Joshua 4 BIGELOW

16C4     Joshua 4 BIGELOW, son of Eleazer 3( Joshua2, John1), and Mary (FISKE) BIGELOW, was born 12 April 1733 in Watertown, Middlesex county, MA. When a boy, he moved with his parents to Westminster, MA. There he married on 11 April 1764, Marjory Knowlton of Shrewsbury, MA. She was born 01 January 1747, daughter of Ezekiel and Susanna (Morgan) Knowlton. They lived in Westminster many years. Joshua served in the Revolutionary War, and about 1790 removed to Worcester, Otsego county, NY where he appears on the 1800 census. (see note)
1790 census: MA-Worcester-Westminster-Joshua Bigelow: 3-l-5-0-0.
Mass Sold & Sail of Rev War, Vol II:
  Bigelow, Joshua, Westminster. Private, Capt. Elisha Jackson's co., Col. Asa Whitcomb's regt.; which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775, to Cambridge; service, 5 l/2 days; also, Capt. Jackson's co.; marched to East Hoosuck Aug.22, 1777, under command of Maj.Bridge on the alarm of the battle of Bennington and there dismissed; service, 10 days; also, pay roll for 27 days service; marched under command of Maj. Bridge to reinforce Northern army, agreeable to resolve of Sept.22, 1777.

Children of Joshua and Marjory (Knowlton) Bigelow were all born Westminster, Worcester county, MA:

16C41.+      Joshua , b 06 Apr 1766; 24 May 1835 Worcester, Otsego, NY; m 12 May 1792 Rhoda Bowman; res Worcester, NY. 4 children.

16C42.       Mary, b 16 Mar 1768; allegedly the same who married 28 Sept 1791 in Newbury, VT, Jeremiah INGALLS. [Re Mary Bigelow's alleged marriage: her cousin Jabez BIGELOW jr was living in Newbury, VT late 1780's, early 1790's, hence the assumption that she was the Mary Bigelow who m Jeremiah INGALLS.]

16C43.+      Eleizer , b 26 Dec 1769; d ca 1838 Springfield twp, Oakland Co, MI; m circa 1796 Lydia SPENCER; moved MI 1837. 10? children.

16C44.        Rebecca, b 03 May 1772; d _____ ; m ______ Edmond SHIPMAN. (see below)

16C45.        Lydia, b 21 Oct 1775.

16C46.+      Gideon Smith, b 25 Dec 1777; as "Smith G. Bigelow" was living 1810 Onondaga co, NY, had wife and 2 children--never again appears on census.

16C47.        Margery, b 21 June 1781. (see below); m Ebenezer Houghton;

16C48.        Susanna, b 25 Aug 1786; d __ Jun 1832 (where?); m 24 Mar 1806 Phineas POWERS.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page.80-81;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America; page 85-86;
NY censuses 1790-1850;
cemetery inscriptions, Oakland co, MI;
History Oakland Co MI;
VT vital records;
obituaries from Albany papers, as in NY State Library;
NSDAR applications descendants Joshua Bigelow.

New Note 02Nov08:
Subject: Margery Knowlton Bigelow (Mrs. Joshua)
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 20:57:15 -0500
From: "Elizabeth Knowlton" < >
Hi, Rod,
Thanks for your great web site and bulletin board.
 I am working on a line that includes Margery Knowlton (b 1747 in Shrewsbury, MA).  She marries Joshua Bigelow (1733-aft 1800) and raises a family with him in Westminster, MA.  After 1790 they move to Otsego Co, NY.  I am trying to find a death date for her (and for Joshua), but of course the state lacks vital records.  Has anyone found a cemetery or newspaper that would give death dates for them?
 Elizabeth W. Knowlton

New Note:
Subject: The Ingalls
Date: 19 Sept 2004
From:  "George Ingalls" < >
Hi Rod,
    I am looking for information on Jeremiah Ingalls jr. His father was Jeremiah Ingalls sr., and his mother was Mary Bigelow.


