Eunice 5 BIGELOW


15597      Eunice 5 BIGELOW, daughter of Josiah 4 (Thomas 3 (Samuel 2 , John 1 ) and Mary (HARRINGTON) BIGELOW, was born 1762, probably at Waltham, Middlesex co, MA. She was married 24 April 1788 in Templeton, MA to Joseph MORSE, son of Joseph and Rebecca (BROAD) MORSE . He was born 25 February 1765 at Waltham, MA. Death date for Joseph, from DAR records and headstone: "Joseph MORSE Esq., who died at Sherborne, Mass.; Dec. 26, 1819; in the 55 year; of his age".( see below ) This provided by ancestor Karen Chambliss, who also provides a death date of 3 Aug 1831 in Eaton, Madison co, NY for Eunice, same sources. Karen also states that the home of Eunice and Joseph Morse is a NY State Historical Landmark in Eaton, Madison co, NY. It is not presently owned by either the Morse or Bigelow family. Bigelow Society states that they are supposed to have moved to Templeton, MA, then to Eaton, NY. Howe's Bigelow genealogy lists children, without birthplaces ( plus my additions) as follows:

see link:

LDS records gives birth place for all children except maybe Ellice as Templeton, Worcester, MA ......ROD 3/19/97.

15597.1.      Ellis (Ellice)Morse, b 26 Jan 1789 at Natick, MA; m Lora AYER?. From DAR and cemetery records: "Ellis MORSE, b Jan 26, 1789 at Natick, Mass.; Husband & father; came to Eaton 1796; d Oct. 15, 1869; AE 80 years". (Ellis - who would become famous for his mills and distillery)

Ellis Morse & Adaline Bagg Morse
Ellis Morse (presumed to be husband of Allie D. Bigelow b.1779 and d. 9 Jan 1880 had sons as follows:
1. Gardner Morse b.3/18/1826, (see below)
2. Col. Henry Bagg Morse, Judge and Civil War hero;
3. Andrew Bigelow Morse (Missionary to Siam and Chaplain of the Treasury Department under Abraham Lincoln;
4. George E. Morse (Superintendent of building of Madison Hall);
5. Alfred Morse (War hero at Cedar Creek) and
6. Walter Morse (Partner in the firm of Wood, Taber & Morse) (see below)

15597.2.      Eunice Morse, born 10 Dec 1790; married James PRATT, MD, circa 1811(LDS) in Eaton, NY. He was noted as the first physician in town of Eaton, NY in 1797. He was born 26 Oct 1770 in Ware, Mass and died in July 1834 enroute to Palamyra, Marion Co, Missouri. We have never found a burial site for him. James had 3 brothers, who also were physicians in Madison Co, NY, and another 3 brothers who were physicians in Mass. We have never figured out where they received their education. Eunice Morse (dau of Eunice Bigelow) graduated from Clinton Academy that later became Hamilton College. Eunice Morse was James Pratt's 2nd wife. He first married Laurancy Eaton the daughter of the founder of Eaton, and possibly Madison County. (see below)

15597.3.      Joseph Morse, b 11 Feb 1793; m Irene DODGE; res PA.

15597.4.      Lucy Morse, b. 21 Dec 1794; m. 20 July 1824 in Eaton, NY, Rev. Horace Griswold (Baptist Minister) she d. 4 Jun 1884 in Fremont, NE.  She was the second wife of Rev. Griswold by whom she had 6 children.  (see below)

15597.5.      Sophia Morse, b 18 Dec 1796; m George ELLICE.

15597.6.      Calvin Morse, b June 1799; m Melinda GARDNER.

15597.7.      Alpheus Morse, b 5 Oct 1801; m Marietta CRAMPHLIN; res Eaton, NY(see below)

15597.8.      Bigelow Morse, b 14 Mar 1804; m Patience KENT.

Morse, Ellis, b. Jan. 26, 1789 at Natick, Mass.; Husband & father; came to Eaton 1796; d. Oct. 15, 1869; AE 80 years. (Only child in this document that matches Bigelow Society information).

