Israel Eliphaz 8 BIGELOW

15923.742      Israel Eliphaz 8 BIGELOW, son of Daniel Kathan 7 ( Israel 6,  Isaac 5 , Isaac 4 Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Lydia (CUSTER) BIGELOW, was born at Adamsburg, Westmoreland, PA on 07 June 1825. His marriage was on 27 July 1847 to Betsey M. Smith who was the daughter of Capt. E. C. and Irene (Doty) Smith. She was born in Washington county, VT on 31 October 1828. As a boy, he had moved with his parents to Plain City, Madison, OH and for ten years was a successfull farmer there. About 1857 he was appointed postmaster of Plain City and served for several years in addition to having a mercantile business. He was also very active in town positions, including Mayor and Justice of the Peace. He died in Plain City on 17 July 1896.

Children of Israel and Betsey (Smith) Bigelow, all born at Plain City, OH:

15923.7421     Lydia Irena.

15923.7422t    Clarence Edgar, b 20 Nov 1851; d 28 Nov 1927; m (1)19 March 1871 Mary Lane, 2 children, (2)20 Dec 1876/77 Catherine Shipman, 4 children; res. Plain City.

15923.7423     an infant.

15923.7424t    Eliphaz McClellan, b 16 April 1862; d 02 Nov 1932; m (1) 27 Sept 1882 Elizabeth Manning, 3 children, (2) 20 Sept 1893 Lucy Donner, 3 children; res. Plain City.

15923.7425t    Daniel Crocker, b 0l Sept 1864; 31 Oct 1949; m 18 Jan 1888 Louise Campbell; 4 children.

15923.7426t    Emmett Custer, b 19 March 1866; d _ ; m 21 Dec 1887 Emma Rathbum; 2 children.

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Bigelow Society records from research by Society historian/genealogist;
family records and correspondence with members of family.
Forge Vol 17 NO. 3 July 1988. and pic above (scanned by Don Bigelow)

He and his family came early to Ohio ( See article on Bigelows in the Ohio census, page 59). His father Israel Bigelow is considered the Founder of Plain City, Madison County.

Daniel 7 Bigelow, Israel’s father, was born in Saratoga county, New York, and settled first in Adamsburg, Westmoreland co, PA. Daniel and four of his brothers were all physicians of considerable local repute. In 1831 Daniel decided to follow his father Israel to Ohio, and came with his young family to Plain City settling on a farm just outside of town.

Israel 8 born 7 June 1825 in Adamsburg, PA was thus but six years of age when he traveled overland with his parents to Ohio. He remained on the farm until he reached the age of 21. During his late teens he studied medicine with the idea of going into medical practice, but for some unknown reason he instead took up a farm in 1847. Ten years later he was appointed postmaster of Plain City, and addition became a general merchant.

After Israel’s retirement, he traveled East to visit relatives, meeting over one hundred Bigelows. He also visited his Custer* cousins (His Grandfather Custer had been a cousin of President George Washington)

* see note from Marguerite Emmons about the Spelling of the name --- 4/7/98

On June 27 1847, the same year he took up a farm, Israel married Betsy A. Smith, daughter of Capt. E.Crocker and Irena (Doty) Smith. Betsy was born 21 October 1828 in Washington County, Vermont. She died 28 January 1914 in Plain City, Israel having died July 17 1896.

A tradition exists in this branch of the family that their ancestor Isaac 4 Bigelow passed on his gold watch and gold-headed cane to his son Isaac, and that these keepsakes were to be inherited by the oldest living Isaac Bigelow in the family at the time of the owner’s decease. In the 1890’s the watch was in the possession of Isaac Bigelow of Newark, Licking county Ohio, the fifth person to own the watch. Yet no one today knows what has become of either item.

4/07/98--From Marguerite Atteberry Emmons ( :

My BIGELOW data is currently in the form of notes and letters collected by my great grandmother Adda Timmons MOSS in the 1890's. Perhaps of greatest interest to you and other researchers is a copy she made of notes of an interview with Dr. Eliphaz BIGELOW (probably the Israel Eliphaz Bigelow whose bio is on your site. He was a nephew of her grandmother Mary Milvina BIGELOW who had married William D. Daugherty. Her mother was Mary Dimmis Daugherty. Adda's uncle G. W. Darety (sic) conducted the interview. The notes include the family information on the CUSTIS (not CURTIS) family and it's connection to George Washington. I have been amazed that the misspelling of this name as CURTIS persists. Most history books speak of the CUSTIS family relations to Washington. In my mother's possession is a cloisonne and pearl pin that is supposed to have been owned/worn by Martha Washington. I have no documentation of this but have heard of this and the CUSTIS family since I was a child. My grandfather, Adda's son had told the story. Finding the notes was both exciting and disappointing. Exciting because it leant credence to the pin's story; disappointing because it showed no direct relation to the CUSTIS family. Eliphaz's notes also include the battle his greatgrandfather Isaac was supposed to have been in the Rev War. I too, have had no luck finding his service.
Marguerite Atteberry Emmons

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II, pg 139-140;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Madison county histories;
correspondence with decendants;
vital records of Madison County.
The Bigelow Society would appreciate more records from his Decendants;
E-mail from Marguerite Atteberry Emmons.
From the Forge Vol 17 NO. 3 July 1988

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