Subject: Bigelow web site
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 21:15:49 -0800
From: "David Holcomb" <>

Hi, First I would like to say that I have enjoyed your web site on the
Bigelow Family.  I was wondering if you had any info on Margery Bigelow
16C47 the daughter of Joshua Bigelow.  She would be the 5th generation from
John Biglo.   I think that I am a descendant of hers but I am trying to
prove it.  Is there a wedding record for her?  Thanks for your time, Dave Holcomb
Subject: The Bigelows
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 15:23:59 -0800
From:  "David Holcomb" <>
Dear Mr. Bigelow,
    I was hoping you could steer me in the right direction.  I have been
trying to research my 4th great-grandmother and her father in hopes of
finding out who they were.   Her name was Margery (Bigelow) Houghton and her
father was named Joshua Bigelow.  I was intrigued by your web site and
especially entries for 16C4     Joshua 4 BIGELOW and  16C47.        Margery,
b 21 Jun 1781.   Do you have any ideas as to how I could find out if this
Margery married a Ebenezer Houghton born in 1779. What I have been able to
find out so far is as follows:

Biography in "History of Medina County and Ohio" Published by Baskin & Battey, Historical Publishers, 1881

“L. D. PHINNEY, retired farmer; P. O. Whittlesey; is a native of Connecticut, born September 7, 1807, the youngest child of his parents, who were Benjamin and Hannah (Yeoman) Phinney; he was born about the year 1776, his wife one year later.  To them were born nine children, eight of the number attained to man's estate.  The family were all born in Connecticut, but removed to Oneida Co., N. Y., when L. D. was a lad of tender age. ………….  Oct. 20, 1831, he was married to his present companion, whose place of nativity was Maryland Township, Otsego Co., N.Y., time of birth April 15, 1809; her parents were Ebenezer and Margery (Bigelow) Houghton; to them were born eleven children, but five lived to be grown.  After the marriage of Mr. And Mrs. Phinney, they remained on the farm of his father until 1856, when he emigrated to this State, settling at La Fayette Center, where he has since been a constant resident. ………….  Mrs. Phinney has two sisters, Emily, Mrs. Seth P. Duncan, in Oswego, N.Y., and Rebecca, Mrs. Isaac Blair, of this township; her parents died in this township, her father in 1857, mother in 1860.”

From "The History of Medina Co. and Ohio" 1881-
“ISAAC BLAIR, retired farmer; P.O. Chatham; is one of the early settlers of this township and was born Feb. 4, 1805, in Madison Township, Madison Co., N.Y.  His parents, David and Eunice Blair, were natives of Massachusetts, … ……. ..  Jan. 1, 1829, he was united in marriage to Louisa Phinney, who was born in Oneida Co., N.Y.; daughter of Benjamin Phinney, whose wife was a Yeoman.  …………..  In 1834, Mr. Blair came West to this county, and purchased 70 acres of unimproved land, at $4 per acre.  He erected a log cabin on the same, and returned to New York to bring his family out, but, in consequence of death of his wife, his plans were entirely changed.  He sent his brother out, who occupied the premises until 1837, when he moved out, bringing with him his present wife, who is Rebecca Houghton, a native of Worcester, N.Y. , and was born Jan. 11, 1804; a daughter of Ebenezer and Margery (Bigelow) Houghton.  Ebenezer was a son of Ebenezer. The father of Margery was named Joshua.”

The History of Medina County and Ohio states that he died in Medina in 1857.
Tombstone Inscriptions From the Cemeteries in Medina Co., Ohio - 1983,
compiled by The Medina Co. Genealogical Society
Pg 225    Shaw Cmty - Lafayette Twp
            HOUGHTON, Ebenezer, Feb. 14, 1857 - 77y5m8d
His date of birth is derived by taking his date of death and subtracting 77y5m8d.