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I, pg 134.
Howe, Bigelow Family of America.
Cemetery Inscriptions.
Morse Genealogy;
by J. Howard Morse and Emily Leauett; 1903 NY 

Walter Morse would join Allen Wood and L. C. Taber in the Steam Engine Works. The W, T and M Steam engine works. The company was only the third marker of steam engines in America in 1848. By the 1880's it had developed the first practical four wheel drive steam engine, the father of today's tractor. (Pictured below)

In its "Hay Day" it was the largest 4 wheel drive steam traction engine company! Many of the steam engines produced by the company ran oil wells in Pennsylvania in the early days. By the 1860 and 1870's they were running machinery all across America having an office in Eaton and Chicago! The site of the main foundry is on Mechanics Street in Eaton and is marked by a New York State Historic Marker!

Other inventors from Eaton included Samuel Winchester Chubbuck the inventor of the first "Pony Key and Sounder" for Professor S. F. B. Morse's telegraph system! Samuel Chubbuck was the cousin of Emily Chubbuck!

Founding mother Eunice Bigelow Morse was of the famous Bigelows of Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel "OLD TOWN FOLKS", Deacon Badger being her brother! The Stowe's are also buried in Eaton, Samuel Stowe ran Eaton Stowe's Tavern!

The Sage Tavern, Samuel Stowe's competion, was one of the earliest establishments of it day and a beautiful example of early framed houses, not logs. The house is standing in Eaton, though it is missing it's NYS Historic Marker that needs to be replaced.

Eunice's daughter Eunice, was educated at the Morse Academy and attended the Seminary of Reverend Samuel Kirkland, which became Hamilton College. She married the area's first Physician James Pratt. Dr. Pratt was also the first teacher in the area holding classes in three different locations in the adjoining towns; one at the Joseph Morse House in Eaton, one at Colonel Joshua LeLand's and the other the house of Thomas Morris in what was then Morris Flats. (Now Morrisville) The home of Dr. Pratt and his wife who was once his student is on Route 26 in Eaton and is marked by a NYS Historic Marker!

Correspondence with ancestor Karen Chambliss (g.g.g.g. granddaughter of Eunice 5
Correspondence includes DAR and cemetery information:,
and Photographs

Visit Karen's Web site at: Notable Women Ancestors ., for obituary and lots more.
 also visit:          MORSE SOCIETY
 also visit: Morse Family

Lower inscription:

He became a resident of this town
Feb. 28, 1796, and the following year
made the first improvement where
this town now stands. He held se-
veral public offices, and after years
of toil, was called to his last resting
place, late? journeying and within
two miles of the place of his birth.

Subject: Eunice 5 Bigelow page
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 20:44:59 EDT
From: Preston Pelkey
 In reading the two page on Eunice (5)  Bigelow,  I detected a couple of dates which were transposed.
First, just above the second headstone photo, the reference to:

Morse, Ellis, b. Jan. 26, 1789........d. Oct. 15, 1896; AE 80 years....
Obviously death date should be 1869.
Second,  the last entry on Eunice (5)  Bigelow page 2, for the same Ellis:
Morse, Ellis, b. Jan. 26, 1798 ...came to Eaton 1796....d. Oct. 15, 1896 ...
Date of birth should be 1789, and death 1869.

It is a very thoughtful and attractively designed page, which I really enjoyed reading.  My mother was Gladys Elizabeth Morse, and her forbears are in the same Sherburne and Waltham, Massachusetts, Morse line.
Preston Pelkey
60 Wells Avenue
Hoxsie, Rhode Island  02889-3847

