IL on 0l September 1840. At the age of 3, his parents moved the family to Nauvoo, IL to avoid religious prosecution and by the age of 10 his parents had moved the family from Nauvoo into Utah. Moroni married on 23 August 1863 Elvira Jane Mecham. She was the daughter of Moses and Elvira (Derby) Mecham and born at Montrose, Lee, IA on 0l September 1840. Before the age of 30 "Moroni was returning from a religious mission to the states and was killed on the steamboat Mary McDonald and thrown into the Missouri River between Camden and Wellington, IL 13 April 1870". As was then the custom, the older brother married the widow of a younger and supported the widow and children, so Elvira was married to Asa Elijah Bigelow (16167.34) on 10 October 1872. Elvira died on 04 January 1920 at Salt Lake City, UT. Asa had died earlier, 09 November 1911, at Payson, UT.

Children of Moroni and Elvira (Mecham) Bigelow:

16167.381     Moroni Lafayette, b 29 July 1864 Provo, UT; bur. 17 May 1932 Centro, Imperial, CA. It is rumored that he married and had a daughter - there was little contact between his family and "Lafe" for many years.

16167.382t    John Young, b 21 March 1866 Provo; d 24 July 1955 San Francisco, CA; m 27 Nov 1885 Mary Elizabeth Ewell, 8 children.

16167.383     Nahum, b 04 Oct 1867 White Pine, NV; d 24 Oct 1868 Provo; unm.

16167.384     Eustis Leo, b 25 April 1869 Provo; d 18 Dec 1909 bur. Provo; unm.

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