Aurelius Deloni 8 BIGELOW

15145.711   This is an uncertain lineage, but we are including it here for consideration:  Aurelius Deloni (Deloney?) 8 BIGELOW, son of  Aurelius Deloni 7 ( William 6, John 5 , John 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1 and Margaret (McLELLAN) BIGELOW, was born in Florence county, SC on 07 March 1858. His first marriage was to Esther Lucinda Poston the daughter of Edward P. and Emily Ann ( __ ) Poston and born 11 September 1866 in Florence county. She died on 22 July 1901 and he married Luvenia Poston, sister of Esther. She was born in Florence county about 1880 and died in 1918 at age 38. Aurelius was a tobacco farmer and died on 09 September 1929. He and his two wives are buried at Prospect United Methodist Church cemetery.

Children of Aurelius D. and Esther (Poston) Bigelow, all born Florence county:

15145.7111     Florence V., b 13 May 1890; d 20 April 1980 Pamplico, SC; m 27 Nov 1921 Johnnie Jerome Coleman.

15145.7112     Myrtle, b Oct 1892; m Fred LeFeure.

15145.7113     Edle L., b  Dec 1895; m Kelly Poston.

15145.7114     Reginald Bigelow, b_____July 1898.

Children of Aurelius D. and Luvenia (Poston) Bigelow, all born Florence county:

15145.7115     Archie Rufus, b 03 Dec 1906; d 14 Aug 1978; m Claudia Jordan. (see below)

15145.7116     Charlie Lucas Bigelow, b 06 Oct 1908; m (1) 08 June 1930 Audrey B. Frosser, (2) 02 Oct 1965 Jessie Young.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 310;
Bigelow Society historian/genealogist records.
Name: Dott Parler
From: Lexington, SC
Time: 1999-10-05 21:15:00
Comments: I have thoroughly enjoyed your research on the Bigelow family. My mother was a Bigelow from Pamplico, SC
and we are trying to find her lineage. Her father - Aurelius Deloni Bigelow, Jr. was born in Marion County, SC; this we
know. The 1850 Census records in S.C. show his father Aurelius Deloni Bigelow Sr. living in Marion County at the age of 35
and being born in North Carolina. I can't get any further than that. I would love any information anyone might have on any
Bigelow's moving south, possibly into North Carolina in the early 1800's. Thank you for your help!
Subject: Deloni (8)
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 09:33:08 -0400
From: "Judy Randall" <  >

     I'm Judy Randall, Dott's daughter.  Mom was so pleased to get the information you sent.  Deloni (8) is her grandfather:  Florence is her mother.  She is pulling together corrected information for you on all of the family complete with names, dates etc.  We are going to pursue the possibility that Aurelius Deloni (7) is the missing 6th child of William and will let you know what we discover.  My mom is 73 years old and quite excited about discovering her roots and extended family.
Thanks again and we will be back in touch.
Kind regards,
Judy Randall
More from Judy:
We don’t have any information on Aurelius Deloni Bigelow, Sr.

Aurelius Deloni Bigelow, Jr. was born in Marion District, S.C., now Florence County, S.C. on March 7, 1858.  His first marriage was to Esther Lucinda Poston. B – 11 Sept. 1866 D – 22 July 1901
She was the daughter of Robert Thomas Poston. B-17 May 1832. D- 15 Feb. 1911
And Sarah Amanda Poston. B-24 Aug. 1842.  D- 1 Nov. 1906.
Children:  (all born in Florence County, S.C.)
I. Florence Ulee B-13 May 1890 D-20 April 1980 M – 27 November 1921  Johnnie Jerome Coleman in Pamplico, SC
    Children: 1. Baby Girl – Feb. 1924 (born & died)
                   2. Esther Naomi Coleman  B- 17 May 1925   D-3 Nov. 1994
                   3. Dorothy Mina Coleman  B- 27 Sept. 1926 M- 16 May 1952 – James William Parler   B-8 Apr. 1918
                      1. John Russell   B- 18 May 1953 M – 1 Aug. 1981 - Robin Carol Vaughan  B- 3 Oct. 1953
                       Children:  a. Madison Vaughan  B – 22 Aug. 1987
                                       b. Chelsea Vaughan   B – 16 Oct. 1988
                      2. David Wayne   B – 29 Aug. 1956 M – 1 Aug. 1987 - Julia Lynn Floyd    B – 26 Oct. 1960
                      Children:   a. Coleman James   B. – 2 Dec. 1994
                                       b. David Grayson   B – 27 Aug. 1996
                      3. Judith Emily     B – 28 Nov. 1958 M – 6 March 1999 - Carey Woodson Randall, II B- 26 Nov. 1963

