George E. 8 BIGELOW

12169.451    George E. 8 BIGELOW, son of James H. 7 ( Samuel 6 , Jonathan 5, Jonathan 4 , Jonathan 3,Jonathan2, John1) and Sarah Ann (Webb) BIGELOW, was born 20 June 1851 in Shalersville Twp, Summit co, OH, possibly Ravenna. He married 22 September 1869 Belle G. Green. She was born 16 February 1851.  They lived with his parents (1870) and he farmed with his father.  They moved to Nebraska in 1873 with his parents.  He was in the mercantile business and farming in Geneva, NE and later moved to Lincoln where he was in real estate. He was a candidate of the Prohibition Party for governor in 1888 and was still living in 1890.  He supplied information on Samuel, James and himself to G. B. Howe, according to: (info from below)

Children of George E. and Belle (Green) Bigelow:

12169.4511     Maude, b 15 Mar 1873 Shalersville( Ravenna?); d 27 Jan 1886 Lincoln, NE;

12169.4512     Blanche, b 18 Feb 1874 Geneva, Filmore co, NE; d 18 Aug 1874 Geneva;

12169.4513     Venice, b 06 June 1875 Geneva, Filmore co, NE; d _____ ;

12169.4514     Erritt B., b 11 June 1877 Geneva, Filmore co, NE; d _____ ; 

12169.4515     James Garfield, b 09 Jan 1880 Geneva, Filmore co, NE; d 06 Sept 1880 Geneva;    

12169.4516     George Clifford, b 07 Nov 1883 Geneva, Filmore co, NE; d _____  after 1900; note2 ;

12169.4517     Helen M., b 31 July 1889 Lincoln, NE; d _____ ; note2 ;   

12169.4518     Hawley E., b _ Apr 1896 Lincoln, NE; d _____ ; note2 ;


Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. II page ;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America, page 476;
note2: family group sheet from Patricia Bigelow;
U.S. Census 1840-1850-1860-1870);
note: Forge "The Bigelow Society Quarterly, Vol.17 (2): 27, 30; April 1988);
letter dated 20 April 2004 from Richard Hale Zimmerman 

New Note 08/14/06:
From: Pamela Klein  < >   and
Richard H. Zimmerman  <  >

Samuel ( ), Bigelow, son of _____________ Bigelow and Mary (Lyman) Bigelow, was born
     In a letter from Richard Hale Zimmerman, 507 Leighton Ave., Silver Spring, Maryland 20901-4825, dated 20 Apr 2004:
"Samuel Bigelow was born in Connecticut, possibly Hartford, at some point  between 1775 and 1800.  He is mentioned in G. B. Howe's work, "Genealogy of the Bigelow Family of America" in which the information was supplied by his grandson, George  
In this account, Samuel was supposed to have been born in 1776, his father died soon after and his mother, Mary Lyman Bigelow, then married a man named Conn.  Dick Zimmerman was unable to confirm any of this in his 13 March 2004 letter.  U. S. Census records for 1810 through 1840 recorded only a range of years for those enumerated and from these one can deduce a birth date for Samuel anytime between 1775 and 1800.  Census records for 1850 (age 65) and 1860 (age 75) indicate a birth date in the latter half of 1784 or the first half of 1785.  His tombstone seen in July 2003 indicates that he died 23 December 1863 at age 81, indicating a birth date in 1782.
   "...Census records show that he lived in Salisbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut in 1810, 1820, 1830 after which he is recorded in Streetsboro Township, Portage County, Ohio.  Pat Bigelow indicated that he moved to Streetsboro in 1833 ("Forge:  The Bigelow Society Quarterly" 17(2):27,30;1988)  In Salisbury, he married Phebe Minard (born 20 October 1793 in Salisbury) about 1809 "Forge, same ref".  All eight of their children were born there and the seventh, Hiram L., died when about a year old and is buried at Town Hill Cemetery, Salisbury.
   "...Portage County in northeastern Ohio is part of the Western Reserve of Connecticut, also called New Connecticut, and this entire region had many early settlers from Connecticut ("Harlan Hatcher, The Western Reserve; The Story of New Connecticut in Ohio, Bobbs-Merrill 1949).  The first settlers arrived in Streetsboro in 1822, although the Township itself did not become independent of the adjoining townships until 1827.
   "Phebe Minard Bigelow died 18 July 1849 at the age of 56 years, 6 months (source: tombstone, Streetsboro Cemetery, Streetsboro Twp., Portage Co., Ohio).  In 1850, Samuel was recorded on the U.S. Census with the family of his daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Robert Smith.  He married 4 November 1850 Elizabeth R. Bow (born about 1798), who apparently survived him.  He died 23 December 1863 and was buried in Streetsboro (source: U.S. Census 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860; Early Marriage Bonds of Ohio - Portage Co.; Forge: The Bigelow Society Quarterly, 17(2):27,30;1988; family group sheet from Patricia Bigelow; tombstone, Streetsboro Cemetery, Streetsboro Twp., Portage Co., Ohio)."

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