16C23.21      James 7 BIGELOW, son of Moses 6 ( Ephraim 5 , Elisha 4 , Eleizer 3, Joshua 2, John 1) and Perthena (BRYAN) BIGELOW, was born in St. Charles co., MO on 25 April 1822. The first of James' three marriages was to Mary E. Hopkins on 20 June 1845. She was bom on 13 November 1820 and died in St. Charles county, MO on 13 April 1858 the mother of his first five children. He married secondly Amanda Hopkins on 02 February 1861 and she was the mother of three children before her death on 05 May 1867. His third marriage was to Malinda A. Calloway (Callaway) at unknown date. She was bom 17 November 1844 (1841 in one record). We do not have her death date. James was an investor and land specualtor dying in St. Charles county, MO on 23 August 1892.

Children of James and Mary (Hopkins) Bigelow, bom St. Charles county, MO:

 16C23.211     William E., b 16 Aug 1846; d 13 July 1848.

 16C23.212     Allene A., b 23 July 1848; d 22 Aug 1865.

 16C23.213     George H., b 08 Jan 1853; d ___; m Anne Stephenson (Stevenson); no children.

 16C23.214     Ella Susan, b 25 Oct 1855; d _ Oct 1930; m 21 Feb 1877 Benjamin Siivey; 6 children d infancy.

 16C23.215     Mary E., b 17 March 1858; d 13 March 1859.

Children of James and Amanda (Hopkins) Bigelow, born St. Charles county, MO:

 16C23.216     Thomas Moses, b 26 Dec 1861; d 14 March 1926.

 16C23.217     Sarah Frances, b 08 Jan 1864; d 06 May 1900; m 17 June 1885 Walter P. Frldley.

 16C23.218     Emma, b 30 March 1865; d ____; m Lucas Bennett. (see below)

Children of James and Malinda (Calloway/Callaway) Bigelow, all born St. Charles county, MO:

 16C23.219     Angeline Viola, b 07 Oct 1871; d 13 Sept 1972 Los Angelos (sic), CA; m 10 Nov 1907 Ross Douglas; no children. (see below)

 16C23.21A     Malinda Oleeta, b 20 March 1873; d 10 Oct 1953 Long Beach, CA; unmarried

 16C23.21B+   James Morgan, b 18 Nov 1874; d ____; m 26 Jan 1920 Alphade Herrell; 3 children.

 16C23.21C     Etolia Adale, b 12 May 1877; d 13 Oct 1910; unmarried

 16C23.21D     Marvin, b 06 Dec 1878; d 02 Oct 1950; unmarried

  There were possibly 4 more children and if so by which wife?

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As a matter of interest, see Daniel Boone relationship of Perthena - James' mother - as given in The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol.1.  Also, the father of Malinda (Callaway) Bigelow (wife of Rufus' brother), is believed to be Flanders Callaway, son of col. Richard Callaway who served in the Revolution with Lieut. Daniel Boone.  Flanders Callaway married Jemima Boone, Daniel Boone's daughter.  A check with the Boone Family Association of California could verify this or you could check into the book:  "Descendants of the Boone and Bigelow Families, by Lillian Hayes Oliver.

Subject: 16C23.218 Emma, b 30 March 1865
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 13:16:12 -0400
From: "Scott Barker" <sbarker3@ptd.net>

The above 1910 census notes that both Emma & Lucas were married twice, there are two children:

Grace Bennett     Daughter     age 18 b. in Kansas
Lucille Frindley  Step-Daught  age 20 b. in Missouri


The 1900 census shows that Lucas is married to Alice _________   age 25 b. on Oct 1874 in Nebraska also children:

Grace Bennett     Daughter     age 8  b. in Kansas
Blanch Bennett    Daughter     age 1  b. in Kansas

It would appear that Emma was first married to a _________ Frindley but there is no record to support that yet.  The 1900 census for Emma and/or Lucile Frindley seems to be very difficult to find.
Scott Barker

Subject: 16C23.219 Angeline Viola
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 16:06:53 -0400
From: "Scott Barker" <sbarker3@ptd.net>


The above link is to the California Death Index for Voila B Douglas that states her birth as 7 Oct 1871 and death as 13 Sep 1972 in Los Angelos.

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