I have attached a word doc. that has a family tree chart and other research.
Dates fit, Places fit, and names seem to fit, but how do I prove that they
are the ones that I am looking for?  Any help would be appreciated and
thanks for the time to look this over.  Dave Holcomb

Subject: Edmun & Rebecca Bigelow Shipman
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 16:46:23 -0400
From: "Scott Barker" <>
This is in reference to Clark Bigelow Shipman who was the son of Harvey Shipman and grandson of Edmund and Rebecca Bigelow Shipman.
Clark Shipman farmed in Vermont and New Jersey before travelling to Montana Territory with his son Henry, in 1881, and settling near Lewistown. Two of his daughters, Winifred and Gertrude, taught school in the area.
The collection (1814-1989) consists primarily of correspondence (1841-1955) of various family members; diaries (1882-1908); and miscellaneous legal documents, financial records, and clippings.
Photographs were transferred to the Photograph Archives.

Clark Bigelow Shipman was born on June 1, 1831, in Rochester, Vermont, to Harvey and Betsey Eaton Shipman, who were teachers and farmers. Fanny Augusta "Gusta" Perham was born May 3, 1831, to John and Sarah Whitney, on the family farm--Perham Hill--near Bethel, Vermont. The Shipman family moved to Bethel in 1838 where Clark and Augusta became childhood friends. Following in her parents footsteps, Augusta became a teacher. Clark left home in 1850 to take a teaching position in a nearby village and later moved to a socialist colony near Red Bank, New Jersey. Augusta followed him to New Jersey in 1854 and the couple was married on November 6, 1855. The newlyweds settled on Shipman family land and began raising their own family. Between 1856 and 1875 the Shipmans had five children, Winifred, Gertrude, Rebecca, Henry, and Margaret. The couple purchased the Shipman land in Vermont and a farm in New Jersey, moving between the two properties for the better part of the 1860s. In 1868 Augusta purchased her childhood home from her mother and the family settled on Perham Hill. Clark Shipman, not content to stay in Vermont, heard of the riches to be had in the West and began planning a move. Augusta did not share his enthusiasm, so in 1881 the Shipmans sold their New Jersey farm and Clark and his son Henry left to find homesteading land in the West. Augusta and her daughters rented a small flat in Atlantic City where they remained until 1882 when Augusta and Maggie, her youngest daughter, returned to Perham Hill. Clark and Henry settled near the Judith River in Montana. Winifred and Gertrude, the two oldest daughters moved to Montana in 1883 and filed on their own homesteads. Augusta remained in Vermont, adamant she would never go west. Clark returned east for a visit, after being separated from his wife for almost eight years. He convinced Augusta to sell Perham Hill and, in 1890, Clark and Augusta, Rebecca, and Maggie arrived in Montana. Once there, Augusta prodded Clark to buy more and more land until they had amassed some 7,000 acres, which they sold to the Great Northern Railroad in 1906. After the sale the Shipmans moved to Lewistown, but Augusta's love of her childhood home finally prevailed and in 1911 the Shipmans returned east. Winifred Shipman opened the first school in Philbrook, Montana, and later taught in Lewistown and then Chestnut. She ended her Montana teaching career in 1886 when she married Lewistown merchant Nicholas Erickson. She was forced to leave Montana in the 1890s as a result her husband's sudden death from pneumonia. Winifred moved her children to Evanston, Illinois, where she bought a home and worked as a teacher. Gertrude Shipman taught in Martinsdale, Stanford, and Ubet. She remained in Montana until 1911 when she returned east with her mother to live in Lee, Massachusettes. Ultimately, mental illness took its toll on Gertie, and in 1916 she was institutionalized. Henry Shipman left Montana in 1884 to attend Tuffs College. He obtained a degree in 1888 and returned to Montana to work his own ranch, located near his parents. He married in 1904, sold his ranch, and returned east in 1906 to raise his family in Vermont. Rebecca Shipman studied and lived in New York as an artist--working especially in engraving--until she moved to Montana in the early 1890s. In Montana she lived with her parents and continued her art work on commission. She returned to the East to live with her parents in 1911. Upon their return to the East, Clark and Augusta Shipman settled in Lee, Massachussetts. Clark Shipman died February 5, 1913, and Augusta died July 7, 1917.

Shipman Family Papers.
"Guide to the Shipman Family Papers."  Manuscript Collection 274.  Montana Historical Society Research Center, Helena, Mont.
The link for the guide is
Thanks to:
Molly Kruckenberg

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