14513.2    John 6 WENZEL, son of Hepsibeh 5 BIGELOW ( Joseph ,Ephraim 3,Daniel2, John1 )and John WENZEL., was born January 05, 1793 in Framingham, Massachusetts, and died January 01, 1864 in Framingham, Massachusetts.  He married Mehetable HAVEN December 15, 1814 in Framingham, Massachusetts, Middlesex County, daughter of Abner HAVEN and Prudence EAMES.

Notes for John WENZEL jr.:
His early life was spent at home and his education was acquired in the public schools of Framingham, MA.  After his marriage in 1814 he removed to that part of the town known as Park's Corner, where he lived the rest of his life.  Like his father he was interested in military affairs, for the records show that on March 18, 1816 he was appointed ensign of the 4th Regiment, 1st Brigade, 3rd Division of the Mass Militia.  On April 14, 1818, he was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant which office he held until Sept. 10, 1818, when he received his discharge.  For some time during his early life he was engaged in teaming, taking produces to market in Boston and bringing out supplies for stores in Framingham, MA.  For a time he conducted a grocery store in a portion of his house.  In 1834, he was engaged in manufacturing shoe pegs, having a shop for that business for many years supplying numerous boot and shoe manufacturers in and around Boston.  At that "Wenzel's shoe pegs" had quite a reputation.  Mr. Wenzel also became quite prominent as a builder of roads and bridges.  Many of the highways in and around Framingham being built by him.  The last part of his life was spent in the manufacture of boots and shoes.  He took an active interest in town affairs and his voice was heard in town meetings.  From 1833 to 1843 he was on the board of selectmen. He was moderator of the town meetings in 1830, 1839, 1845, and 1857.  In 1855 he was appointed chief engineer of the fire department. He also held numerous minor offices in the town.  For a number of years he was a Justice of the Peace and before him the village attorneys tried their cases, accordingly he was known as "Esquire Wenzel", during the later years of his life.

Children of John jr. and Mehetable (HAVEN) WENZEL :

7. i. Angeline 3 WENZEL, b. May 28, 1816, Framingham, Massachusetts; d. December 17, 1897, Marlboro, Massachusetts.

8. ii. Charles Haven WENZEL, b. August 16, 1818, Framingham, Massachusetts; d. November 02, 1866, Ashland, Massachusetts.

9. iii. Hitty WENZEL, b. July 28, 1820, Framingham, Massachusetts; d. October 27, 1864, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

10. iv. Sarah French WENZEL, b. October 05, 1822, Framingham, Massachusetts; d. March 18, 1897.

11. v. Eliza Ellen WENZEL, b. September 04, 1826, Framingham, Massachusetts; d. December 15, 1915, New Haven, Conneticut.

12. vi. John WENZEL, b. February 12, 1829, Framingham, Massachusetts.
vii. Henry WENZEL, b. December 29, 1830, Framingham, Massachusetts; d. November 17, 1850.

13. viii. Abner Haven WENZEL, b. September 07, 1833, Framingham, Massachusetts; d. April 20, 1871, Medfield, Massachusetts.

14. ix. Mary WENZEL, b. June 16, 1838, Framingham, Massachusetts; d. December 05, 1908, Waterbury, Conneticut.

Descendants of Hephzibah Bigelow, taken from notes of  Christine Fallon. (see below)
Barry, History of Framingham.
Descendant note:  Wed, 11 Nov 1998 14:22:22 EST
     Hello, my name is Christine Fallon.  I am a direct descendant from Hepsibeh Bigelow and John Wenzel of Framingham, MA.  However, the information that I have about her and what you have about her are not quite the same.  I have her
birth date as being September 24, 1767.  You have her birthday September 24, 1757.  Also the marriage dates are not the same.  You have the year as being 1792, while I have the year as being 1790.  The month and day are the same.
     My sources are from the Descendants of Henry Wenzel.  The original manuscript is kept at The New England Genealogical Society.  Copies of this manuscript has been passed down from generations. Also Family Tree Maker CD#231, Marriage Index:Massachusetts, 1633-1850. If indeed the dates I have are wrong, I would like to see your records so that I can update my records. I can also give you information of descendants of their children, that you do  not have.
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I have used Christine's dates until I hear otherwise........ROD   11/11/98

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