12961.    Mary 5 BIGELOW, posthumous child of Josiah (Joseph 3,Jonathan2, John1) and Elizabeth (WELLES) BIGELOW, was born 03 June 1754 in Hartford, Hartford county, CT. Her mother remarried. She (Mary, the daughter) was married 09 September 1774 to Elisha DODD, son of Edward and Rebecca (BARNARD) DODD. He was born 08 March 1747 in Hartford. They lived in Hartford, but we have few records of their children. Elisha died 13 October 1796; Mary on 23 April 1822. In 1790 the family consisted of 2 males over 16, 4 males under 16, and 2 females. Barbour's Families of Early Hartford, without giving dates, nor quoting probate, suggests the following as

Children of Elisha and Mary (BIGELOW) DODD:

12961.1   Betsy Dodd, b ___ 1775 ; d 21 Sept 1788, age 13.

12961.2   Elisha Dodd, jr, b 1777; d 1856; m (1) Mary Ann HANMER (1786-1813); 2 children; and m (2) 1815 Clarissa HANMER; 4 sons. (see below)

12961.3   Josiah Dodd, b __1779; d 06 Mar 1809 (aged 2930) Hartford, CT;(see stone)

12961.4   Edward Dodd, b _____ ; d _____ ;

12961.5   Samuel Dodd, b __1794 CT; d 21 Mar 1873 (aged 7879) Hartford; m Frances BULL.(see below)

12961.6   Charles Dodd, bapt 10 July 1791; d _____ ; m (1) Fanny LYMAN, who died 26 Feb 1816 (aged 22); (2) Anna LYMAN.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page.92;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Barbour, Families of Early Hartford.

Subject: Dodd family history...
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 03:35:45 -0900
From: "Tim Barry" < >
Dear Mr. Bigelow,
     In beginning research into my own family history, starting with a box passed on to me through my family, I come across this web page of yours.  The name I was searching for was Mary Ann Hanmer b.1786 d.1813.
     My M.A.H. was married to Elisha Dodd b.1777 d.1856.  They had a son, Elisha Dodd, (III) Jr. b.1810 d.1866.  Mary Ann (Hanmer) Dodd died the same year their daughter, Mary Ann Hanmer Dodd (later Shutts) b.1813 d.1878, was born.  This Elisha Dodd later married M.A.H.'s sister, Clarrissa Hanmer in 1815.  So this Elisha Dodd had two children with his first wife, M.A.H.D., and I have record of his having, "among the children of E.D. and Clarissa were" four boys;  Albert Dodd b.1818 d. 1844; Louis Dodd b. 1820 d.1845-lost at sea; Julius Dodd b.1823 d.1841; and Edward Dodd b.1825  d.1851.  There are many letters in this box between many of these people, and some compositions by Julius Dodd during 1837 and 1840 while he was a student at Hartford Grammer School.
     In looking at the dates, it may be possible that your Mary Bigelow/Elisha Dodd, were the parents to my Elisha Dodd married to Mary Ann Hanmer then later to Clarissa Hanmer.  I would be interested in finding out, if you would be at all able to help with this.
     My family history, at least in this box, follows the Elisha Dodd, Jr.'s lineage.  He married Frances Bunce b.1814 d. 1888 in the year 1835.  Elisha Dodd, Jr. would be my Great-great-great grandfather on my father's side. 
     Before I continue into any history you may not need or be interested in, as I am finding just how extensive this kind of research can be, I thought I would at least send you a little bit so you can decide if this, or anything more would be helpful in your own research.
     This is just the beginning of all this for me, and I have yet to comprehend all of the information in this box that has come my way, so I may be a little slow at anything I attempt, however, I am willing to make the attempt.
     I look forward to hearing from you... 
~Mrs. Timothy Barry

Josiah Dodd

Josiah Dodd, Capt., Old North Cemetery; Hartford, Hartford County, CT

      Dodd  Frances

Samuel and Frances (Bull) Dodd; Spring Grove Cemetery; Hartford, Hartford County, CT
They had a son: Samuel Dodd, jr, b 04 Oct 1835 Hartford; d 12 Dec 1906; m Catherine Brooks (1834-1889)(see below)

Sam Dodd jr Cath Brooks

Fanny LYMAN, b 26 Aug 1793; d 26 Feb 1816 (aged 22); bur Old North Cemetery; Hartford, Hartford County, CT; no stone found
The wife of Charles Dodd, she died at age 23 yr. Ref: Families of Early Hartford, p. 223
She was the dau of Elias and Anna (White) Lyman

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