Picture of Plaque at Valley Forge to Col. Timothy Bigelow

Can our ancestors communicate with us?

NO you say, Well I am not so sure anymore. This story still sends chills up by spine -- Let me explain.

About 15 years ago the wife and I had taken a vacation to visit the Kutztown Festival , in Kutztown PA. Since we had a week of time, we spent some time in the Lancaster area, and one afternoon in Valley Forge.

Arriving at Valley Forge on a particularly hot afternoon we jumped on the one of the Busses and just rode the complete circuit, noting the locations that we wanted to stop back at and spend some time. The tour diver was really knowledgeable about the History, and was excellent source of the places to visit on foot. When we returned to the Visitor Center, we hopped in the car, and took off, stopping at the places we had noted while riding the bus.

One of the locations we stopped at was the Old Entrance , or more correctly the Original Entrance to the Camp. It's marked by a large Arch Monument. The old roadway , which goes under the Arch, is lined with rows of trees. I stopped at a location near the line of trees. The first thing that caught our attention was a plaque stating the Trees were planted by the Telephone Pioneers of America. Since the Wife & I are Member of the Pioneers we especially appreciated the shade provided by them on such a hot day.

After taking several pictures, even one of the Plaque about the trees, we decide it was time to leave. Kathy, my wife had started heading for the car, when I distinctly heard a voice say" Come and look here! I looked toward the direction of the sound --- nothing but a big old tree an a small monument next to it. I guess the monument was about 50 to 60 yards away. (Well a couple hundred feet anyway) . This time I didn't hear any voice, but I had a feeling that I just had to see what was on the one lone monument.

Well you say ---- what was on the monument? Look close at the picture above, and you understand why I feel the way I do about voices from the past.


(Hint: Click on the Picture and you'll see what stopped me in my tracks.)

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