Subject: Morse surname
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 22:23:54 -0500
From: Connie King    < >
     I just found the Bigelow homepage and it is quite impressive.  I know you probably answer many questions, but I can't seem to solve this on my own.  (I have tried for about 2 months now.)  Here is my story:  My g-g grandmother's name was Anjinette Morse Atha.  She was born 11/11/1844 (not sure where) and died on April 20, 1909.  She is buried in Clarksburg Cemetary in Bourbon County, Kansas.  My g-g grandfather was from Logan County, Ohio, so I assume she must have been from Ohio
originally.  His name was William Thomas Atha, born 12/28/1848 and died in Bourbon County on 12/2/1913.  Anjinette's father's name was Jason (??) and his father was Alpheus Morse and I am assuming that his father was Joseph Morse married to Eunice Bigelow.  I believe the Morse's to be descended from Anthony Morse of England.  If you know, can you possibly
tell me if I am following the right line.  Nothing seems to make sense with the Morses as they have so many first names that are the same. Have you ever heard of an Anjinette in the descendent line?    Any help would be so much appreciated.  Thank you.  Connie King.

Subject: Lucy Morse and Rev. Griswold
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 21:32:25 -0800
From: (Coralee Griswold)

Just in case you would like to fill in one of your holes:

15597.4.    Lucy b. 21 Dec 1794; m. 20 July 1824 in Eaton, NY, Rev. Horace Griswold (Baptist Minister) she d. 4 Jun 1884 in Fremont, NE.  She was the second wife of Rev. Griswold by whom she had 6 children.

From the Desk of
Coralee Griswold
Griswold Family Genealogist

Article sent from 2/27/1997 paper in NY by Wilbur Bigelow, RR2, Bx. 210-B, Hamilton, NY 13346:
Picture of Allie Morse from the Burchard Archives with article about the Eaton Morse family.  Ellis Morse (presumed here to be husband of Allie D. Bigelow b.1779 and d. 9 Jan 1880 and reason she is pictured), had sons as follows:
Gardner Morse b.3/18/1826, "one of most successful of the Eaton Morse family, though little is ever mentioned of him."
His brothers Col. Henry Bagg Morse, Judge and Civil War hero;
Andrew Bigelow Morse (Missionary to Siam and Chaplain of the Treasury Department under Abraham Lincoln;
George E. Morse (Superintendent of building of Madison Hall);
Alfred Morse (War hero at Cedar Creek) and
Walter Morse (Partner in the firm of Wood, Taber & Morse)
seem to have gotten the lion's share of historic remembrances.
     Gardner was reared in Eaton and, as a young man, worked with his father, Ellis, in the cattle and distilling business.  Their business partnerships lasted until Ellis' death in 1869.  At that time, Gardner built a new sawmill and gristmill and embarked on the quest of building the Midland Railroad.  (He was one of the leading men in the Midland Railroads development.) In his lifetime he served as Justice of the Peace, Railroad Commissioner and District clerk for 27 consecutive years, and as Madison co. Treasurer.  A staunch Republican all his life, in 1866 was elected to NY State Assembly.
     Gardner remained intimate friends with Charles Grandison Finney, who lived in Eaton as a boy with his aunt and uncle, Elizabeth and Cyrus Finney, becoming a famous revival preacher and President of Oberlin College, America's first co-educational college.  Gardner spoke of his remembrances of Madison Co. when young, and was considered by many who knew him to be a knowledgeable co. historian.  Gardner Morse is just another of the famous Eaton Morse family, and he is buried in the Historic Eaton Cemetery.
Subject: joseph morse
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 11:25:53 -0500
From: "lois godbout" <>
My name is lois godbout, i am descended from samuel morse & elizabeth jasper, there are a lot of joseph morse's in my family, i am the third generation from my g grandfather harry proctor morse & jane etta davidson morse, he had a brother john, james, warren, and sister grace, hazel, do these names sound familiar?  please e mail me at work or home
Subject: Eunice Morse Page
Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 05:31:21 -0400
From: "Mary E Messere"   <  >
 Dear Rod was on your Bigelow Page for Eunice Morse..there is a bunch wrong there..Ellis Morse was not married Allie Bigelow..He was the son of Eunice Bigelow Morse and Joseph Morse.  Allie Morse is the daughter of Patience
Kent and Bigelow Morse. Married Sylvester Burchard. Eunice Morses had Eunice, Ellis, Bigelow, Alpheus, Lucy,Gardiner, Calvin, Joseph Jr.  Will Send info later. Pictures, Artifacts and all family information at Wood
House Museum..In Eaton --  Mary E Messere  --  --
More: too late for this year, but look for next year's celebration..........................ROD
Subject: From Historic Eaton= Morse
-----Memorial Day Celebration Monday, May 28th
Pancake Breakfast (Fire Barn) benefit Fire Department (before Parade)
Parade and Memorial Day Service
Ribbon Cutting of New Museum Located on River Road
Postal Cancellation
(Celebrating over 200 years of History & the Morse Women) (at Post Office)
Bake Sale - Tee Shirts, History Books & More
(All proceeds to benefit the new museum)
Tours of New Museum by Back Street Mary
On hand for the Day
Members of the 114th Reg. NYS Volunteers
Bob Betz as Eli Perkins and more!
Dear  Neighbor:
This Memorial Day Monday is the opening of the new museum in Eaton.  We are hoping to use this event to  raise money for our new
little museum building on River Road.
The postal cancellation and show in the museum will be on the Morse Women, wives, mothers, etc.
A refreshments will follow at museum, though we are hoping to have most else on the front street near the post office.
I have worked hard trying to make the first floor of the building look good, though it has been tough with no money.  This day will be our only opportunity to raise any funds and we still need to come up with a bunch for the money I borrowed to pay  the attorney’s I hope the weather cooperates.
I cannot tell you how much your support in the past  has meant,  and I hope that you have no other plans for the weekend and can join us, if only for a while during our special event! Please extend this invitation to family and freinds.
My Best Wishes
Back Street Mary