II. Myrtle Nettie  B- 5 Oct. 1892  D – 9 March 1973 M. – Fred LeFevre   B-16 Oct. 1897 D – 1973
     Children:  1.  Baby Boy  - 1924
                     2.  Louis Bigelow B – 9 Nov. 1925 M.-  26 May 1951 -Anne Farriba -
                         1.  Baby Boy
                         2.  Louis Bigelow, Jr.   B- 3 Mar. 1953 M.- Katherine Cook
                          Children:  (twins) Matthew and Michael  B-1984
                         3.  Kathryn Anne   B.- 1956 M – Gary Lee Schenk
                         Children: a. Erika Anne
                                        b. Andrew Lee

III. Eddle Olivia   B.-  Dec. 1895  D.- 6 July 1983 M.- Joseph Kelly Poston
      Children:  1. Baby Boy
                      2. Joseph Aurelius  B.- 15 Aug.  1934 M. – Joann Poston
                         1. Cynthia
                         2. Glynda
                         3. Janet
                         ( will get more information for you on Joseph’s family)

IV. Reginald B. - 30 July 1898 D. – 2 Sept. 1902

Aurelius’ second marriage:   Luvenia Poston  B. –27 Oct. 1881   D.- 1918
She was the daughter of Edward Pinckney Poston B- 17 Apr. 1847   D.- 2 Nov. 1911 and Emily Ann Creel   B.- 26 Aug. 1852    D. – 30 Mar. 1936
Children:  (all born in Florence County, S.C.)
I.   Archie Rufus B.-  3 Dec. 1906 D.  14 Aug. 1978 M.- Claudia Jordan

II. Charlie Lucas B.-  6 Oct. 1908 D.  23 Apr. 1994 M.-  Audrey Beatrice Prosser M.- Jessie Young

Subject: Roderick Bigelow
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 14:52:16 -0600
From: Autumn Hanna <  >

Hi Rod,
Do you have any info on Roderick Bigelow, who lived in Warren County , N.C.? He married Elizabeth  Pattilloe on 20 Nov 1811. I believe  his son Deloney/Delaney born abt  1815 is my gr,gr,gr grandfather. Deloney is listed on the S.C. census 1860 as being 45 years old and married to Margaret (McClellan) age 26. He is listed as a school teacher and born in N.C.  Is this Roderick (12956) the son of Elisha(1295) the same Roderick of Warren County, N.C. There is also a will for Roderick
Bigelow, 1819, in Caswell County N.C. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.   Muril Hanna
Subject: bigelow line, Aurelius Deloni via William(6)Bigelow
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 17:25:53 EDT
Have been doing some research to locate Aurelius Deloni Bigelow, born 1810/1820. Dot Parler of Lexington, S. C. thinks perhaps Deloni was missing child of
William (6) Bigelow so have been using that as a base. According to your  "sources" you indicate correspondece with descendants. Could we have access
to the names of these descendants?   If so, please send via EMAIL to
Many thanks.
Martha Anne Burke Bigelow (wife of Archie Rufus Bigelow, Jr.).  Archie is great-grandson of Deloni.

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