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******** Ezra Holden was born December 15, 1764 in Westminster, Worcester County, Massachusetts.  He married Susannah Bigelow, born on August 1770 in Westminster, on November 27, 1788 in Westminster.  He was twenty-four and she was eighteen.  They had six children all born in Westminster.
********* 1. Relief Holden, born March 2, 1789, married Thomas Kendall, born April 13, 1783 in Heath, Franklin County, Mass., on May 16, 1811 in Westminster. Relief died on September 2, 1875 in New Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts at the age of eighty-six.
They had three children, all born in Westminster.
**********a. Susanna Bigelow Kendall, born September 2, 1814
                    b. Thomas Kendall, born April 21, 1819
                    c. Ezra Justinian Kendall, born December 18, 1825
*********2. Joseph Holden, born September 4, 1790, died February 12, 1796
                  3. Lucy Holden, born March 14, 1792, married Nathan Wood, born November 18, 1787 in Westminster on May 22, 1811 in Westminster. Nathan died October 17, 1848.
                  4. Ezra Holden, born October 10, 1793, died October 9, 1801.
                  5. Susannah Holden, born June 19, 1795, died January 19, 1795
                  6. Susannah Holden, born October 3, 1796, died April 12, 1873 in Lockport.
     On April 26, 1799 in Westminster, Ezra married Elizabeth Marean Brigham, born August 26, 1770 in Hubbardston, Worcester County.  He was thirty-five and she was twenty-nine.  They had two children, both born in Westminster.
********* 7. Joseph Holden, born July 16, 1800, married Olivia Daniels, born April 16, 1806 on May 2, 1827 in Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire.  He was twenty-seven and she was twenty-one.  They had one child, born in Keene.
********** 1. Joseph Daniels Holden, (see picture) born July 23, 1828, married 1st Olive E. Enderton and 2nd Mary J. Howe. Olive died March 14, 1830 and in March 1832 in Keene, Joseph married Susan Brown, born March 13, 1807.  He was thirty-two and she was twenty-five.  They had eight children, the first six born in Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire. (See picture) Susan Brown Holden died February 16, 1867.
********** 2. Ezra Orlando Holden, born June 20, 1833, married Jane M. Hyde
                     3. Sylvius Hoar Holden, born March 22, 1835, died May 25, 1853.
                     4. Justinian Justin Holden, born April 7, 1836, married Harriett L. Brown.
                     5. Susan Lovina Holden, born February 18, 1839, died July 23, 1839
                     6. Charles Brown Holden, born October 28, 1840
                     7. William Holden, born October 1842, died September 23, 1843.
                     8. William Hopestill Holden, b 08 May 1844 Youngstown, Niagara co, New York, m Rachel Turner. (see picture)
                     9. Sophia Elizabeth Holden, b 25 July 1849 Youngstown, NY; m 11 Sept 1872 James A. Lawrence in Lockport, Niagara co. 
                         She was twenty-three.  They had three children, born in Lockport. (see picture)
*********** 1. Agnes Isabella Lawrence, born August 11, 1873
                       2. Charles Lawrence, born March 10, 1875
                       3. James Harvey Lawrence, born March 19, 1877

********** 8. Justinian Holden, born July 2, 1802 in Westminster, Worcester, MA., married 1st Lucy Marean, born September 1807 in Hubbardston, Worcester, MA., on May 15, 1832 in Keeseville, Essex, New York.  July died July 12, 1834 and Justinian married Lucy’s sister Charlotte Marean, born November 19, 1811 on September 1, 1835 in Keeseville, Essex, New York.  Lucy and Justinian had one child:
*********** 1. Joseph Justinian Holden, born April 13, 1833 in Keeseville Charlotte and Justinian had six children: (See picture)
                       2. William Henry Holden, born April 17, 1836 in Keeseville and died April 19, 1836.
                       3. Lucy Marean Holden, born December 15, 1837 in Keeseville, died February 2, 1838.
                       4. Elizabeth Mattocks Holden, born September 3, 1841 in Keeseville, died May 21, 1842.
                       5. Elizabeth Mattocks Holden, born May 3, 1843 in Keeseville, married Charles Brown Holden, born October 28, 1840. 
                           He was the son of Joseph and Susan (Brown) Holden.
                       6. John Mattocks Holden, born April 27, 1845 in Keeseville, married Ellen D. Hayes. (See picture)
                       7. Charlotte Augusta Holden, born March 27, 1848 in Keeseville, married D.W. Field on June 5, 1877 in Titusville, Crawford, PA.
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Subject: Ezra and Deborah (Bigelow) Holden
Date: 08/27/2005
From: Beverly Barnhart < bevjbarn@yahoo.com >
Hello,My name is Beverly Barnhart.  I have been researching my family, which through a long line leads back to Ezra and Deborah Bigelow Holden.  Their son Ezra Shattuck married Elizabeth Davis, who is my 3 greats grandmother.  I don't know if you are interested, but I have her birth and death date, as well as Ezra Shattuck's as well as pictures.  Are you interested in these to have posted on your site?  I also have pictures of Elizabeth's parents, Jason and Martha (Phillips) Davis, and Ezra and Elizabeth's children. (They had nine, only four living to adulthood.)  I also have pictures that are unidentified, am curious if you know of anyone who might help me.  They are somehow associated with the Holdens.  I also have pictures of Joseph and Susan (Brown) Holden, who was Ezra Shattuck's brother.

Do you have pictures of Deborah and Ezra or any of their kids, besides Ezra S. and Joseph?  Also do you have any info regarding Ezra and Deborah, besides birth and death info, maybe an obit (may be too soon for that)  Anyway, if there is anything I can do for you,  let me know.
Beverly Barnhart
Beverly sent me many pictures and Genealogies of Family: Holden page 1, Holden page 2, Holden page 3, Holden page 4, Davis, Darby, Holmes pictures, Baguley, and Flagg Family,
.....................ROD 10/20/2005

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