Hepsibah 6 BIGELOW

15591.4      Hepsibah 6 BIGELOW, dau of William 5 ( Josiah 4, Thomas 3, Samuel 2, John1 and  Hepsibah (RUSSELL) BIGELOW, was born 15 December 1779 at Natick, Middlesex county, MA. She married, on 16 March 1797, Samuel Stowe at Natick, MA.

Children of Samuel and Hepsibah (Bigelow) Stowe:

15591.41     Mary Bigelow Stowe, b 01 July 1799 Natick.

15591.42     Calvin Ellis Stowe, b 26 Apr 1802 Natick; m Harriet Beecher, the well-known novelist and author, and abolitionist, daughter of Dr. Lyman Beecher. (see below)

15591.43     Wllliam Stowe, b 11 Nov 1803 Natick, MA.

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Subject:  Calvin Stowe
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I am researching my family tree and found out that I am related to Harriet Beecher Stowe, wife of Calvin Stowe.  I am trying to find out information on the Stowe name, maybe the children that they had.  My grandmother was Dorothy Stowe, father Worth Stowe.  Any information you might have would be appreciated.
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From: Natick, MA Annual Town Report on properties

37. The Harriet Beecher Stowe House (2 Pleasant Street)
In 1778, Deacon William Bigelow, miller, came to South Natick and bought the mills on the river. Between the years 1783 and 1784, he bought approx- imately 50 acres of additional land on both sides of the river and the road from John Ephraim, an Indian planter, and Nathaniel Battelle. When he died in 1813, he willed the premises to Isaac and Col. Abraham Bigelow in equal shares, and Isaac conveyed his share to Abraham in 1814. Dr. Alexander Thayer, "having acquired a Homestead right in this land", built the house in 1816. Subsequently, this right was assigned to Col. Abraham Bigelow and Chester Adams. Susan Bigelow, daughter of William, married Dr. Thayer in 1817, and Mehitable, another daughter of William, married Chester Adams in 1821. Upon the doctor's death in 1824, his two sons turned the title to Mehitable Adams. Mehitable Adams willed the property back to the Thayer children in 1878, and it became the property of Henry Thayer in 1897. His brother, A. W. Thayer, was U. S. Consul at Trieste and a noted music critic and author of a book about the life of Beethoven. Dr. C. F. Morse bought the house in 1899 and sold it to Frank H. Pfeiffer in 1902. He later sold it to Dr. Charles E. Hills in 1911. Dr. Hills remodeled the house; he took out the big chimneys, raised the foundations, and built a modern doctor's office with waiting room in the northwest end of the house. He remained the local family physician until his death, and the house remained in the family until Mrs. Hill's death. Dr. Paul A. LaMothe bought the house in 1952 and has been the local physician since. The house received its name from its most famous visitor, Harriet Beecher Stowe. Calvin Ellis Stowe, son of Samuel and Hepsibah Bigelow Stowe was born in 1802. His father died ) in 1808, at age 36, and he and his mother came to live in South Natick with the Bigelow relatives, she being a daughter of William Bigelow. Calvin married his second wife, Harriet Beecher, in 1836. Although they did not / have a home in South Natick, they often visited at this house. Mrs. Stowe's "Old Town Folks" is a fictionalization of Calvin's father's reminiscences about people and life in the area.  (page 99)

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