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GEDCOM / Transfer files for Download.
DATED October 26th 1997

The following BIGELOW FAMILY Files are available for Downloading on a request basis. If you would like to get one of the files below, just send me an E-mail request, (CLICK HERE) and I'll tell you how to get latest version . Please indicated what type of file you need, or the Type of Computer, and the specific genealogy program you are using. (This information is needed to set up the file correctly)

In return for my GEDCOM File (Now well over 4200 people) I would like a file, or information about your Bigelow line. A GEDCOM File or just a plain text message is OK.

  • Reunion File -------- Use this transfer file if you use the program Reunion (Mac or Windows). You can also view this file by using the Reunion Viewer Program. Both Macintosh and Windows versions of the viewer are available from Leister Productions. To Download a copy Click Here Reunion Library.
  • Ancestral File -- ---GEDCOM File of the Complete Data Base. For import into PAF 2.1 for the MAC or submitted for inclusion in the Ancestral File of the LDS Church.
  • Other File ---- Use if the GEDCOM file is destined for anything EXCEPT Reunion, the Ancestral File, or PAF 2.1 for the MAC.

I used ZIPIT for the MAC to Zip the files.
This is the MAC version of PKzip and is available at:

Database of Reunion Talk
April 1996 Through April 1998

The files are from the Leister Productions, Reunion talk digest files and are indexed by Date.
The Information contains everything from the Daily Reunion Talk Discussions.
If You use Reunion and Have FileMaker then these files are for you.

The Information contained in the following reunion files
are Copyright by Leister Productions
and reprinted here by permission."

Windows & MAC
each file contains Reuniontalk 4 & 5

Windows Files

April 1996

May 1996

June 1996

July 1996

August 1996

September 1996

October 1996

November 1996

December 1996

January 1997

February 1997

March 1997

April 1997

May 1997

June 1997

July 1997

August 1997

Sept RT4 1997 / Sept RT5 1997

October 1997

November 1997

December 1997

January 1998

February 1998

March 1998

April 1998



September 1997

October 1997

November 1997

December 1997

January 1998

February 1998

March 1998

April 1998

(Files must be converted from the .zip or .sit format)
If you have any problems please let me know at :

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