Jerusha 7 BIGELOW

16C23.23      Jerusha 7 BIGELOW, dau of Moses 6 (Ephraim 5 , Elisha 4 , Eleizer 3, Joshua 2, John 1)  and Perthena (BRYAN) BIGELOW, was born at Femme Osage, St. Charles, MO on 17 June 1827 and married Chiles E. Ferney on 07 October 1845. He was born on 15 May 1822 and died on 05 February 1872. Jerusha died in St. Charles county, MO on 15 January 1879.

Children of Chiles and Jerusha (Bigelow) Femey, all bom at Femme Osage:

16C23.231     Joseph Milton FERNEY, b 19 Nov 1846; d ____.

16C23.232     Florence Eugene FERNEY, b 20 Oct 1848; d _____ El Paso, TX; m John King (see below).

16C23.233     John Moses FERNEY, b 01 July 1850; d ____.; (see below)

16C23.234     Israel Grant FERNEY, b 01 Sept 1852; d 20 Oct 1895. (see below)

16C23.235     Parker Tony FERNEY, b 09 Dec 1854; d 19 Sept 1881.

16C23.236     Chiles Edward FERNEY, b __ 1856; d ____.

16C23.237     Kate A. FERNEY, b 20 June 1858; d 13 Dec 1928; m Coleman Castlin.  (see below)

16C23.238     Lewis Clark FERNEY, b 20 Oct 1860; d ____ after 1930 (see below).

16C23.239     Martha Agnes FERNEY, b 15 July 1863; d 03 March 1950; m 22 March 1888 Craven Thomas Craig. (see below).

16C23.23A     Phobe Adeline FERNEY, b 12 Feb 1865; d after 1940 El Paso, TX; unm.

16C23.23B     James Booker FERNEY, b 29 Aug 1867.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page 358-359 child;
Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. II page 278;
records from various sources.

Subject: 6C23.232 Florence Eugene FERNEY
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 12:05:49 -0400
From: "Scott Barker" <>

1870 census

1880 census

1910 census

The children of Florence and John King are:

Kate B    b. Sep 1880 TX
John D    b. Jan 1882 TX
Otis F    b. Apr 1885 TX
Chiles C  b.     1895 TX

John King was married previous to Florence, to Mary ________ who was born  in 1838 in MS.  The children of John and Mary are:

Garrett   b. in 1852 MS
Laura       b. in 1860 TX
Ophelia   b. in 1862 TX
Florence  b. in 1865 TX

Subject: 16C23.233 John Moses FERNEY
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 12:28:05 -0400
From: "Scott Barker" <>

1900 census

In the above census, John M Ferney is a boarder along with two young children.  The person in the census fits John Moses Ferney as to age and 
place of birth.  If these two are the same individual then the two children listed with him in the 1900 census could very well be his sons.  
They are:

James Holbert Ferney  b. Jun 1886 in Texas
Philip Ferney         b. Jun 1890 in Texas

1920 census

1930 census

WWI Draft Record

The records above show James Holbert Ferney married Marvel Mae Ayers and had the following children:

Ruth A  b. 1911 in Texas
Maybell b. 1914 in Texas

James H b. 29 Mar 1916 in Robertson, Texas

Florence b. 1920 in Texas
Philip   b. 20 Sep 1924 in Texas and died Jun 1966 according to SSA records

Subject: 16C23.234 Israel Grant FERNEY
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 12:52:44 -0400
From: "Scott Barker" <>

1870 census

1880 census

1900 census

1920 census

1930 census

 From the above census records we find that Isreal Grant Ferney married Laura McClain (note 1900 census) who was born Jun 1861 in Missouri. 
Their children:

Corinne      b. Oct 1882 in Missouri
Bernice      b. 7  May 1884 in Saline City, Missouri
James Marvin b. 24 May 1886 in Missouri
Blanch       b.    Jul 1888 in Missouri
Herbert      b. 9  Jun 1890 in Missouri
Margarite    b.    Apr 1893 in Missouri
Junita       b.    Feb 1896 in Missouri

Subject: 16C23.237 Kate A. FERNEY
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 13:49:02 -0400
From: "Scott Barker" <>

1900 census

1910 census

1920 census

The above records give us the following children of Kate and Coleman Castlio:

Alma Rebecca          b. 9 May 1880 in Howell Prarie, St Charles, Missouri
Blanch Cordelia       b. 5 Feb 1883 in Missouri d. 2 Jun 1932 Los Angeles
Jett Rogers           b. 1886 d. 1889 in Missouri.  Unconfirmed
Madge Easton          b. 3 Feb 1889 in Howell Prarie, St Charles, Missouri
Chiles Ferney         b. 5 Jan 1892 in Howel Prarie, St Charles, Missouri
Florence              b. 27 Oct 1894 in Howell Prarie, St Charles, Missouri
Gladys Serena         b. 7 Feb 1897 in Howell Prarie, St Charles, Missouri
Hallum Barrett        b. 27 Aug 1899 in Howell Prarie, St Charles, Missouri

Alma Rebecca Castlio married in 1902 John A Heap b. 26 Oct 1877 in Texas and d. Jun 1966 in Taylor, Texas.  They had the following children:

Betty Heap            b. 25 Feb 1904 in California and d. 19 Dec 1944 in Los Angeles
David Ernest Heap     b. 14 Feb 1906 in Los Angeles and d. 2 Nov 1994 in Los Angeles

Madge Easton Castlio married in 1915 Glen Morrissy and married secondly George Bartlett Abbott who was b. 20 Feb 1879 in South Dakota and d. 13 Mar 1957 in La Crescentia, Los Angeles, California.  Madge d. 5 Apr 1987 in Los Angeles

Chiles Ferney Castlio married in 1915 Willouby June Longale who was b. 17  Jan 1902 in Waukeska, Wisconsin and d. 31 Jul 1993 in Calabasas, Los Angeles, California.  Chiles d. 7 Mar 1942 in Los Angeles.  They had the following children:

Coleman F      b. 15 Aug 1920 in Los Angeles d. 20 Dec 1977 in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles
Alice Blanche  b. 2 Jul 1923 in Los Angeles d. 3 Nov 1999 in Calbasas, Los Angeles

Florence Castlio married in 1915 Clarence Raymond Hann who was b. 27 Mar 1887 in Compton, Los Angeles and d. 17 Aug 1953 in Merced, Los Angeles, CA.  Florence d.  5 Jan 1969 in Merced, CA. 
They had the following children:

John Rush      b. 14 May 1917 in Compton, Los Angeles and d. 22 Sep 1990 in Merced, CA
Harveu Castlio b. 27 Mar 1923 in Exeter, Tulare, CA and d. 19 Oct 1993 in Compton, CA
I have no further info on this family.

Subject:16C23.238 Lewis Clark FERNEY, 16C23.239 Martha Agnes FERNEY
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 14:06:39 -0400
From: "Scott Barker" <>

1930 census

As the above census indicates, Lewis Clark Ferney died some time after 1930.

1900 census

1910 census

1920 census

The census records above give us the following children of Martha and Craven Craig:

Roger D   b. May 1889 in Missouri
Ferney D  b. Jun 1891 in Missouri
Urilla C  b. Aug 1893 in Missouri
Lavera W  b.     1895 in Missouri
Mira I    b.     1899 in Missouri
Nina T    b.     1900 in Missouri
Chiles P  b.     1902 in Missouri
Emily P   b.     1904 in Missouri

Roger married A Etta _______ who was b. in 1892 in Missouri and had: A Marie b. 1918 in Missouri

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