ABOVE: Joab Bigelow of Concord, MI.

15198.5    Joab 6 BIGELOW, son of Josiah 5 ( Jotham 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Sarah (CULVER ) BIGELOW, was born 22 October 1793 at Guilford, Windham county, VT. In 1800 the family removed to Pompey, Onondaga county, NY; there within a few years both parents died of typhoid fever or malaria, and the children were separated. Joab lived with a Presbyterian deacon until he reached his majority, except for a time during the War of 18 l2 when he served with the local militia. When he turned 21, he took his ax and blanket, and walked to Genesee county, NY, where an older brother had settled, but in 1818 he returned to Pompey to marry Lois Putnam, daughter of Peter Putnam. She was born 06 April 1800 in Pompey.
     They settled near Batavia, NY and lived there until 1837, when Joab decided to follow his oldest brother to Michigan. He traveled by horseback through Canada, crossing at Detroit, thence on to Jackson, which he considered "an inferior muddy place." But 20 miles farther he came upon oak openings, a nice lake,and good farmland, so took up land on the outskirts of Concord village. He returned to New York, and the following spring brought his family to Concord. He established brick kilns on the farm, as he found several deposits of clay (the site is still visible). Many of the brick buildings in Concord today are of bricks stamped with his initials.
     He was active in township alfairs, and a member of Michigan's Pioneer Historical Society, for which he prepared a paper on his early days in Michigan. Though raised a Presbyterian, he became a member of the Universalist church. His wife died on 04 October 1847, and the following year he married Chloe Wells, but she died 28 October 1851. Joab died 21 October 1879; they are buried near the fence on Main Street, in Maple Lawn Cemetery, Concord.

Children of Joab and Lois (Putnam) Bigelow:

15198.51     Sabrina, b 22 Feb 1821 Batavia, Genesee, NY; d 23 Nov 1884 Concord, MI; unmarried, she kept house for her father.

15198.52t    Rebecca, b 06 Apr 1823 Bethany, Genesee co, NY; d 01 June 1903 Concord; m 15 Nov 1856 Talmage Stevens, his 2nd wife. 2 daughters.

15198.53t    Josiah, b 22 May 1825 Bethany, NY; d 08 Feb 1895 Concord, m 07 Oct 1847 Ann Jenette Fitch. 5 children.

15198.54     Franklin, b 13 July 1827 Bethany, NY; d 12 Mar l879 Syracuse, NY, but buried Concord; m 1856 Cordelia S. Williams. A physician. No children.

15198.55t    Henrietta, b 23 Nov 1831 Bethany, NY; d 02 Feb 1914 Concord; m 26 July 1857 Albert H. Tucker. 5 children.

15198.56t    Elizabeth Marlin, b 22 Feb 1836 Bethany, NY; d 09 Sept 1900 Detroit, Wayne co, MI; m (1) 22 Feb 1858 Charles N. Hungerford, from whom later divorced, and (2) Louis Keeler. 5 children.

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