Abigail 5 BIGELOW

# 1557A.    Abigail 5 BIGELOW,  dau  of Jacob 4( Thomas 3 , Samuel 2, John 1 BIGELOW and Susanna (MEAD)  BIGELOW was born 31 July1760 at Waltham, Middlesex county, MA. She was married (1) on 25 Nov 1779, at Waltham to Gershom Flagg, a widower with 2 children. They lived at Lancaster, where they had 6 children.
Abigail married (2) _____ (date) Rev. Elijah Brown, widower of her deceased sister. They lived at Sherborn, and Abigail died there___ . (see below)

Children of Gershom and Abigail (Bigelow) Flagg:

1557A.l       Sally Flagg, b 26 Nov 1782.

1557A.2      George Flagg, b 21 Aug 1786.

1557A.3      Polly Hurd Flagg, b 5 Dec 1790.

1557A.4      Jacob Bigelow Flagg, b 2 May 1795; d 4 Dec 1854 Sherborn, MA; m Sylvia Badcock. (see below)

1557A.5      Abigail Flagg, b 12 Aug 1797.

1557A.6      Betsy Flagg, b 23 July 1800.

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Subject: Jacob Flagg
Date:Thursday 07/29/2004 3:42:50pm

From: Barbara A. Swesey
Dear Rod: I am interested in learning more about The Bigelow Society. I believe I am related to the Bigelow family on my mother's side. My great-great-great grandfather was Jacob Bigelow Flagg born in 1795 and married to Sylvia(Babcock)Flagg. His parents were Gershom and Abigail(Bigelow)Flagg. I have no idea which Abigail Bigelow this was or who she was descended from in the Bigelow line. Perhaps you could give me some direction in this. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.

also see flagg1.htm .............................................ROD 08/04/2004  

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Elizabeth Bigelow & John Hair ---- Nov. 20, 1777
Esther Bigelow & John Mooore ---- Sept. 11, 1760
Hannah Bigelow & Joel Wesson ---- May 23, 1770
Mary Bigelow & Elisha Clark ---- June 7, 1778
Nancy Bigelow & Abraham Lincoln ---- Jan. 7, 1787
Sarah Bigelow & Joshua Harrington Jr. ---- June 22, 1775
Timothy Bigelow & Mar. Anna Andrews of New Hampshire ---- July 7, 1762
David Bigelow Jr. & Hannah Willington ---- Apr. 10, 1775
Noah Bigelow of Shutesbury (?) & Elizabeth Goulding ---- Mar. 18, 1778
Daniel Biglo & Mary Bond ---- Nov. 21, 1751
David Biglo & Sarah Eaton ---- May 21, 1752
Thaddeus Biglo & Rebecjah Warren ---- Mar. 28, 1754
William Biglo of Pequiog & Margaret Gates ---- Nov. 29, 1753
David Biglow & Deborah Heywood of Shrewsbury ---- Mar. 8, 1764

