(1767 - 1842)

15923.4 Freedom6 Bigelow, son of Isaac5 (Isaac4, Isaac3, Samuel2, John1) and Mary (Chamberlain) Bigelow, was born circa 1767, probably at Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. When he was young, the family removed to New Hampshire and Vermont. He married on 14 Dec 1788 at Dummerston, VT, Susanna Kathan, daughter of Daniel and Ruth (Barrett) Kathan. They moved to Ballston Spa, Saratoga county, NY where they lived until circa 1816, after which they removed to Ohio. They lived in Franklin county, and he died in Brown township early in 1842 (date of probate of estate). His widow Susanna married (2) 15 Apr 1847 John Action, in Franklin county. Unexplained is the 1821 marriage record in Madison county of a Freedom Bigelow to Nancy Gallant.

From ---- Vol 10 #3 FORGE: The Bigelow Society Quarterly Page 12


The first four or five generations of Bigelows in the New World clung to the New England colonies and Nova Scotia, but after the Revolutionary War young men who had been on campaigns to the frontier, or who longed to see the Northwest, poured out into New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and the Ohio River Valley. Unless they kept good family Bibles that were preserved, their families were either not included in Howe, or only partially so, or dismissed with "went West years ago."

Such a man was Freedom 6 Bigelow, son of Isaac 5 (Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Abigail (Chamberlain) Bigelow. Born about 1767 , probably in Nova Scotia, he came with his parents to Vermont before the opening of the Revolutionary War. He was married (1) on 14 December 1788 in Dummerston, Windham co, Vermont, to Susanna Kathan, daughter of Daniel and Ruth (Barrett) Kathan. Susanna's father Daniel Kathan had been a Revolutionary soldier, and was son of the Capt. John Kathan who founded the town of Dummerston.

Freedom Bigelow was first listed as head-of-family in the 1800 census at Ballston, Saratoga co, New York, where he and his wife lived for over twenty years. After the War of 1812, however, Freedom joined other Bigelows who were planning to settle in Ohio. It is a matter of conjecture that they probably went through Pennsylvania after 1816, following the rivers downstream, and in Ohio traveling up the tributaries until they came to a likely place to live.

His wife Susanna died, possibly en route, or a short time after they came to Ohio. See Corrections Below

Freedom married (2) in August 1821 in Madison co, Ohio, Nancy Gallant. In 1820 and 1830 Freedom was enumerated in Madison county, but in 1840 he was in Brown township, Franklin county (just across the river from his former location). He and his wife were then between 70 and 80 years of age; four other females were in the household: one aged 20-30, one aged 510, and two under five years of age. Their identity is not known, and we have no death dates for Freedom or either of his wives.

The Bigelow genealogy lists most of Freedom's family in the Appendix' pages 467-8, with varying degrees of accuracy. Recent research by his descendants has brought forth marriages and dates for several of his children.

---------------------------Corrections to the above information --------------------

From Vol. 12, No. 3 FORGE: The Bigelow Society Quarterly July 1983 Page 51


Freedom Bigelow Revisited

Freedom 6 Bigelow (Isaac 5, Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1) was featured in Forge, Vol. 10, No. 3, pp 12 -13. In that article we made certain statements regarding Freedom and his family,especially wife Susanna (Kathan), which have recently been proved as untrue.


1. Susanna (Kathan) Bigelow did not die before 1821. Reader Robert Gienke of Euclid, Ohio, wanted an exact death date for both Freedom and Susanna, so he did what any competent genealogist should do: he looked for probate records. Freedom Bigelow was listed as head-of-family in 1840, but not in 1850. By searching the decade between those two dates, Robert located surprising information.

2. Freedom Bigelow died early 1842. On 2 May 1842 an administrator's bond was posted by Jonathan & David Bigelow & Ananias Harris for the estate of Freedom Bigelow. On 3 May 1842, Susannah Bigelow, widow, declined to act as administratrix of the estate and desired son Jonathan to be appointed.

