Mrs. Mary (Mercy) (KELLOGG) LEWIS, widow of Rev. Judah LEWIS, and daughter of Stephen and Lydia (BELDING or BELDEN) KELLOGG,was born 30 Oct 1709.  Married (2) 21 Jan 1747 David 4 BIGELOW, oldest son of Lt. John 3, (Joshua 2,John 1) BIGELOW and Hannah_____ . David was born before 22 Sep1706 Hartford, Hartford, CT. Baptized on 22 Sep 1706.( It was the custom to baptise infants on the Sunday following birth.) When he was an infant, the family moved to Colchester, New London, CT. Mary (Mercy) died 5 Jan 1795. David died 2 Jun 1799, both in Colchester, New London,CT. They lived in that part of Colchester which was later set off as the town of Marlborough.
      David had married (1) about 1726 Editha (Edith) DAY, daughter of John and Grace SPENCER DAY, who was born 10 Sep 1705, and died 19 Jan 1746 in Colchester,New London, CT. They had 8 children.
Children of David BIGELOW by second wife, Mary (Mercy) (KELLOGG), also born Colchester:

16319     Stephen, b 27 Oct 1747; d 13 Sep 1748.

1631A    Stephen, b 5 Jun 1749; d 5 Aug 1751.

1631B    Moses, b 4 Oct 1750; d 23 Dec 1750.

1631C    Mercy, b 23 Nov 1753; d 3 Aug 1832 Norwich,VT; m 12 Nov 1772 Joseph LOVELAND; res Colchester & Norwich. 13 children.

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Descendant note:
From: David and Sonja Kellogg    email
     I believe that Lydia Belding, is really Belden. I have reseached this thoroughly and found it to be Belden on most sites. My site Kelloggs Out West ::  is documented from a book in our family for several years. Written by my husband's Great Grandfather in 1907, and published.
     Stephen, is our second in line, son of Joseph and Abigail Terry Kellogg. Stephen b. April 9, 1668, died June 5, 1722 aged 54 years. Lived in Westfield, Mass., where grave stone may still be seen. His wife was Lydia Belden. Had 10 children of whom Silas was the eighth and our next in line, and so on. Mary {Mercy} was his sister. This is so much fun finding out all these interesting things about our families! Wonder site.  Sonja Kellogg

This Kellogg line is from Sonja's pages:

     In the language of Isabel T. Ray: "The first of the Kellogg family known in America was Lieutenant Joseph 1 Kellogg , born in 1627, and died in 1708, aged 80 years.
Visit Will of Joseph  1 Kellogg.

     He came over from Scotland and settled in Farmington, Conn., in 1651, removed to Boston in 1659, and finally located in Hadley, Mass., in 1662. He was a weaver by trade, and was a landed proprietor. In 1663 he was made a sergeant in the militia, ensign in 1678, and lieutenant in 1679. He took part in the Indian skirmish known as "The Falls Fight" in 1676. At that time he was the ferryman at Hadley, Mass., which business was kept in the family for one hundred years. He frequently served as selectman in the town of Hadley, and must have been well-to-do, for in 1673 his second wife was before the court for not dressing in silk attire according to the prescribed custom of her station. However she was not found guilty of a misdemeanor. Joseph 1 had two wives, Joanna and Abigail Terry, and was the father of twenty-five children, the tenth being Stephen 2.

2. Stephen 2 KELLOGG,the next in this line, was born April 9, 1668, and died June 5, 1722, aged 54 years. Lived at Westfield, Mass., where grave stone may still be seen. His wife was Lydia Belden. Had ten children of whom Silas was the eighth.
Stephen 2 - b. Apr. 9, 1668, Hadley, MA; d. Jun. 5, 1722, Westfield, MA. Married May. 8, 1694, Hadley, MA Lydia BELDEN (b. Mar. 1675; d. Jan. 6, 1759, Colchester, MA), daughter of John and Lydia BELDEN. Lydia married second Jan. 17, 1734, Westfield, MA Benjamin LEWIS.
Stephen 3 married first Abigail LOOMIS, and second Sarah COOK;
Lydia 3 died young;
Moses 3 died young;
Abigail 3 married Christopher Jacob LAWTON;
Daniel 3 married Hannah NOBLE;
Ephraim 3 did not marry;
Mercy 3 married first Rev. Judah LEWIS, and second David 4 BIGELOW;
Noah 3 married ??;
Silas 3 married Ruth ROOT;
Amos 3 married first Mary STEBBINS, and second Prudence SEDGWICK.
Aaron married Mary LEWIS.

