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16C43.     Eleizer 5 BIGELOW, son of Joshua 4 (Eleazer 3 Joshua2, John1), and Marjory (KNOWLTON) BIGELOW, was born 26 December 1769 in Westminster, Worcester county, MA. He early moved to NY state, and circa 1800 married Lydia Spencer. Her parents are not known, and she was born circa 1780. They settled in Oneida county, where most of the children appear to have been born, either at New Hartford or at Whitestown.
     During the Panic of 1837, when the mills at Troy were all shut down, Eleizer's sons moved to Michigan, taking up land in Oakland county. George came first, and throwing up a dwelling, returned in the winter to New York to bring out his family. Three younger sons, Nolton, Spencer, and one other, put up a 7. x 9' log cabin, with barely room for their bunks and a clay-and-stick fireplace. They spent the winter felling trees, and setting aside logs to put up dwellings for all the family.
     The parents did not survive the trip long, however, for their graves in Bigelow Cemetery, near Holly, MI, show that Eleizer died 02 June 1838, and Lydia on 30 September 1849. (also spelled Eleazer)

     As nearly as we can tell from census, county history and vital records, and eroding headstones, following is the family of Eleizer and Lydia (Spencer) Bigelow:

16C43.1            Joseph F., b ca 1802; d 12 Sep 1824; a monument to him is in Bigelow Cemetery.

16C43.2t          George M., b 02 July 1803 Hartford, Oneida co, NY; d 07 Aug 1854 Detroit, Wayne Co, MI; m 18 Sept 1823 Hannah Locke; a physician and farmer, well-known in Pontiac. 9 children.

16C43.3           Alexander Hamilton, b ca 1805? New Hartford, Oneida co, NY; d 09 Aug 1833 age 28 (see below); (19 July 18__(headstone eroded)); m Olive ____ ,who died 09 Aug 1832, age 26????.

16C43.4t          Lydia, b July 1808 Oneida co, NY; d 19 May 1883 Springfield twp, Oakland co, MI; m Chauncey Brownell; buried in Bigelow Cemetery. 2 children. See Addenda.

16C43.5t          Nancy, b 16 Aug 1809; d 22 Jan 1894 and buried Bigelow Cemetery; m Elijah H. Day (b 09 Nov 1809, d 08 Feb 1893) (see below)

16C43.6           Mary, b ca 1811; d 15 Feb 1833, monument in Bigelow Cemetery;  marriage, if any, not known.

16C43.7           Nolton (a variant of Knowlton), b 04 June 1815 Whitestone, Oneida co, NY; d 16 Oct 1874 (1864?), also buried Bigelow Cemetery; m 16 Mar 1852 Letitia Parker; (Letitia, b. 1822; d 30 Apr 1874 (see below)

16C43.8t          Spencer, b 10 June 1818 Oneida co, NY; d 31 Aug 1902 Shiawassee Co, MI; m 24 Oct 1844 Mary Mathilda Payne. 9 children.

16C43.9t          Edmond J., b 24 Jan 1821; d 27 Aug 1898, and buried Bigelow Cemetery; m (1) Eleanor Butler, who died 1856, and (2) 29 Apr 1862 Mary Ann Powell. 

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1850 census for Springfield, Oakland, Michigan
1860 census for Springfield, Oakland, Michigan
1870 census for Springfield, Oakland, Michigan
1880 censuc for Springfield, Oakland, Michigan

The census records above note that Nancy was born in New York and between the birth of daughter Mary in 1838
and birth of son Andrew in 1840 the family removed from NY to MI. They had at least the following two children:

Mary J.    b. 1838 in NY; (further research shows Mary m 19 Nov 1857 Jefferson K. Tindall (he b 25 Nov 1829 Sussex co, NJ); 4 children known)
Andrew H  b. 1840 in MI
(There was also Ida E. who died after 11 days)

The 1880 census notes child of Mary J & Andrew:
Jessee  b. 1857 in MI is noted as "adopted daughter"

Andrew H Day married in 1868 Sophrenia _____________ who was b. 1847 in Michigan.  They had one child:
Harrison H  b.1868 in Michigan

Children of Jefferson and Mary (Day) Tindall:
1. Ward Day Tindall, b 20 Apr 1859;
2. Grace Tindall, b 20 June 1861;
3. Mary Tindall, b 07 Dec 1864;
4. Jay K. Tindall, b 27 Feb 1869;
Bigelow Cemetery
Holly, Oakland County, Michigan
This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 17.
Contributor's Index:
[TK] Tina Kernen [pout_z@yahoo.com]

Bigelow, A. H., d. 9 Aug 1822 (26 Yrs Old), [TK]
Bigelow, Edmund, b. 19 Dec 1829, d. 22 Feb 1853, [TK]
Bigelow, Eleanor, Unreadable:, [TK]
Bigelow, Letitia, b. 1822, d. 30 Apr 1874 (Wife of Nolton Bigelow), [TK]
Bigelow, Nolton, b. 1815, d. 16 Oct 1864, [TK]
Bigelow, Olive, d. 1918 (Wife of A.H. Bigelow, 26 Years Old), [TK]
Brownell, Chauncey, b. 1804, d. 1879, [TK]
Brownell, Lydia, b. 1809, d. 1883, [TK]
Brownell, Spen?er, b. 1842, d. 1865, [TK]
Day, Elihu, b. 9 Nov 1809, d. 8 Feb 1893 (Father), [TK]
Day, Nancy, b. 16 Aug 1809, d. 22 Jan 1894 (Mother), [TK]
Parker, Elizebeth, d. 25 Nov 1858 (w/o William Parker, 74 Yrs. old), [TK]
Peek, George, Unreadable date, [TK]
Peek, George, d. 19 Mar 185? (38 Yrs Old), [TK]
Peek, Harvey, b. 1846, d. 1928, [TK]
Taylor, James, b. 1847 d.1899, [TK]
Taylor, Olive, b. b. 1847, d. 1899, [TK]

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