Ephraim 6 BIGELOW

15383.6      Ephraim 6 BIGELOW, son of Abel 5( Amariah 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Martha ( BIGELOW ) BIGELOW, was born 20 February 1791 at that portion of Shrewsbury now called West Boylston. He married Polly Brigham of Worcester, born 01 November 1795. They lived in West Boylston, where he was a selectman and town clerk, and prominent in town affairs. He owned a small cotton mill. He died 13 July 1837 and his wife on 14 January 1855. (see below)

Children of Ephraim and Polly (Brigham) Bigelow, both born West Boylston, Worcester co, MA:

15383.61t     Horatio Nelson, b 12 Sep 1812; d 02 Jan 1868 Clinton, MA; m 24 Sept 1834 Ernily Worcester; he was co-founder of Bigelow Carpet Co. 3 children.

15383.62t     Erastus Brigham, b 02 Apr 1814; d 06 Dec 1879 Boston, MA; m (1) Susan King (intention recorded 13 Oct 1838); and (2) 16 May 1843 Eliza Means; he was co-founder of Bigelow Carpet Co. 2 children.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I, pg 253; listed erroneously as 15393.6.
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     My name is Penny Johnson, I have an upholstery shop in Sumner, Iowa, I recently came across a rocking chair (now called the lincoln rocker) it has a piece of burlap with a sticker on it saying Brewster Broadloom Carpet made by Bigelow Hartford Carpet Company Weavers Since 1825 ?????me Conneticut and Clinton Massachusettes Bigelow Hartford Carpet Company
     I know Ephraim Bigelow was a chairmaker, do you think this in any way could be one that he made, every piece of wood has the same markings chiseled into it. It is "VIII", any information you could pass along to me would be greatly appreciated. I am recovering it for a local fundraiser to be auctioned off on March 16, 2013. The fundraiser is the Royal Family Kids of Northeast Iowa, we take abandoned abused and neglected kids from the foster care system to camp for one week every summer, to show them love caring and most inportantly gods love, in most cases it is the first time they have been introduced to God. Thank You Penny Johnson

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  I have gone on the Bigelow website for many years and I have been dying to update your information. I am attaching what I have for Ephraim, Horatio, and Erastus Bigelow, my uncle has the full family tree of our side. I will keep you posted should I come across any new discoveries. You will find me 5th generation down on Horatio's side. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. My number is 978-443-9498. Thanks.

Jennifer Bigelow
Sudbury, MA

Ephraim 6 BIGELOW married Polly Brigham
(b. 1791-d.1837)               (b. 1775-d. 1/14/1835)

 Their children:
Horatio                             Erastus
(b. 1813–d. 1/7/1868)   (b. 1817-d.1879)

Erastus married Susan King, their child:
Charles (b. 1841-d. 3/11/1847)

Erastus married Eliza Means, their children:
Helen (b.7/14/1844-d. 7/25/1933)
She married Reverend Daniel Merriman (b. 12/3/1839-d. 9/18/1912)
Roger (no information, we wonder if he was adopted)
He married Dorothea Foote and their child Frances Eliot is buried in Salem. There is a tombstone in Clinton memorizing the three.

Horatio married Emily Worcester (b. 1814-d. 1/16/1892), their children:
Emily (b. 1834-d. 7/1/1835)
Emily (Emma) (b. 1846-d. 5/23/1864)
It was rumored that she either had Downs Syndrome or was mentally retarded.
Charles B. (b. 5/5/1849-d. 5/22/1922)
 Charles married Fannie E. Wells, their children:
  Charles Brigham (b. 3/4/1873)
  Emily (b. 2/21/1876-d. 1/31/1906)
  Roy Clark (b. 11/16/1877-d. 7/22/1878)
  Fannie Louise (b. 3/22/1879)
Henry Nelson (b. 10-6-1839)
 He married Clarrisa N. Forbes (b. 1841-d. 11/13/1876), their children:
  Franklin F. (b. 3/12/1869-d. 6/20/1870)
  Richard W. (b. 1/16/1872-d. 4/8/1875)
  Charles Willard (b. 2/16/1874-d. 12/20/1962)
  Horatio N. (b. 1870-d. 8/6/1955)

 Henry married Cornelia, their children:
  Rosmaund (b. 12/21/1891-d. 1/10/1966)
   She never married.
  Nina (b. 2/4/1879)

My part of the lineage comes from Horatio’s son, Henry Nelson’s son, Charles Willard. His mother died from saving his life in a sleigh accident. The drive had lost control of the horses and she jumped from the sleigh with Charles in her arms. She hit her head on a rock, never regaining consciousness. The nanny was with them and she had Charles’s brother Horatio N. with them. I believe they jumped as well, but remained safe.

 Charles went on to marry Ruth Dwight and together they had one son, Charles Willard Junior. Their line goes like this:

Charles Willard II married Anne Dolan, their children:
Mary Ruth (b. 3/1/1957)
 She was adopted and never married, but had 1 child.
  Jennifer Susan (b. 8/3/1977) ME
  I am not married but have children as well
   Ashlyn Michelle (b. 1/29/1996)
   Scott (b. 5/13/1997)
   He was adopted.
Charles Willard III (b. 3/15/1958) He is blood related.

Charles Willard (Willard) married Lauren Winter, their children:
i.  Talia (b. 5/22/1984)
ii. Craig Willard Winter (b. 6/25/1987)

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