12 Dec 1970
Dear Mrs. Whiteley,
In looking over some of my papers, I find the following which may be of interest to you.
The Flagg homestead is in Sherborn, Massachusetts, has been in the possession of the family just 100 years, having come to them by inheritance in October 1816.
     The present owner, Mrs. Eleanor R. Flagg (she was my father's mother) is the widow of a son of the second generation to occupy the house.  The Flaggs were a Watertown-Waltham family who early (1674) inter-married with the Bigelows, also a Watertown family.  The Bigelows were in that town very early.
     The first marriage recorded, on Watertown records is that of John (1) Bigelow and Mary Warren in 1642. Friendly relations between the Bigelows-Flagg connection were kept up and intermarriages in later generations are interesting to trace. The Bigelows were in Sherborn as early as 1688-9.
During the Flagg occupancy of this house I can truly say that it has been known pre-eminently among our homes for its hospitality.  Its wide and generous roof has sheltered many, many people.  The first Mrs. Flagg kept wt might be called the fashionable boarding house of the town.  Here lived High school teachers, ministers, and others.  This Mrs. Flagg was extremely fond of her garden, and when she was not in her kitchen catering to the needs of her household, spent most of her time working over her. bulbs and shrubs.  The remnant of what remains eloquently shows her love for these things. Long lines of Snow-drops, and daffodils from street to front door, banked with honeysuckle of various kin^s, lilacs, purple, white and Persian, forsythietia, flowering almond, Japanese quince, Altheas, peonies, iris, roses, red, yellow cinnamon and white, bridal wreath, syringa, tiger lilies and I knew not what more, kept the old place fragrant and beautiful through the seasons.
Her name before she married Jacob Bigelow Flagg was Sylvia.  She was born in 1798 in Sherborn.  I find her brothers and sisters were born in Dublin.
The name Badcock first appeared on the records in 1674 when Robert of that name was chosen one of the committee to treat with Capt. Gookin in regards to an exchange of land with Natick.  Apparently he returned to Milton( then Dorchester) and we do not find anyone of the name here again for about 20 years, when one Ebenezer Badcock was given a home lot in 1696 — on the west side of west Sherborn Meadow, where we know as the W. Fleming place.  There is a tradition of an old house which stood . in a field- not far from the present barn on the Fleming farm, where this second Badcock; probably lived.
Margaret Badcock the wife of Henry Leland(first settler of that name);is supposed to have been sister to the first Badcock to appear here , so. there was. probably, a family connection , to keep another generation of interested here and to lead to a return to the town which is the subject of this paper.
Before the place which is the subject of this paper passed, to the Flaggs- it was owned for nearly half a century (44 years) by Rev. Elijah Brown, 5th minister of the church.
     Morse quotes from Bond's.History of Watertown the following- Rev. Elijah Brown was born May 31, 1744. He graduated from Harvard College in 1765, ordained at Sherborn Nov. 28,1770 and died Oct. 24th 1816.  He possessed a strong mind, and at college was esteemed as a genius and a great wit. He was compelled to teach a select Classical and English school for most of his living. He fitted many students for college and with him several studied divinity.  His wit secures for him a long post­humous fame.  His preaching in early life was Orthodox or Calvinistic, and he was an active minister, but he became Arminian, afterwards, Arian: contracted a very strong dislike to his early sentiments and became neglectful of the duties of his professions. In cold weather he preached from ten to fifteen minutes.  To us this later day, if I understand correctly, these strange and almost forgotten terms, this simply means that Elijah Brown was keeping pace with the most liberal thought of his time. His 15 minute sermons in an unheated building must have been not uncondusive to the physical well being of his congregations. Probably he was wise enough to recognize this and courageous enough to
to act upon his conviction. From the fleeting glimps of him we get from the little that has come down to us I believe he was one of the truly interesting figures of towns past.
     The only stories that I know of bearing out the reputations for with that
have survived are one told by Mr. Dowse of Sherborn "Past and Present Pg- 54 and one that George Sanger used to tell, handed on to him from the Greenwoods with whom he lived.  The persons whose wits were clashing were Mr. Brown and the father of Joshua and Rufus Holbrook, who as some of us can remember were not slow at reportee and must have inherited the trait from their father.    It was a town meeting day(always held then in the Church) Mr. Brown was making his way down the aisle when he met Mr. Holbrook. "Well, how do you do Mr. Holbrook, I am glad to see you here today, said Mr. Brown- I regret that I do not more often see you here upon the Sabbath - and when I do, what a sorry face it is I see-- ­Always asleep. Well piped Mr. Holbrook-" You never see me asleep when there is anything worth listening to going on." Mr. Brown seemed to meet his match here,1 suspect they were friends and understood each other well and enjoyed railing each other.  It was great fun to hear Mr. Sanger repeat this story in his great rumbling chest tones, and-laugh and chuckle over it.
    Elijah Brown and Abigail Adams of Lexington graduated from college at the age of 21, and settled here at 26.  He married first- Susan Bigelow: Dec 13, 1770 - ordained Nov. 28, this wedding took place about two weeks later, so Susannah came here a bride. We can fancy them driving, over from Waltham in a chaise, a days journey it was then- a bride and groom of 26 years—to work at the new parish and home where they were to pass their whole lives.  We would like to know if it was to this house that he brought her to spend the next two years, but the leaves of the book are closed and we only know that in 1772 he purchased this place.  Here his children, two, boys, Elijah and Henry must have been born.
   Both sons grew up and were graduated as their father had been at Harvard College. Of the older, Elijah, we read "He began the study of divinity and was beloved for his amiable manner. Of Henry - he studied law and was admitted to the Suffolk Bar.
     He was unamiable in his manners and involved his father by his extravagance.  Both died in early manhood, the one at the age of 24 the other at 27 years.  Great sorrow fell upon the old man within a few years. The elder son died in 1805, in 1807 the wife Susannah, in 1810 the younger son.  Bereft of his loved ones, 63 years old, he returned to his wife's sister for companionship and they were married.  She was Abigail Bigelow, widow of Gershom Flagg of Lancaster, Mass.(According to Morse-the vital statistics say of Clinton, Maine.  Both were born and married in Waltham,  She had two or three children, and it was to these children that Elijah Brown left his property when a few years later he died at the age of 72. His health had evidently failed so that he was unable to preach for a year before, for on May 23, 1815 the town voted to raise $240. for hiring preaching and in 1816 a similar vote was passed. Nov. 4, 1816 they voted $75. to defray expences of funeral of Rev. Elijah Brown.  He was buried in the Plain Cemetery The first stone on the left as you enter the gate is his and there they lie in a row- Elijah, Susannah the sons, the step-mother and the others-(Mrs. Whiteley, I know this old cemetery, have been there many times with my father, it is on the road to Natick from Sherborn.  His epitaph is this:
To the memory of:
Rev. Elijah Brown
who was born in Waltham May 31, 1744
Graduated at Harvard University 1764
Ordained Nov. 28, 1770
Obit. Oct. 24, 1816— Age 72;
He was possessed of strong mental powers improved by sciences and an exquisite sensibility which peculiarly qualified him for sympathizing with the afflicted. As a frierid he was social and obliging, as a husband tender and affectionate - as a parent kind and indulgent and for many years an able and attentive minister. The memory of the just is blessed.
    This is as far as the memory of anyone now living goes back with the place.  From the records in Cambridge I find that Mr. Brown purchased of one Sam Stow(Cordwainer_- previously of Dedham.  He owned it 2 years only having "bought in June 5th 1770, the same year that Mr. Brown came to town. Of Stow, we know only that he was one of our Revolutionary soldiers.
     I won't copy: one page- it has nothing to do with Bigelows- just tells of Sherborn- it does go on to say about the old Flagg house-"Its heavy black oak timbers and enormous chimneys have well withstood the ravages of time and speak of long and venerable years. Its fine location, generous porportions,-and many antique features make it a conspicous and interesting feature of our village street. Long may it stand."
   The above was written by Cora Sanger Island in 1919, (Mrs. Robert Leland) she was my father's cousin- their mothers were sisters.  It was this Cora Leland's;son Robert Sanger ;(attorney in Boston)'that Nathan and I bought the old house in Maine from.-We lived there three years before coming out to California. This may mention the Bigelows enough, so you can connect them with your family.

Sincerely, Bertha Flagg Grout?
From the Big Soc Library files

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