Artemas 7 BIGELOW

(arte7181.jpg) Center stone: "Prudence Fletcher, wife of Artemas Bigelow"
Right stone: "Clara E. Bigelow wife of Samuel R. Brown"
Left stone: "Artemas Bigelow, died July 18, 1879 age 75 yrs, 3 mos."

16251.81      Artemas 7 BIGELOW, son of Abraham 6 ( James 5 , James 4 , Jonathan 3 , Joshua 2, John 1), and Susan (EMERY) BIGELOW, was born at Norridgewock, ME on 30 March 1804. His wife was Prudence Fletcher, born about 1817. Artemas died on18 July 1879 at Skowhegan, ME. No further data on Prudence, except (Headstone above) .

Children of Artemas and Prudence (Fletcher) Bigelow:

16251.811     Albert T., b ca 1837.

16251.812     Abby C., b ca 1839.

16251.813     Charles L., b ca 1841.

16251.814     William Henry, b ca 1843; d 15 Jan 1863 Alexandria (see below)

16251.815     Franklin C., b ca 1549.

16251.816     Clara E., b ca1851; d _ Dec 1934 age 31 yrs, 24 dys; m Samuel Brown (see stone).

16251.817     Edda W., b ca 1853.

16251.818     Flora L., b ca 1856.

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 218-219;
Howe,Bigelow Family of America;
1850 census ME.
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From: Joan Pease 13 Nov 2005
Alexandria-- At Hospital, William Henry, son of Artemas and Prudence Bigelow of Skowhegan, Maine age 20. Member Co. G. 16th Regiment. Lewiston Evening Journal, Lewiston, Maine Jan. 15, 1863
From:  Aimee Bigelow  < > 

Hello Rod, I believe my father in law, Dick Bigelow has written before concerning some of the stones he has found in the  South Skowhegan cemetery.  While on an outing today we came across some more that we thought you might be interested in. There is a beautiful state stone near the front of the cemetery with Cynthea Bigelow wife of John E. Died July 31, 1825 age 28.  I believe he to be the confussing wife of John 16251.34t. We found together Artemas and Prudence Bigelow along with two of their children all in the same plot: Artemas died July 16, 1879 age 75 yrs 3 mos Prudence wife of Artemas died June 19 1897 age 80 yrs Clara wife of Samuel Brown died Dec 26, 1934 age 84 yrs Frank C. died July 17 1891 age 42 yrs 9 mos In another plot marked by a low iron rail fence are two sons of Hiram and Harriet-the ones that moved to Kansas. They are Hiram G son of Hiram and Harriet Bigelow died Feb 16 1873 age 23 yrs and an Infant son of Hiram and Harriet Bigelow died Jan 23, 1858 age 4 mos 15 days On a large stone of granite near the front right of the cemetery are Israel Sawyer Bigelow Born May 28, 1804 died Oct 16, 1889 His wife Elizabeth Bunker born May 28, 1828 died Oct 18, 1905 Their son I.F. born May 10, 1834 died June 27, 1904 Isreal's brother John Harlow Bigelow (called Harlow) Jan 12, 1807 died Sept 9 1901.  Their mother Esther Coburn born Jan 10 1764 died Jan 16 1846. and a Dr. F.S. Bigelow born April 3, 1853 and died June 11, 1950 Levi E. Bigelow died Aug 15 1894 age 72 and his wife Marcia S died Aug 17 1903 age 78 are buried together under the same stone Edith E Bigelow 1872-1942 married to William Wescott 1867-1940 Our most unusual find was an oblisk bearing the name Bigelow and under it 10 head stones.  The stones vary with information but this is what they say and then our best guess as to who they are: Augustus dates look like 1816-1896 Georgia again looks like 1856-1911 Vonia M 1885-1885 clear dates Frank 1883-1901 clear dates Boardman no dates Mother no name or dates Father no name or dates Grandmother no name or dates Grandfather no name or dates Uncle Nathan no name or dates.  I believe the first to be Augustus W son of George(16251.37t) and Martha Boardman  Due to the dates on the stone I believe Georgia to be Georgiana ( Friend) and not the daughter.  Then Vonia and Frank are two of his children. Mother would be Martha Boardman Bigelow Father would be George 16251.37t Grandmother would be Mary Sawyer Bigelow Grandfather would be George 16251.3 Uncle Nathan would be  Nathan 16251.3Bt son of George Only Guess for Boardman would be a member of Martha's family The stones for Augustus and Georgia are wearing and the dates are hard but not yet difficult to read. Willard E Bigelow 1854 (no death date) and his wife Louisa E 1850-1928 Albert S Bigelow 1837-1892 and his wife Martha J died July 8 1893 age 52 yrs 4 mos His first wife Livona died Sept 19 1862 age 19 yrs 10 mos Robert L Bigelow 1889-1922 his wife Blanch 1875-1909 thier sons Forest D 1904-1906 and Robert L. 1900-1961 I hope this information helps some.  I know there was some confussion with Cynthea wife of John E and there was missing dates for Artemas and his family.
Sincere Best Wishes
Aimee Bigelow   Maine

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