From: Fred Carrington <>
Sent: Sat, June 30, 2012 12:40:38 PM

     Looking into my family's geneaology, I descend from the Bigelow's.  My g-g-g grandmother was Eunice Morse (married to Dr. James Pratt), the daughter of Eunice Bigelow (married to Joseph Morse).  From there it goes to Josiah Begelow (Revolution Patriot), Lt. Thomas Bigelow, Samuel Bigelow, John Bigelow Blacksmith, Randle Bigelow, Robert of Ollerton Bigelow Baguley,etc.
I am trying to determine if this is MY correct lineage??  I am also interested in the Bigelow Society, and note that your 2013 annual meeting will be in Albany, NY.  More specific information is desired, in that my wife and I would like to take a trip specifically to that area in order to visit the Eaton and Sherburne area.
Thanking you profusely in advance for any and all information related to the above.  I very much look forward to hearing from you.
Regards, Fred Carrington Phoenix, AZ

Subject: Morse family of Eaton, NY
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 19:49:58 EDT
From: Doug
Hi. I stumbled across some of your work that you've placed on the Internet which looks very nice!
I have my Great Grandmother Mary Fuller Clark's diary in which she makes so many references to Mrs. Mary Morse. On one occasion, she wrote, in 1864, that Alfred Morse enlisted (into the Union Army), so I assume that Mary was the mother of Alfred. I know that there were two Alfreds from Eaton in the Civil War, but this Alfred survived. (I was hoping that your tombstone picture from Eaton would have shown, in the background, my Clark ancestor's tombstones, but no such luck.)
Take care.

Mr. Osborn married for his first wife on May 23, 1838, Harriet N., youngest daughter of the late Joseph Moss and Rhoda Griffith of New Berlin, Chenango county, N.Y. She died March 27, 1861. Four daughters were born to them. Rosanna, who died in early childhood; Rosalie, wife of the artist Albert Bierstadt; Mary, wife of Charles C. Hall of New York, and Esther, the only one now living, the wife of William G. Mayer of the U.S. Navy, and later a leading lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio. On July 1, 1863, Mr. Osborn married for his second wife Adaline, youngest daughter of the late Ellis Morse and Adaline Bagg of Eaton, Madison County, N.Y.

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