Alpheus S. 7 BIGELOW

16814.71    Alpheus S. 7 BIGELOW, son of  Samuel 6 ( Roger 5 , Joseph 4, Joseph 3, Joshua 2,John 1) and Mary (STONE) BIGELOW, was born in VT on 05 April 1816.  He married Clarissa Martha Snell on 09 February 1843.  She was born 28 July 1820 at Bridgeport, VT.  Alpheus was a minister and died at Keeseville, NY on 05 January 1896 and is buried at Lakeview Cemetery, Clintonville, NY.  She died 01 February 1905 at Clintonville.

Children of Alpheus and Clarissa (Snell) Bigelow, all born at Clintonville, NY:

16814.711     Mary Fenton, b 22 Oct 1843; d 29 Dec 1908 Clinton co, NY; m ca 1900 Edwin H. Lynde. (see below)

16814.712     Lyal (Loyal) Alpheus, b 17 June 1845; d __ 1925 Orlando, FL; buried Lakeview cemetery, Essex, NY; m Elizabeth Hoffnagle. (see below)

16814.713     Charles Samuel, b 14 Oct 1847; d 10 Aug 1880 Peru, NY; (one record states d month of April)

16814.714     a baby son, b 03 July 1849; d 11 Aug 1849 Clintonville.

16814.715     Elvira Fish, a twin, b 29 Sept 1850; d after 1925; m P.B. Keeler.

16814.716     Eliza Snell, a twin, b 29 Sept 1850; d 19 Oct 1850 Clintonville, NY.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. II page.258;
Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I ;
cemetery inscriptions, Clinton co., and Essex co, NY;
family records.
------------burial records:
BIGELOW - Rev Loyal A born 1845 died 1925
Husband of Elizabeth Hoffnagle born 1843 died 1919  Civil War
buried Lakeview Cemetery,Essex Co., NY

BIGELOW - Elizabeth Hoffnagle born 1843 died 1919
Wife of Rev Loal A.born 1845 died 1925
buried Lakeview Cemetery, Essex Co., NY
Subject: Mary F. Bigelow
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 17:44:57 -0600
From: Nancy Welty <   >
I was visiting your site and found it quite interesting.  I especially enjoyed the pages on the History of Keesville, NY since my great grandfather came from around that area--mainly Willsboro, NY.
I have a Mary F. Bigelow in my family tree who was the second wife of my great grandfather, Edwin H. Lynde.  I have her dates as born October 22,
1843 and that she died about 1906.  She is buried in a cemetery in Clinton county, New York with other Bigelows.  She would have married my great grandfather around 1900 after his first wife's death, Ann E. Lincoln, who was the daughter of Simeon and Almira Lincoln.  I do not know a lot about Mary except she was very good to her stepchildren after their father's death and that she was a writer in New York.  I had noticed on page 1 of the History of Keesville that after the history of the Methodist Church the name Mary F. Bigelow was mentioned.  I was wondering if she had written the article and when and if she was our
Mary F. Bigelow.  I did go to your index of Bigelows and I couldn't find her listed.  Any information that you have would be appreciated.
Thanks for sharing and doing a wonderful job on the website.
Nancy Lynde Welty
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