3. Deacon Silas 3 KELLOGG, next in this line, was born April 7, 1714, died January 24, 1792, aged 78 years. Married Ruth ROOT May 10, 1739. She died January 17, 1817, aged 96 years, the greatest age of any in the ancestral line. They
lived at Sheffield, Mass., where their grave stones are still to be seen. They were both highly cultured people. He was a clerk in the land office. They had nine children, the second of whom was Enos 4.
4. Enos 4 KELLOGG, the fourth in the ancestral line, was born December 24, 1742, died in 1803, aged 61 years. Wife, Abigail Seymour, bap. 19 Jan.,1746, daughter of Elisha Seymour, of West Hartford, and Abigail Sedgwick, who was a descendant in the fifth generation of Robert Sedgwick, an early settler in Charlestown, Mass. Lived at Sheffield, Mass., Hubberton Vt. and Batavia, New York. She died 18 Dec., 1812, of an epidemic that prevailed in the army and throughout the country. Enos 4 Kellogg was a soldier in the war of the revolution. He was a private in Captain Roswell Browning's company, Col. John Ashley's regiment. Enlisted July 6, 1777. Also served in the same company and regiment October 1780. The official record will be found in Vol. 111, page 59, of Revolutionary war records.
Their children were:
1. Lucina,
2. Orsamus,
3. Abigail,
4. Ruth,
5. Enos,
6. Seymore,
8. Elisha 5,
9. Sophia,
10. Ira.

5. Captain Elisha 5 KELLOGG,the fifth in line, was born in Sheffield, Mass., November 30, 1784, died in Plum River, Ill., August 24, 1842, aged 58 years. He served as captain in the war of 1812. He was also a soldier in the war against the Tonawanda Indians in Illinois. He was the Captain of the surveying party sent by the government to survey the Tonawanda Indian lands, including the territory where the city of Springfield now stands. He was a Captain of infantry in the war of 1812,
and was in the battles of Black Rock, Fort Erie and several othes; he was Sheriff of Genesee Co. He was Capt. in a company with Lieut. Worthy L. Churchill, which was ordered to march to Buffalo early in Dec., 1813; was a pensioner of the war of
1812. He was in the Black Hawk War. He was also a school teacher. He was a total abstainer from tobacco and alcoholic liquors. His first wife was Elizabeth Derrick, born in New York State May 2, 1792, died in Illinois, May 15, 1832, aged 40 years, and was buried about eight miles west of the city of Jacksonville, where her grave stone may still be seen. She was a woman of natural abilities.
Elisha Kellogg and his wife Elizabeth, with their five oldest children, had the distinction of being the first white settlers in Morgan County, Ill., having settled there in the year 1818. Their children were:
1. Philander,
2. Orville Enos,
3.Abigail Elizabeth,
4. Florentine Erwin 6,
5. Sophia Emeline,
6. Angeline E.,
7. Sarah Angeline,
8. Benjamin Franklin Ephriam "Frank".
On March 10, 1833, Elisha Kellogg was married to his second wife, Mrs. Mills, a widow with five children, three at home and two married. There were no children from this marriage.
6. Florentine Erwin 6 KELLOGG, the sixth in line, was born at Batavia, New York, on January 1, 1816, and died at Goleta, California, on October 1, 1889, aged 73 years and 9 months. He was married to Rebecca Jane Williams on June 11, 1837. Of their seven children I shall write later on. After the death of his wife Rebecca Jane, he married Mrs. Martha Jane Ellison January 1, 1862, a widow 33 years old (born November 19,1829) with a son named Josiah Ellison, 13 years of age. She was a daughter of his first wife's brother, Josiah Williams. She died at Goleta, California, August 21, 1879. He had no children by his second wife. The marriage proved to be entirely congenial, and she apparently took as much interest in the care and training of his minor children, as though they had been her own. In his autobiography he paid a high tribute to her memory. On July 1, 1880, he was married the third time to Miss Olivia M. Cramer, a school teacher, aged 40 years (born August 28, 1840), by whom he had one son, Frederick Cramer, born April 29, 1885 and died December 3, 1886. His last wife survived him, and now resides in the city of Santa Barbara.

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