Clinton De Witt 7 BIGELOW

16164.A8     Clinton De Witt 7 BIGELOW, son of Amos 6 ( Nathan 5, John 4, Joshua 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Nancy (CHILCOTT) BIGELOW, was born at Crown Point, Essex. NY on 04 June 1833. When he was but an infant, he traveled with his mother and family to join their father, who had settled in Redford township. When Clinton, as he was called, was in his teens, the father, Amos, accompanied his younger sons (they were not being of age) in moving to Calhoun county, where they settled in West Leroy township, MI. Clinton was married on 10 December 1856 to Martha Johnson. She was born on 10 March 1833 in Otsego county, NY the daughter of George and Theodosia (Harrington) Johnson. They lived the remainder of their lives in the townshipof West Leroy, MI, and Clinton died there 04 May 1905. Martha outlived him a number of years, dying on 12 September 1922. Both are buried in West Leroy Congregational Cemetery.

Children of Clinton and Martha (Johnson) Bigelow, all born at Leroy, MI:

16164.A81     Viola Adlaide, b 05 Aug 1858; d 02 March 1940 Climax, Kalamazoo., MI; m 16 Aug 1882 Alfred Buckthought Verney.

16164.A82     Charles Oaks, b 14 Jan 1859, as given by family, but this is only 5 months younger than his sister, therefore one of the birth years is probably in error; d 17 Aug 1937 Athens, Calhoun, MI, m 12 March 1884 Lettie (Stimpson/Stempson) Bigelow; 4 children. (see below)

16164.A83     a child who died in infancy in the 1860's.

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From: Kathy Clayman  < >
What a great find for me to see this posting. I'm a great grand daughter of Clinton DeWitt Bigelow. As I read the posting I thought maybe I could be of some help.
   Calhoun Co. is in southwest part of the state of Michigan. The town referred to as "Athena" is Athens and is in the southern part of the County. Some may find reletives in Branch Co. MI.
    The name of the Cemetery is Leroy Congregational Cemetery. With a little help from my cousin, I may be able to get you correct dates of birth and the death date of the last child born to Clinton and Martha.
    I can also check to see if Letti's last name was spelled Stimpson or Stempson for you she is the wife of Charles O. Bigelow. I do have access to a picture of Charles O. and Letti Bigelow.
     Also burried at Leroy Congregational Cemetery are:
    1.  Glen Albin Bigelow ( WWII Vet.)-son of Charles O. Bigelow
   2.  Glens first wife Ethel N. Deal-Bigelow who died rather young in 1945. (Daughter of John Henry Deal and Jenifier Bell Shrontz.
     ( Grampa Glen had two more wives Maria C. ? and the other I've yet to find.
   3.   Glen's brother Louie C. Bigelow
   4. My Mother daughter of Glen Albin and Ethel Deal- Bigelow. Two more children -living.
     Leroy Township is a low land area with several swamp type wet lands.There are natural springs of water with no clear river hence the swamp lands. It is a flat land area that has parts with very fertile soil. Many today as in the 1850's still farm great parts of it. Letti Stimpson's family may have been in the area of Athens Township before the Bigelow's.
    A farmer's daughter- I am and will remain in my heart. The old school house where the Bigelow Family went to school still stands but has been rentovated into a home. The Chruch in East Leroy stands proudly and services are still held there every Sunday. At one time, my Mother lived in the house next door to the Chruch.
   Many years ago, (1965) a cousin in California wrote my Mother and asked for the birth and death dates on the graves at the cemetary. She had done reserch and sent a letter back beliving that our family is decendants of William the Conqueror. Any truth to this theory?
   In the mean time, upon your request I will email any info that I obtain if you would like. I promise I will send it with documentation for your records.
Kathy Clayman
From: Kathy Clayman  < >
     I can give you information on the next generation of Glen Albin Bigelow and there are pictures of him as well.( He was a grumpy man) By the way, Letti Stimpson was a very pretty woman. I think the pictures may have been taken at their wedding.
    In the mean time, I'm getting the information needed to send to my cousin who will be of great help. When Amos came to Leroy Twp. with his three sons. Seymour Landon B: 25 Aug.1822  D: 14 Feb.1859 in Leroy Twp. Canhoun Co. MI. IF this son came at so young of age, our family may have been some of the first settelers in Leroy Twp.
   In the mean time I'll have my cousin search burials and see who is there and maybe we can confirm if Amos and his wife are burried in Leroy Twp. or Calhoun Co. MI.
    I'll check the death of the infant born in the 1860's of Clinton DeWitt and Martha and see if we can correct the dates of birth for Viola and Charles for the web page.
    I'm hoping that we can correct the dates and place(spelling) on your web page. I promise the information that I'll be sending you will be correct and have a form of documentation for it as well.
    Once again, thank you so much for the return email. I've emailed several people-not from your web page and different people searching for information on other sides of my family and you were the only one who responded.
     I'll pass the information on when I get it back. By the way, I spent 3 summers of my youth is Corning NY and I loved it.

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