3. On 28 May, appraisers appointed for the inventory reported that the estate of Freedom Bigelow amounted to $56.81, "and we certify that said goods and chattels are not sufficient for the support of the widow for 12 months, and that the further sum of 43 dollars and 19 cents is necessary and ought to be allowed for that purpose." [It was assumed that $100 was necessary to support one person for one yearn.] Since no property was distributed, we do not obtain a list of his living children.

4. Since Freedom's wife Susanna was living in 1842,it was not Freedom Bigelow who in August 1821 married Nancy Gallant. Who was this Freedom Bigelow? We do not know.

Howe's Bigelow genealogy lists a daughter Nancy as youngest of Freedom's children. Based on her 1843 marriage to James Lotridge, we tentatively gave a birthdate of 1822 for Nancy, and assumed she was daughter of Freedom's alleged 2nd wife Nancy. Obviously,this is untrue.

Pleased as we are to have this information, it raises more questions than it answers. Reader Robert Gienke promises that this summer he will be combing Franklin county records and cemetery looking for answers. We hope to have more information in the future. Thank you, Mr. Gienke.


Additional Information-----------

Lived in Balliston Spa, NY from 1800 to at least feb 1816 per Mrd. rec. and children's death records in Balliston Spa New York. The 1800 New York census shows him living in Saratoga Co. New York and head of family. Had 2 daughters and 1 son all under the age of 10.

Birth date of Daniel of 1800 - 03 instead of ca 1799 would account for 1st son Samuel which is noted in letter from historian Pat Bigelow and the 1800 census above.

He is listed in the 1820 Ohio census as Madison Co. Darby twp. He is listed in the 1830 Ohio census as living in Madison Co. Canaan Twp. He is listed in the 1840 Ohio census as living in Franklin Co. Ohio

Source: Bigelow Family Genealogy Book Vol. I Page 275; Vol 10 #3 FORGE: Page 12 FREEDOM BIGELOW; Vol. 12, No. 3 Forge Page 51. "Freedom Revisited"; ¨18

Children of Freedom and Susanna (Kathan) Bigelow, probably all born Ballston Spa, Saratoga co, NY:






born circa 1790 possibly in VT; married before 1810 to Samuel Larkin, who died at Ballston Spa, NY about 1840. Three sons, the eldest of whom lived in Cuba.



b ca 1795; d 11 Feb 1814 Ballston Spa, NY; buried Burt Hills Baptist Church Cemetery, Ballstton, Saratoga County. (18 y) unmarried.



b ca 1799; d before 1840 Franklin co, OH; m 24 June 1824, Franklin co, OH; Mary Bailey. Family unknown. Full family and dates needed.



b 24 Nov 1803; d 18 Feb 1816 Ballston Spa, NY; buried Burt Hills Baptist Church Cemetery, Ballstton, Saratoga County. (12 y, 2 mo 24 da)



b Jan 1807; d 5 Mar 1809 Ballston Spa, NY; buried Burt Hills Baptist Church Cemetery, Ballstton, Saratoga County. (2 y, 2 mo)



a twin, b 22 Feb 1809; d 24 Feb 1879 Paulding co, OH; m 9 Nov 1827 (Madison co, OH) Hannah Bradford. 9 children.



a twin, b 22 Feb 1809; d 10 Jan 1876 Paulding co, OH; m 12 July 1827 (Madison co, OH) Polly Hines. 10 children.



b ca 1810; d (after 1880); m I Jan 1843 (Madison co, OH) Mary Hyzer. 8 children. res. Ballston Spa, N.Y., Madison Co., Ohio and Paulding Co., Ohio



b. circa 1822, married 1 Jan 1843 (Madison co, OH) James Lotridge.

SOURCES: Howe, Bigelow Family of America; censuses VT, NY, OH; cemetery inscriptions Burnt Hills Church, Ballston Spa, NY and Fought cemetery, Paulding co, OH; early marriages Franklin and Madison counties, OH; probate records Franklin; Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol. I Page 275.

Scanned document Aug 12, 1996 by Don Bigelow

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